Month: December 2003

Okay, so I am a bad person, and for like the past month, I have been falling asleep before I pray. But last night I was like, okay, I am sick of being a bad person. And I pray for friends, family, and myself. And one of the things I pray for is for my family to stay alive. Well, I decided that maybe I should only pray for my IMMEDIATE family to stay alive, since my Grandpa is having major SOB. And, I was like spacing out for two or three hours in my bed before before I actually started praying, around 6am, or a little afterwards. So I prayed for my IMMEDIATE family to stay alive, and around 6:30am, the phone rang. My grandpa had just passed away. And people say prayer doesn’t do anything. But they are cremating him, so there won’t be a funeral. And, apparently, there will be no official sitting shiva, since all of my Grandma’s friends are either in Florida or dead. And that is what SHE said. My mom told her to look through my parents’ wedding album so she can call everyone and tell them. That’s so sad that we have to look through pics from 24 years ago, in order to keep track of the family. People complain about having to go to family parties, well, i don’t even know my family. On either side. I’ve got two distant cousins that are my age. One on each side. I’ve only met Rachel once, and that was when we were sitting shiva for Papa—when I was in 4th grade. I have no idea where she lives. And Lindsay, I used to go out to Wheeling to play with her when we were little. And then I didn’t see her again til her Grandma died when I was in 5th grade. And then she came here and spent the night. And that was the last time I talked to her. I can’t even name anyone else in my family. I’m not sure if anyone on my Dad’s side of the family is even aware that my Uncle died last year. That is sad.

My Dad wants me to have power of attorney over him, since I am 18 and he has a DNR wish. And if, God forbid something happens to him and he is on life support, he wants me to be the one to tell them to pull the plug. NO!! I refused! It is not MY job to decide when someone’s time is up! I am not God! My Dad is upset, cuz he has to give it to my Mom now. Whatever. I’m not God.

Happy new year! Haha j/k, I won’t leave you with a depressing entry.

Umm we cleaned up a lot over the weekend so the cable modem guy could come. If we can get the kitchen floor and the floor around the table and all of Marni’s crap ON the table cleaned up, maybe Jennie can FINALLY come over and teach me how to play the Sims.

I was watching Driven: Jessica Simpson the other day. And, ya know, I really need to take back anything bad I have ever said about her. First of all, I can’t laugh at the way she cooks, because that is EXACTLY how I am too. Second of all, she doesn’t play along with the whole ‘sex sells’ concept. She doesn’t wear slutty clothes. She waited until she was married to have sex, or even sing about it. I really respect her for that. When I turn 21, if I decide I want to have a LITTLE to drink, I want HER to be my drinking buddy. She can have a couple martinis, and I can have a couple glasses of Manischewitz blackberry wine, and be really spacey together. But no more than two or three drinks a piece. Because we are good girls. But I think that would be pretty entertaining lol.

I had a dream last night that I went to my car and there were finger prints all over the window. There was a huge hand smear and in fingerprints were written Leia, Val, and Dani. And I don’t even know Lei’s afriend, Dani. Which is even funnier. Aww I am going to miss homeroom with those freshmen after next week. But I won’t miss high school!

I dunno why I thought of this, but it’s from two years ago, when we were walking back from lunch.
Torey: Whoa, I just almost fell into the lake.
Jami: What would you say if you HAD fallen in and you walked into class and people asked why you’re all wet?
Torey:…I was baptising people…

So, that episode of Joan of Arcadia that I missed a couple months ago, due to the coverage of the fire in the administration building in Chicago, is going to be on again this Friday. Yay!!

I am not going anywhere for New Year’s tonight. I haven’t done anything on new Years since the lock in at Calvary freshman year, when I saw David Erlandson. Oh, and then last year, Brittany Blackwell and I swore at each other online for a little while before midnight, since we both had resolutions to stop swearing. Good times. Anyway, my resolution is to have a MINIMUM of a 3.0GPA for the rest both semesters this year, wherever I may be in the Fall. I still need to apply to Ball State and do my financial aid stuff.

Happy New Year!
Ja zycze ciebie szczesliwego nowego roku!

Terror Alert Level

The picture to the left was taken on the set of some Robin Hood movie in Nottingham, England in the summer of 1997. I was 12. I was so short, that I almost choked to death in that thing. One of the guys that was with us got into that, and they tied it together and picked up the feathers that were in a bucket next to it and started tickling him. It was awesome. Some day I will have to post some more stories from that trip. But not now, since my wrist is recovering. I should be able to knit tomorrow. Woot.

