Month: January 2003

Thanx to Sarah Ashley for pointing out that Mr Neubauwhore looks like a penis, with his new haircut. Because he does. Except for the fact that he has TWO eyes, instead of ONE. She finger spelled it to me from across the room during masters yesterday. And then I taught her the actual sign for “penis.”

We went to the complex again today for gym, where we’ll be going every time we have gym for the rest of the year. I didn’t even ATTEMPT to climb today, because it just makes me feel like a failure everytime I try. I used to do it all the time at Camp Duncan, and I know that was 5 years ago, but I should still be able to do it. I can’t even make it half way up now.

This really down mood is only getting worse. FRIENDS is not helping either. I am getting really fed up with the writers and I wish the show would just end with this season, like it was supposed to. None of this 10th season and movie crap.

I just really need prayer. And a friend. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in 10 years with a good husband and a successful career.


Okay, if you don’t believe me that Mr Neubauwhore is an idiot, listen to this from today:
“…this is the only time I wish we had a chalkboard in here…”
*20 minutes later*
“Okay, altos, face the chalkboard and sing to it.”

So apparently, there is no more Katie Piper. She’s gone forever. She dropped out of school today to go live with her “fiancee” (mind you, this is her FIFTH engagement) near ISU. She’s gonna wind up dead at a very early age. If not homeless.

We have MAJOR gossip problems within the cast of Grease. And we all know it too. It’s sad.

I should be fine and have my lines memorized in two weeks.

I’m not sick anymore, so my solo sounds fine again. Better, even. Mr Neubauwhore said if we lose to the Leading Ladies at Manteno, he’s going to kill himself. It makes me so mad that he says stuff like that. At the beginning of the year, like 5 girls dropped out of Lights in one week and he said if anyone else dropped out, he was going to slit his wrists. I should report it. It’s not fair of him to say that. I really wish Mr Carroll never left to go to stupid California. 😦

I woke up at like 3am and couldn’t sleep and I finally decided to come online at 5am and Ricky was on. And he’s home. And I have no idea why. I still think he’s a huge idiot, but I decided to IM him anyway. He had a friend over, and when he’s with his friends, he’s an even bigger idiot. So anyway, here are two exerpts from our conversation.

AquaraChik: is your roommate hot?
Balk755: yea we have butt sex sometimes
AquaraChik: can i join ya?
Balk755: depends
AquaraChik: on what?
Balk755: what would bring to this threesome
AquaraChik: i have breasts
Balk755: how big are they?
Balk755: cause i have them too yea know

Balk755: excuse me my name is Richard and im not talking to u anymore cause u dont know where i live
AquaraChik: that’s okay, i like your brother better anyway

And then he blocked me. Stupid whore.

I hate that only 5 entries will show up on the page at one time.

I ushered the play tonight, even though Melissa said that she had lost the sheet and other people said they would usher and that she didn’t need me, but I could show up anyway. Well, I know from much experience, so I showed up. And sure enough she needed me. And I did more work than she did. Because that is ALWAYS what happens when she or Dixie house manage. And she said she needs me tomorrow too, so I have to miss rehearsal, because I had signed up to usher BEFORE Christi added the choreography sessions. I’ll just go to the one on Sunday.

I saw Lawrence tonight. It was funny cuz we were playin Big Booty before hand and we’re all so very white and we were like “Where’s Lawrence?” as we usually say when we’re being white. And a half hour later, there he was. I wouldn’t let him leave without giving me his number. So I have it now, if anyone else wants it.

When I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up, Bryan Crowe asked me if I needed a ride. I thought that was really nice of him. I wanted to cry. I have been in a really like down mood for 3 weeks and I want it to go away. GO AWAY. And it won’t. PLEASE GO AWAY. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Not even TheatreFest made it better. Not even having fun at rehearsals. Not even seeing Lawrence. And I just want to cry, because it won’t go away. PLEASE.

I had the scariest dream last night. I was on Real World and it was in Afghanistan and we kept getting shot at. My mom said that would make for a good SNL sketch.

I got this from the “How British are you?” quiz…
19) If you stole and old lady’s bag and ran past a policeman what is he most likely to shout?
A) Stop or I’ll shoot!
B) Stop or I’ll shout ‘STOP’ again!

I wanted to walk out of Lights today. Mr Neubauwhore keeps making faces when I sing my solo. It’s cuz I’m flat. I know I am. It’s cuz I’m sick and I can’t hear anything and he won’t listen to me when I tell him that.

I finally did my introductory speech today. I never rehearsed at home like she told us to. They were supposed to be 3-4 minutes and Mrs Franco was saying that like nobody’s has been long enough. So I went up there and completely improvised my speech and it wound up lasting 6 minutes and 15 seconds. I haven’t watched it yet. I talked about FRIENDS, Grease, and ComedySportz (and did part of a Da Doo Ron Ron). I completely forgot to talk about Lights. Which I suppose is a good thing, because it would have been about 8 minutes long then. I really don’t like that Mrs Franco has us switch seats every week because I really like my table and nobody at my table wants to switch. I sit with Erika Garza, Vicki Davis, and BJ Janosch. I know that one of these times we switch seats, I am gonna wind up right next to Lauren Kartje. I’ve been so lucky not to have had classes with her since frosh year. She’s gonna start talking about Brandon too, I know it.

