Month: May 2003

I had a dream last night that I met David Schwimmer and I guess I didn’t like him and I wound up saying “Could you be more of a bastard?” And then my dad yelled at me. The rest of my dream was that people from Italy were trying to take over the country.

So apparently Julia got kicked out of her house a while ago and she’s in Buffalo Grove with a friend and since she is a super senior, she auditioned for showchoir and the director phoned John (Since I have no respect for him, I shall not address him with respect ‘Mr Neubauer’) and John told the director of Expressions not to put Julia in, so she didn’t get in. I wish there was a way for me to contact Julia, I miss her.

I went to the Sound and Lights picnic today, for sake of free food. The good mood that I have been in, for 6 days, is gone. I did, however, have fun talking to Sara! Jane. She made me eat this Philipino eggroll thing, which I assumed had pork in it, I just had a feeling. I took one bite of it and the unfamiliar taste made me realize that it was, in fact, pork and now I’m sick and can’t go to Abby’s ‘welcome back from Mexico’ party tonight. So anyway, Jennie Santeler came over to us and here was the conversation…
Jennie: Who made eggrolls?
Jami: It’s pork! It’s pork! Don’t eat it!
Jennie: I’m not THAT Jewish.
That was the best. Miss Sampson got really pissed cuz the guys picked her up and started carrying her over to the lake to throw her in. She left shortly after that. Serves her right for taking our bathroom away from us! Oh yeah and near the beginning, I was standing around and George looked at me and smiled and started running towards me and gave me a hug. I can’t believe how much he has matured in the past four years, and I told him that last night. I do wish I hadn’t gone though, because everytime I think someone from Mundelein is my friend, they prove that they’re not. Thank God I’ll never see most of these people ever again!!


Lindsay like stopped coming to rehearsals, I guess. Marc let me sing her solo last night. I dunno if she dropped out or not though. If she did, I guess I get it. I could have tried to be this small part who has a solo in “The Meek Shall Inherit” and also has a few ines, I believe, but I had to go. Blah.

I got bored last night so I went on and found an engagement ring, which I e-mailed to Tom, along with the message “I’m really bored, so humour me…I’m not in love with this ring, but it’s better than the others. You can get it for me if you want

Last night I had a dream that I was with Jennie Parks and she asked me to come with her to Tennessee to go visit Tim (her boyfriend). I told her to hang on, while I went to check, and when I got back, she had already left…

I just can’t believe how close you can be with someone and then all of a sudden wake up a week later and realize you have drifted so far apart, that you can’t get back. I don’t know how that happened with her, or with Jenni Swift, or Brittany Walker. And it really bothers me, especially with Jenni. I am, however, thankful for fairly new and developing relationships in my life; Karis, Laura Strong, Tom, and Kristen Bosco. And for hopeful future relationships; Josh, and David Schwimmer

American Dreams is officially coming back next season.

Tim Burton is officially directing the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Katie Piper came back home. I heard she’s grounded for six months. Good luck for me trying to get ahold of her.

My dad came over tonight just to give me the latest issue of “North Shore Magazine” because David Schwimmer was on the cover and there was a like 4 or 5 page article. He took it from work hehe.

I didn’t go to ‘rehearsal’ tonight. I didn’t feel well. All they did was a read through, so technically, I didn’t need to be there anyway. Whatever.

I took the Real World Paris personality quiz on

Your Real World Type: The Virgin
Your Official Real World Bio:
Born and raised in a small town in IL, Jami had all the advantages of a loving family and traditional upbringing. Ready to experience life, Jami is at a turning point in discovering herself as an adult. Although technically a virgin, Jami says she’s ready to have some fun with a guy…if the right one comes along. Jami has a wide-eyed energy and is all set to take on new challenges, experiences and people. Though she’s still inexperienced in many ways, Jami is testing boundaries and opening up to a new life in The Real World.
Paris Cast Member Most Likely to Identify With: Mallory
Paris Cast Member Most Likely to Hook Up With: Ace
Paris Cast Member Most Likely to Fight With: Adam

That’s funny cuz it didn’t ask anything about sex. It knows!!! Hehe. Oh and that Mallory chick is from Palatine, which is where Harper is!!