Haha Alex made a forum on and IMed me telling me to make a post and I didn’t know what to write so I just put
There once was an Alex, who was a crazy Jew.
He knew a girl, Jami, who was one too.
He told her to make a post,
And he was the forum host,
So there was nothing that she could do.
And there is a clapping emoticon on there, so I put that after it too lol.

I called Ashley Scarbrough yesterday, to let her know that Rent is currently auditioning for Broadway. She’s in Maryland right now so she can spend New Years with Clint. And she is transferring to school there for next semester and she is moving there permanently. She’s coming home on Friday and is leaving on the 8th. This makes me very sad. We haven’t been close since 2nd grade, but still. So I talked to her dad for a little while and he asked me if I have any special boys in my life lol. Then he was asking me about school and I told him I only have four days left. He said he didn;’t graduate on time either, but after I make my first million, I will be really glad I finished lol. I love her parents. ❤

Jami: You can take me out to dinner and to see Peter Pan.
Tom: How bout I kill two birds with one stone and take you back to my place for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Peter Pan peanut butter.

You’re Cuba!

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I suck. I am horrible. I lose. I am a miserable failure. I gave in. I sent Tom an IM last night to let him know that I’m not talking to him. And he asked why, so I told him and I was like “I’m not going to talk to you online. Phone or nothing.” And for some reason, his cell phone was in his car, so I had to give him my number again. So he called me and it was like 2am, so he was bein really quiet cuz his parents were sleeping and cuz he was really tired. I hate describing things as ‘sexy,’ but, seriously, his voice is really sexy when he’s being quiet and it made me want to kiss him, which is really bad, because I don’t like him like that, and, also, because I don’t want to kiss him lol. And I want to be cool, so I was like “Wszystkiego najlepszego na Bozego Narodzenia.” And he goes “Holy S**t.” And I was like “Did I pronounce that right?” And he was like “Yeah, that was almost perfect. And you’re not even Polish.” Haha I win. Oh, but I already lost for IMing him, so just forget it all lol. Oh but he asked me what my last name is, so he can found a fan club. I was like “We’ve known each other for a year and a half and you don’t know my last name?” And then I told him and he was like “Oh yeah.” Haha boys are dumb. Oh and then he was asking me why I didn’t go to his birthday party (which was a few months ago) and he was arguing with me when I told him he didn’t invite me. He insists that he did, but he didn’t. And if anyone doesn’t believe me, look through my journal entries from around September 23, 2003, and you will see no mention of being invited to his birthday party. Thank you very much. So he was gonna go to sleep cuz he was like falling asleep on the phone and he asked me to call and wake him up between 9am and 9:30am (so he could go watch his friends wrestle or something), cuz even with his alarm, he wouldn’t. And I hate doing this, cuz I did it once before and he didn’t even answer his freaking phone. But I agreed anyway, because I am nice. And since his cell was in his car, he gave me his house number, so now he takes up three spots in my cell phone, which is kind of sad. And I asked him “AREN’T I GOING TO WAKE UP YOUR PARENTS?” And he said “NO, THEY GO TO WORK AT LIKE 5AM.” So I was like, “Okay.” So I set my alarm this morning and I called him just before 9:15. And, since he is an only child, I figured he would be the one to answer the phone, but some guy answered and it didn’t sound like him. Apparently it was his DAD, who obviously was NOT AT WORK. Here was the convo. Oh, and he has a Polish accent, if that helps.
Mr Kluz: Hello?
Jami: Tom?
Mr Kluz: Who?
Jami:…Is Tom there?
Mr Kluz: Uhh hold on.
*a few minutes pass*
Mr Kluz: Hello?
Jami: Hi.
Mr Kluz: You still there?
Jami: Yes.
Mr Kluz: He’s sleeping.
Jami: Oh, he wanted me to call and wake him up.
Mr Kluz: Okay, I wake him up. Bye.
And then he hung up and he didn’t even ask who I was. Rawr. I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to wake up early again for that boy. So then at like 2pm, I called his cell phone, which was off. I left a message saying what happened. I bet he’s still in bed and his cell phone is still in his car. What a loser. Note to self: NEVER AGAIN WAKE UP EARLY FOR HIM! EVER! Now I bet I don’t hear from him again over break, and then he’ll ask me why I didn’t call him or something. Haha, oh man.

