Month: January 2004

Dead Whale Explodes. The picture is too gross to post on here. View at your own risk.

Aww man they ALREADY got rid of the auto subscribe html. That makes me sad. Cuz I was gonna get Megan and Sarah Roman and whoever else reads this without subscribing to me lol. Oh well.

So, this girl sits next to me in math. She’s really nice. Her name is Amanda, she is from Grayslake, she is friends with James, and her stomach makes loud noises when she doesn’t eat. So in the middle of class today, she turns to me and goes “What are you doing this weekend?” And I was like “Nothing, you?” And she was like “I thought I was going to go to Western, but now I’m not sure.” And then she asked for my number. So I asked her if she wanted to go to the concert and she said yes. Yay I have someone to come with me! And then on my way out of class at the end, she was like “I’ll give you a call this weekend if I am not going out of town.” Wow, I actually have someone who, not only wants to be my friend, but actually wants to talk to me on the phone and hang out with me. I could definitely get used to this!!!

So I went to say bye to the security guard and he said he’s prolly gonna be workin in Lancers for the next three weeks. It’s cuz he wants me and he wants to take me out for Valentine’s Day. I know it. I know that’s not true, but it’s fun to pretend lol.


j010226 (12:58 AM): the deans read them?
j010226 (12:58 AM): wtf ?
j010226 (12:58 AM): fucking fascists!
AquaraChik (12:58 AM): haha
j010226 (12:59 AM): mutherfuckers
j010226 (12:59 AM): agghhh I forgot how angry high school made me!
AquaraChik (12:59 AM): lol
j010226 (1:00 AM): /there’s no place like college, there’s no place like college ::massaging temples::

I think I sounded greedy before when I was talking about not getting as much money as I thought. I meant that because There are other people who need money even more than I do, and if I got a lot, I would really like to help out some friends that are having problems paying for school, as well as Gilda’s Club and like Sound and Lights and stuff. And I really mean that too.

I am for real not going to talk to Tom anymore. And I mean it this time. Seriously. I do. Really.

I got my concert tix in the mail. I still need to find someone to go with me. Everyone is either going to be at Sound or at school or the stupid (not naming names, but Shellie and Brian) people who must be deaf cuz they don’t like Clay. I didn’t think that was possible.

I had another dream about Brandon the other day. Again, we were making out. We were laying down and I was the one on top. What is wrong with me that I would have not one, but TWO dreams about WANTING to be making out with him ? It scares me. Like, a lot.

So I can do this extra credit thing for psych (I know I won’t need it, but I need to make up for 10 years of not doing hmwk) where I read a book and do a 10 minute oral presentation on it. I am not going to do Girl, Interrupted, since I have already read it and it is so out of order that I am glad I had seen the movie a million times before reading it. Instead, I am thinking of either reading a book having to do with Bipolar Disorder (go figure) or else My Fractured Life by none other than Rikki Lee Travolta *rolling eyes*. Although, if I wind up shelling out money to buy the latter, I may need to be stoned to death, or else locked up in a psych hospital, never to see the light of day again, except to go eat peppermint dick ice cream. Or else I could run away to Florida to become a professional Cinderella. Yes, I have seen “Girl, Interrupted” many a time. In fact, I once saw a commercial for Colace and I was like “I WANT MY F**KING COLACE!!!!” Haha, good times. That is sad..

When I started my Xanga 377 days ago (as they inform me), it was a predominantly Asian community. But with all the people from Mundelein that have them now, I have a feeling that is no longer the case. I have 82 people on my list, and only three of them are Asian. Maybe we just need more Asians in Mundelein. Maybe we need to get Ricky and Hott Scott to get Xangas. They are hot. So is their cousin. Haha.

My lovely Pat just informed me that the MHS deans read all the Xangas now. That is funny, sad, and good all at the same time. I also have a feeling that Mr Neubauer will get one eventually haha.

I didn’t go to my one class today, cuz I had my deposition. My lawyer (whose last name is Cohen…reminds me of The OC lol) informed me that my case is not worth six figures. Now I am upset, cuz they originally told me $150,000 minimum. Had they not said that, I would have been happy with like $10,000. Bah. Stupid cheap MHS!! *shakes fist* lol.

Rebecca Zak subscribed to my journal. That is too funny, cuz I haven’t talked to her since I was in like third grade lol.

For those of you that think you can just come read my journal without subscribing…well the joke is on you. Look at your subscriptions list. I am sooo on it now!!! Muahahaha

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs Simon Cowell

I found out that Randy Jackson was in the band Journey. Hehe.

Rickey Smith is a backup singer for Ruben. Good for him.

How is Ruben nominated for a Grammy but Clay is not? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLES’ EARS?!?!

I put the Milkshake song on Pat’s journal, and if you have both of our journals open at the same time, it sounds like Carmen Sandiego the remix. It’s funny.