You know you’re obssesed with FRIENDS reason number 72:
Last night I had a dream that I had a Baby-Think-It-Over doll. I didn’t even think about naming it, I just automatically started calling it “Emma.”

blueberry; you’re mushy and love to cuddle and give

What kind of fruit are you?
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You’re the good, but ‘trashy’ friend Roxanne.

Which American Dreams Character are you?
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I forgot to say that yesterday when I was at Kimmy’s party, Mr Stipanowich told me I did a good job with my solo last week and that I have such a nice voice

So yesterday I decided I was gonna view some of my journal entries with The Jar-Jargonizer which translates web sites in Gungan. Apparently Ruben won ‘Wookie Idol.’

Apparently nobody missed me at graduation. Not even people from Sound and Master Singers noticed I was gone. I went to Kimmy Voss’s party for two hours and there was a graduation program sitting out, so I looked through it. My name was in it. I guess people will just assume that I missed it, due to illness.

I assumed that nobody from Mundelein was going to Harper because it was not listed in the senior paper. I never stopped to think that other people, besides myself, didn’t get a chance to fill out the senior paper. Well while I was looking through the graduation program, it listed the colleges that the MHS class of 2003 will be attending next year. Harper was listed. I was pissed cuz I assumed it would be either someone I don’t like or someone I don’t know. So I looked through all the names and there was only one person listed for going to Harper. *fanfare* Joshua Lee Bouton. Thank You God!! I took that as my sign that Harper is the right college for me. Hopefully I will like have a class with him or something and he’ll at least listen to me. By then, it will have been 5 years. Jeez. I can’t wait though. Please, God, let him talk to me.

Neubauwhore gave us a final in masters. We had to sing one major pentachord and one minor pentachord acapella. I couldn’t get the minor one. Blah. They didn’t believe me when I said I was tone deaf. Apparently the fact that I am in master singers rules out that possibility. Whatever. Apparently that is what the treble choir girls had to do if they want to be in master singers next year. Thank God I didn’t have to do that for aud or I wouldn’t have been in it this year. It sucks for them though cuz they won’t know for a few months whether or not they got in.

I started my medication today. It’s really pretty blue and supposedly the next highest dosage is purple. Woohoo!

Kimmy invited me to her graduation party. I know she wants me there cuz she actually handed out invitations and it didn’t look like she had many with her. So I’m gonna go. I prolly won’t have fun though. Especially since it’s on Sunday right after graduation. I bet a lot of people ask me why I wasn’t at graduation. I haven’t been to Kimmy’s house since 4th grade. I love her backyard.

Apparently Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt want to produce a remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They want Tim Burton to direct it. HAHAHAHA.

Okay so I actually had fun at rehearsal tonight. But that’s cuz we didn’t rehearse. We warmed up a bit and then we played a game called “Zoof,” which is a mix of “Za” (ball of energy) and “Ah So Yo”/”Zip Zap Zop.” There were two winners. Some Paula chick that I don’t know, and me. Cuz I rock. Then we played Freeze and Ian and I started, because we already knew how to play. We rocked the hizouse. I mos def tagged people out way more than everyone else. Then Ian was in it the second most. I hadn’t really improved in a year. I did deny and ask questions a couple times and at one point I was supposed to be holding a pizza box and I definitely let it disappear. Nobody else noticed, not even Ian. Cuz I covered them. But I am still disappointed in myself.

Then my dad and I went to Sammie’s for some burgers. Mandy was working. Then Ian walked in. He came over to say hi and waved to my dad (whom he has never met before) and my dad thought he was some random guy waving at him. Haha. If Ian and Emma didn’t look so much alike, I wouldn’;t believe they were related. I love Ian. And Emma, well Emma’s just so fake I can’t stand it. *shakes fist* Julie is so lucky to have him as her boyfriend.