It took us almost 2 hours to block the bedroom scene (it’s 3 pages long and 5 people are in it). We wound up talking about our periods and stuff. Blake was there the whole time, even though it was just supposed to be the Pink Ladies and Sandy. He had a ton of pretty di (plural of “dice”) and I picked a bunch of them and jokingly asked him if I could have some. He said “maybe.” Then at 9pm he starts talking to me while we’re reading through the scene to let me know that he’s leaving and that I can have the di on Thursday (next rehearsal). I said I was just kidding and he asked me if I was sure and I said I have no use for them. Wow. Okay so we finally finished blocking the scene at 9:15 and Christi goes “Don’t date Blake. He’s a nice boy but he just wants to date a girl in the show.” She said he’s done it before and he broke up with the girl right after the show ended. NOT THAT I WAS PLANNING ON DATING HIM ANYWAY. I feel so used. Even though I don’t even like him like that. Ugh, boys are SO frickin dumb. Oh, and it turns out I WAS spelling Lindsay’s name wrong.

I forced myself to eat two Twinkies before. That’s right; 300 calories of spongie…ugh I think I am gonna throw up. But I HAVE to eat them on stage so I figured I should classically condition myself to NOT get sick from them. Suffer for your art…blah

I can’t sleep through the night anymore. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden a few days ago, I just started not being able to. And of course now I am obsession about how I NEED to be married, because then if I can’t sleep, I can just wake up my husband and we can have sex and then I’ll get tired and fall back asleep.

Never drink 7up on an empty stomach—it burns and then you throw up. I just learned that the hard way a few minutes ago.

A few things I forgot after that novel I just wrote—

Christi changed the “Burger Palace Boys” to the “T-Birds,” like in the movie.

Blake told me I look better with my glasses. I think he is insane.

Apparently the time on my journal entries is on Eastern time instead of Central. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the time shows up an hour later than it actually is.

And for those of you with no culture who are wondering what the heck that song is on my page, it is the best song in Grease—“Those Magic Changes.” Doody sings it in the play (or in our case, Roger). They did sneak it into the movie. Johnny Casino and the Gamblers sing it at the dance and Danny sings along with it and then Sandy compliments his voice and he starts singing poorly and then they run into Cha-Cha. Ring a bell? Good. Time for bed.

We had a publicity shoot after rehearsal tonight at a 50’s ice cream parlor in Round Lake. Pig tails are the devil. As if my hair isn’t tempermental (sp?) enough, I have to do my hair in a style that is IMPOSSIBLE to make symmetrical.

We accomplished absolutely nothing in rehearsal, except getting our costumes for the shoot tonight. My pink ladies jacket is mega huge on me and when I sit in it, it gets that roll thing that jeans get and it looked like I had about a 4 inch erection (oh and I also found out that the understudies are going to be doing one of our shows. Of course she had to make it the weekend that people are NOT going to be in Davenport! Ugh!). So Christi wound up giving us girls a half hour to put our makeup on. Lindsey (Rizzo), Erin, and I went to do our makeup together and spent the whole half hour in there. For eye shadow, I wound up using the old pink showchoir eyeshadow (yes, the shade that Jennie Santeler has a cow over if she doesn’t get to borrow). Then Lindsey gave me a ride over to the ice cream parlor in her yellow VW Bug with heated seats. I really like Lindsey. I also hope I am spelling her name right. I also really like Erin. I am not happy with Bridget anymore though, since she told Emma that I have a crush on Ian, which I do not.

So we took 8 million pictures and I was joking around a lot with Dan (Roger), because he’s my “boyfriend” in the show, and I guess when I wasn’t around, he and Jessica (Sandy) and some other people were talking about me behind my back saying that I like him and he was having a cow because he is flamingly gay.

Then afterwards, Erin and I went to find the bathroom to go change and she told me what Jessica and Dan were saying. She also told me that Blake told her that he likes me. See, I was right. So we get into this one person bathroom that is smaller than the one in the choir room. We’re right about to start changing and Lindsey knocks on the door wanting to come in and change too. Then she decides she has to pee and then I did too after her. We were talking about having a Pink Ladies sleepover, except that I don’t know that I would want Bridget there, even though she’s really nice.

Then I had a “black and white,” which is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top, a scoop of chocolate ice cream with marshmallow syrup, lots of whip cream, nuts, sprinkles, a cherry, and a ladyfinger. Ugh I am so hungry, I didn’t have time for dinner, but after that ice cream, I think I am gonna pass until breakfast tomorrow. It reminds me that I gain weight now just from seeing a Baker’s Square commercial. I am never eating French Silk again, thanx to Brian. It’s sooooo good though. But 38 Weight Watcher’s points is ENTIRELY too much for one piece of pie. That’s like a day and a half’s worth of points.

I also found out that Justin (Kenickie) used to do Great America shows with Mr Ballard. So like, everyone in Grease has worked with my teachers before. Blake was in Grease with Mrs Franco, and Jessica and Dan were in it with Mrs Flanigan with Rikki Lee (Danny) as their director.

Yeah so I was comtemplating doing my theatrefest paper tonight, (due tomorrow) solely because it is worth 3 points and I am so obsessive over them, even though I lost track because Mr “Prime Minister,” Steve decided to change the usher points last year. I know it’s really not worth my time to write the stinkin paper because I only have 20 some points and the next mark is lettering at 40 and there is no way I can get that many by May. And I figured I’d rpolly lose sleep over those 3 good for nothing points, but that was when I expected to be back home at 9:30 and not 10:45.

Which Fraggle Are You??

brought to you by Quizilla

You are Wembley. You have trouble making decisions, and are easily confused. Decisions, even easy ones, tend to stress you out. You are faithful to your friends, even when it seems that they could care less about you, and this is probably your most endearing quality.

I knew it was going to say I was Wembley, even before I took the quiz…even before I FOUND the quiz! That description is so me that it’s not even funny. I love when quizzes are so accurate.