I went on my other sn last night for two seconds and saw that Brandon was on and sent him an IM just to say happy birthday. I would have felt bad if I didn’t. I really wish nothing had ever happened between us.

I went to my neuropsychiatrist again today. He’s still an idiot and now he is making me feel really bad about myself. He makes me so mad.

Mr Thatcher called and decided that I have had so many absences, that I now only have to go to school for choir and Lights. It means more time in Pathways, but at least I won’t be stressed from trying to catch up on 6 weeks worth of work and about 20 or so gym makeups.

Ricky finally unblocked me.

Courteney Cox is pregnant. I found out last week, but I kept forgetting to say something. Janice is going to be in this week’s episode and David will be in next week’s. Phoebe will marry David. Nobody will ever marry Joey because he is a whore.


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