I decided that David Erlandson should be in Mundelein Idol, as well. I don’t care HOW long he’s lived elsewhere, he just should, okay?! I wonder how play casts and SOund would be different, had he not moved away.

I found a Fiddler on the Roof audition, but it’s in Wilmette, so screw that lol.

Speaking of Wilmette, I left my October 26th entry on Ben’s journal, because I think he needed to read that. I don’t know if he’s seen it yet. But I love reading that over and over again. Yay for God for giving me those words to write. Well, yay for God anyway.

I noticed last week, while I was watching Bring it On, that Cliff has a frattoo!!! He’s supposed to be in high school. They need to do a better job covering that stuff up. It definitely said XI. or IX. One of the two. And I don’t think it was a Roman numeral…oh, crap…no, I am right. It’s a frattoo. That’s like seeing Jennifer Aniston’s tan line from her wedding ring on Friends, and Rachel isn’t married yet!!

On Friday, I went to the eye doctor, and apparently it’s not as bad as I thought. I still have 20/20 vision, and the perscription change was in only one eye and it is so small, that the new perscription is unnecessary (for contacts AND glasses). This means that I have not needed a new perscription in 3.5 years. Yay for me.

Then afterwards, I went to the new Subway near Burlington and Brown’s Chicken. It is the best Subway I have ever had. The bread was really fresh. When we turned onto 45, we passed by my dad, so I called him and this was the convo
Dad: Hello?
Jami: Put on your seat belt.
Dad: How did you know?
Jami: I know everything.
Dad: Is that funny, I just pulled out of the Jewel parking lot and it’s not on yet.
I DID tell him we passed by him. But it was funny lol.

Oooh but we stopped to get gas before going to the eye doctor and I saw Bill Dwyer. He was in his car and I was in ours, so we didn’t get to talk, but he waved and smiled and it made me so happy to see him, even if we didn’t get to talk. That whole family makes me happy. They win.

We got cable modem yesterday. And, I am sorry, Erinn, for using your word, but it really makes me vaguberate© .

I realised last night how hard it is to sing along to the Sound of Music without accidentally singing “When there’s veal chops and no dill sauce, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember veal chops and dill sauce, and then I don’t feel sooooo bad.” Yes. Bert Fershners

Then I made a banana cake. Like, by myself. And it tastes good. And nothing caught on fire or exploded. Miss independent, miss self-suficient

But my wrist still hurts like a mother and my ace bandage has been misplaced (I hid it so Marni couldn’t take it and lose it, but I wound up losing it lol), so my dad bought me a new one, and this one is for wrists. It still hurts, but the ace bandage is helping. I’ve been using frozen corn, instead of ice packs, and it works a lot better. It doesn’t melt as quickly, and ya know how when you eat something really cold, like a snow cone, and your tongue gets numb, and when you talk, you sound like Liza Minnelli? Well, that is how it makes my wrist feel, and I think that is a good thing. Oh, and I can’t knit until my wrist gets better *sniff*

So last night I had a dream that like a lot of us (I don’t know exactly who all was there) were friends with Clay Aiken and we were in a pool, and he and Erin got into a fight and he was like holding her under water or something (which is weird…doesn’t he hate water?), and then he got out of the pool and I swam over to make sure he was okay (sorry, Erin…he can offer me marriage, you cannot. Lol). And then he was like “How is your appetite right now?” And I was like “I can’t take it out and show you haha.” I am even weirder in dreams than in real life. But I guess it turns out that he lived down the street from me and he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner the next night, and, of course I said yes. He told me there would be a greeting card in my mail box the next day asking me to dinner. So anyway, we went to dinner, but I don’t remember it. And then he walked me to my door, and I didn’t invite him in, because I have a cat and he hates cat, cuz once he ran one over and he thinks it came back to haunt him. So I went inside my house and Kara was sitting at my table, waiting for me to get back, and she had brown hair (I know she currently has brown hair, but you would think that if she was in a dream about Clay, she would have blonde hair and look like Carmen). And I told her about our ‘date’ and we giggled and then she went into my kitchen to get a pear so she could eat it. But I definitely woke up smiling. That is only the second dream I have had where I woke up smiling. And, of course, the other one was a coupld months ago.