Last night I spent two hours playing the most annoying game in the world. It’s called “Ganguro Girl” or something. You’re a guy and you have 100 days to pickup this chick and get her to have sex with you. Well after 100 days she wouldn’t even kiss me. It was so frustrating. She was so damn difficult to please and you had to buy her all this expensive crap and remember stupid shit like her phone number and favorite clothing line, because she keeps quizzing you on it. I guess being a guy isn’t that easy either. Oh and you had to drink beer to raise your charm level.

I thought there were 1st and 2nd pd finals today so I didn’t go to school and it turned out they’re tomorrow. Oh well.

There was like nobody at rehearsal. I really think Lindsay wasn’t there cuz she was watching American Idol. I really don’t blame her. I’m in two songs now. And I’m a boy. I don’t have a problem with that, I just think they should have gotten one of the girls with smaller breasts to be a boy. I’m not taping anything down, thank you very much. The only altos that were there besides me were Kelly and Kristina. And Kelly left after a half hour to go to dance. I didn’t even get to tell Shellie that I am going to be joining her at Harper second semester next year. I know she’ll be excited. She told me last night that she missed me. Or maybe she just missed my Dopey sweatshirt, lol…

I wound up missing the first 45 minutes of American Idol, but I’ll live. I noticed that all the finalists [that weren’t disqualified, due to being arrested and not being honest about it] were there, except for Josh. I am wondering if he went to war. Hmm. Anyway, Clay definitely should have won. I know he only lost by 1,335 votes, but he still should have won. Grrr.

So I realized that after today I will never see Torey again. And it makes me sad. I know we have never hung out, other than to go out to lunch during school or freshman year during the two weeks I actually “participated” in gym. But he was my first friend in high school. And the only person who has been my “friend” all four years. And he was the first guy to ask me to a dance (even though I didn’t get to go). I told him at the beginning of concert choir today and he was like “Yay I never have to see Jami again after today!” But then after choir he gave me a hug, for the first time, I think ever. It was long and I couldn’t breathe because he was sqeezing me so hard. He fake cried and made a scene. I will miss him though.

Clay is so gonna win. I couldn’t get through again tonight. His final song was Bridge Over Troubled Water, and, coincidentally, he left out the middle verse (When you’re down and out, when you’re on the street my Lord, etc) that Rob Adams and Nathan messed up on the other day at the concert. Lol.

Last night Shellie told me she is gonna go to Harper College for a year. I know they have American Sign Language there, so I decided to check it out. They have level 1-5, plus a culture class, a literature class, and a fingerspelling class. They have Intro to Theatre, Acting 1 and Acting 2, they have EMT/EMS classes. And at the EXTREMELY rare chance that I would take a psych class, they have 14 of them!!!! Ohhh man I am so there spring semester next year! Thank God I found a way to get out of CLC!!!!! And also I was looking at the towns in the district and at least 6 high schools in the district have showchoirs, so I am gonna try to get a showchoir started. I have a name picked out “Tutti,” because we all sing together. I could totally be happy at this school! I can’t wait! Oh and nobody Mundelein will be there!!!

My mom talked to Mr Neubauer about my not going to graduation and he said he understands and wouldn’t fail me if I missed it. However, I have a responsibility to be there because I signed up for master singers blah blah blah. That’s such BS because it’s always been Sound and seniors singing, not Sound and master singers. So really, I have only known since last month that I master singers was even gonna be singing there. So I will not be at graduation, because if I go, Mr Neubauer will think he was right and he wasn’t. He never is.

I went to my neuropsychiatrist again. He’s such an idiot. He needs to be fired. I start new medication tomorrow.

So it turns out Shellie DID get into Little Shop. And thank God, because she is going to be the one that gets me through it. Frank is also in it and so is Kristina, who told me she is mad that all I am is in the chorus. I wouldn’t even call it that. I’m in one song in the whole frickin show. No lines. No solos. It’s not even worth it to do this, but if I quit, I’ll never be cast again. Ugh I am sooo mad. I’m not even gonna buy a t-shirt cuz it’d be a waste of $12.

Starlight Express is coming to Chicago next month. And it’s REAL Starlight Express, not crappy Starlight Express on ice. That is soooo frickin rare for it to be here. I REALLY wish I had money so I could go see it again!!! Grrr