I watched Riding in Cars with Boys. It wasn’t as good as I expected, but the guy playing 20 year od Jason is hot and it turns out he is from Oz, which makes it even better . There was a part when she was spraying hairspray and it got in her mouth and she was having a cow and I was like “Clearly you’ve never been in showchoir.” Mmm…AquaNet…

My Grandpa is in the hospital AGAIN and this time they say he’s only got a few weeks and told my Grandma that they can get him some medicine anytime he is ready to go, so now she is losing her mind even more so than before. But he is moving into a Hospice very soon.

I watched World Idol. I like that they made it so you can’t vote for your own country, but I still wish I could have voted for Kelly Clarkson. It sucks that they each only get to sing one song to prove themselves though. Let’s see if I remember everything I have to say.
•Hosts- Don’t quit your day job. Nobody is better than Ryan Seacrest.
•Judges- Simon knows what he is talking about more than anyone else. The Polish judge was craazy and should stop speaking in Polish and handing out Vodka.
The countries that were competing were Germany, Oz, UK, Canadia, US, Pan Arabic (22 Middleeastern countries…the girl was from Jordan), Norway, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, and The Netherlands. The whole thing was basically a joke. Even RUBEN could have beaten almost all of them. I decided that I was going to vote for one person and one person only. I was planning on voting for the Pan Arabic girl. She was pretty good. She sang a song in her language though and they made a big deal out of it. But the guy from Norway was really good, so I voted for him. It is either going to be him or Kelly. Hands down. I am so disappointed though. I was really expecting to see 11 very talented people. I was wrong. And the girl from Poland was absolutely dreadful. I was at least expecting the guy from the UK to be good, but he sounded like a little kid. This is one time I would have liked to have been with Mr Neubauer, to hear him tear up the contestants lol. I vote for Mundelein Idol. Erin Sprague, Lauren Perlini, Melissa Plucinski, Catie Hein, John Cape, Jennie Santeler, Brian Clark, Ashley Scarbrough, Annie Martini, Julia Figueroa, Nathan Franco, etc. That’d be awesome. I would definitely pay to see that. It would actually be interesting if they had the next American Idol be like beauty pageants: have a winner from each town go to county, then to state. But the problem with that is that everyone only gets one song. But it would still be interesting to see.

My wrist hurts. I am done for now.

My mom decided that we were going to go out and rent some movies, so I got “Where the Heart is,” “Anywhere but Here,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” and the DVD of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” since Sara! Jane told me Knights of Camelot is in legos, and also, cuz I haven’;t seen that movie since sophomore English, when Mr Solis turned it off 20 mins before the end of the period and said “What? I let you see Castle Anthrax!!” Hehe. So far I have watched Where the Heart is. I was definitely expecting to cry during that one, because I cry over everything and Tom told me he always cries during that one. So you’d think that if a BOY cries while watching it, I would cry. But, no. I definitely want my money back lol.

So Mad Cow Disease is in the USA. I am so glad I don’t like Brisket, cuz we are going to Skokie tomorrow night to have some Chanukah din din and Brisket is on the menu. So while mi familia is enjpying their Mad Cow Brisket, I will be knitting me scarf. I guess I can’t have any cheeseburgers for a while, and we know how much I loves me cheeseburgers!! Well, actually, I had three during the outbreak in England, while I was there and I was fine. So I guess I am immune to it. No comments on that one, please. My mom and my uncle have already covered it, thank you very much.

Ooooh and we are soooooooooooo getting cable modem on Saturday!!!!! Woot!!!

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So I was going to sign up for CLC classes like a week ago, but I was waiting so that Torey and I could go together, since we are taking English together. When I called him on Thursday, he said he was sick and didn’t wanna go. But I decided today that I am not going to wait any longer, because I don’t want my classes to be filled up, cuz my schedule is perfect. So I tried to sign up online and it kept telling me I was over the limit and that American Pop Culture is filled up and said I can be on the wait list, but didn’t tell me how. I REALLY WANT TO TAKE THAT CLASS AND IT IS FULL. So I went back and took First Aid and Voice off and it was still telling me I was over the limit. Which makes no sense at all cuz it was only like 13 or something. So I tried doing it over the phone and it told me I got into some of them. So I called back and it said I am not enrolled in any classes next semester. So I was like grr I’ll just go tomorrow but no they don’t have open registration again until January 2. Wow I am really frustrated and Torey is going to be yelled at.

So I wanted to know how to find out which books I need for classes next semester, and I could have asked one of many people (Maggie, Shellie, Matthew, Laura, Brittany, Danna, Kim, Julie, or Blake) and I wound up calling Blake. I don’t know why, I just did. Anyway, three and a half hours later, I just got off the phone with him and my ear really hurts. He still likes to talk about Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings and I still have no idea what he’s talking about, except for when he said that Todd looks like Gollum. Yes. Lol. He was also telling me about how he was complaining to Christi the first time he saw me because I am not fat enough to be Jan and Christi said that I can really act it though.

So what happens if like the internet or xanga crashes and all my journal entries are lost? This is the only journal I write in. I would be very sad. . BUt I think I am going to get xanga premium when I am married, so that I can post wedding pictures and pictures of my babies lol.

Yes, I think from now on, I am going to change my journaling style. I am going to make my entries shorter and more frequent. And that will keep everyone happy. I won’t be struggling to remember everything I have to write about, and nobody will complain about my entries being too long. Yeah that will be my almost New Year’s resolution, only not. And also no more entries about how Tom hasn’t called me yet. Oh, I guess I lied lol.

My dad made me a copy of his car keys and they are on my keychain now. I spose I have no choice now.

I was channel surfing last night and found this thing on Oxygen. It was this old lady answering sex questions, very graphically. It was like what they talk about on Loveline, except the people weren’t as dumb and it wasn’t as entertaining. She was taking it too seriously. I got bored after like two questions.

I think it’s time for quizzes to make a comeback.

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45 º on the first day of winter. Nice.

Yeah, so, this morning, Tom came online and did not IM me. He was on for a good 40 minutes before I left to go driving.

My dad said I can use his car as long as I drive him to work, so I went driving with him, for the first time ever. His car is a lot easier to use. So I drove to his house, then to his work, then to CLC, then to Lion Video to return the movies, where I saw Gwen and Mrs Santeler, and then I drove home. I had a couple mishaps, but nobody honked at me, which was good. My dad flicked off a couple teenagers though lol. He said I’m going to get my license on Saturday or Sunday. Which means that if Tom doesn’t call me before then, I am going to crack and call him because he keeps bugging me to get my license so I can visit him. Or maybe I just won’t call him at all EVER and he can just stay in his own little Tom world and he can go hang out with Robert and get drunk and not care about me at all even though I am his fiancée and I should be the most important person in his life, especially more important than Robert (well EVERYONE should be more important than Robert) and then I will tell him we’re not engaged and he will go for two months without caring and beg to be engaged again but I am not going to call him and I won’t hear from him at ALL over winter break because he sucks. My, that was a long sentence.

So Henry VIII lived in this place in England called “Hampton Court Palace,” and I have been there. It was the first thing we did after we left Heathrow. It was like 9am England time and we had just been on an 8 hour flight that was sitting in the airport for an hour and a half, so we had been up for many hours. There were 40 12 year olds and like five adults. There was a hedge maze and they put us in there and told us to get through. It was really hard because the hedges were so high and you would hear people saying “Over here,” but when you turned the corner, nobody was there. I think it took us like 45 minutes to get through and it wasn’t even that big. Anyway, I found a picture from the securtity cameras at Hampton Court Palace and here it is. They don’t think it’s human. It has been shutting all the open doors.

I am ‘enery the 8th, I am, ‘enery the 8th, I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door, she’s been married seven times before

Okay, so apparently, I look different from my senior pic, and I do not have a current picture of myself, so I decided that I would just put up a baby picture for now lol. The story behind that picture is that I was three months old and my mom and I were at her friend’s house. She had just moved from Arizona and it was the summer (well, I guess it was May, if I was three months old), so she didn’t have the air conditioning on. And my mom was drinking an ICE TEA, and I was thirty and knew there was something to drink in there, so I grabbed it out of her hand and started drinking from it. I guess I AM smart!

A Priest and a Rabbi buy a car together. The day after they bring it home, the Priest takes the car to the car wash to get it washed. The Rabbi says “Why did you wash the car? We just bought it; it was already clean.” “Well,” said the Priest, “In my religion, when babies are born, we baptise them.” So seven days later, the Rabbi cuts off the tail pipe.