In 2006, and independent movie will be coming out about Carmen Sandiego. It’s just too bad that Lynne Thigpen isn’t around anymore to play The Chief. She was the best!

I saw a blind guy at school today and he was buying food. by himself. I always say how I hate contacts and I hate glasses and stuff, but I really need to stop complaining. I should be glad my eyes work at all. I really take things for granted, like having two hands or being able to hear, cuz I don’t even stop to think that some people are without them. That is horrible of me.

I saw Catie Hein and I talked to her for a few minutes before she told me she was going to go have a cigarette. Umm…WHAT?! She said she’s been smoking for four years. This I did not know. This makes Jami sad.

I went into the bookstore after school and Olga was there!!! She was with her boyfriend. She said her computer broke, that’s why she’s never online. So I have to e-mail her lol. I made her talk to the security guard because he is from Russia. He wants me. But Friday is his last day. Awww.

So, second day of psych Dr Kokonis told me I know too much. Third day, I am already not supposed to answer questions unless nobody else can. I am awesome. We had this 10 question true or false quiz today that we all did together. He asked me to read number two. “True or false: Sigmund Freud is considered the father of psychology.” Everyone kinda quietly said “true,” while I said “false.” And then he asked everyone who thinks it is true to raise their hands. And nobody did. Then he asked me what I thought and I said “false.” And he asked me why I thought it was false and I said, “Because Wilhelm Wundt is the father of psychology.” And he wrote Wilhelm Wundt on the board and then said “Class, do you know what they used to call her in high school? They called her Miss AP Psych.” Yes, I think I turned red. But I am still awesome.

I finally thought of a gay Jew. Mr Estrin! Haha. I feel better now that I have thought of one.

I saw Bridget today. She doesn;t have her engagement ring, cuz it’s being sized. I’ll see it eventually lol. She said that she didn’t get to Randy, Simon, and Paula because the lady didn’t like the song she picked and was in a bad mood so she wouldn’t let Bridget sing another song. But she said that Bridget had a perfect voice. What the heck? Well, she’s going to audition again next year and she is going to go to Hollywood. Yay!

I just found out my cell phone has call waiting. I guess I should stop making fun of only children for having it on theirs. Haha oops…

Fact: Fountains of Wayne sang “That Thing You Do!” for the movie.

Fact: The last name ‘Van Der Beek’ is Dutch for ‘From the creek.’

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So I just got a check from my grandma for graduation. She only gave me $20 for Chanukah this year, so I was expecting the same. But no, it was definitely that plus an extra zero on the end. So that, plus left over book money form CLC…I just made $400 without trying. Now I will have money to buy a shirt from the concert. Now all I need is someone to come with me.

I got this survey thing in the mail asking me to spend an hour listening to 101.9 and an hour listening to 100.3 and fill out a card about each of them and send them in. I like the music they play on those stations, but I like 102.3 better and I am stubborn, so I decided not to waste me time. But, for some reason, I felt compelled to read the information about it. I wish I hadn’t. It said that for each card I fill out and send in, they will donate money to Gilda’s Club Chicago. So now I have no choice, but to do it!

My ovaries are yelling at me. I still think that something is really wrong and now the birth control pills are just masking the problem. Oh well.

But what I don’t understand is why unfertilized eggs have to be released as BLOOD. When chicken eggs aren’t fertilized, they’re released as FOOD. Not that HUMAN eggs should be released as food. I mean, I definitely would not eat food that came out of a vagina. But wouldn’t life be soo much easier if unfertilized eggs were released as AIR???

On Friday, I accidentally took my birth control pill in the morning, instead of at night. At least it was my last one for the month.

I tried Ramen for the first time the other day. Twas quite good.

I saw the one acts. Kei was AMAZING. I am also really glad I FINALLY got to hear her sing. Michelle is such an awesome drunk lol. I will be sad when the Dwyers move to Missouri. Awww.

Christi has decided to do Annie for the summer musical. Jami has decided to audition.

So this SlackerPimp36 character IMed me the other day. Said they were in Lights. Said he name is Bobby and she knows me, but I don’t know her. Said I’m a loser super senior who is obsessed with “Friends” and devotes my life to Sound. So I said “Obviously you DON’T know me or else you would know that I’m in college, I’m not really into Friends anymore, and I was never in Sound.” She said, “Right, you wish you were in college.” “Umm I go to CLC.” “Just keep telling yourself that.” “Give me your e-mail, I’ll e-mail you from my school account.” “Whatever, I don’t want to waste my time talking to a retard who thinks they’re in college when they’re not.” What the heck was that? Kate said there isn’t even anyone in Lights named Bobby. That is bizarro.

I thought I saw Mark Czynski driving a mini van today. But it turned out to be an Asian woman with short hair and glasses. Oh well.

I saw Jen Bauer today. She was with Shawna. In the smoking lounge. That is weird that she and Shawna know each other. I was surprised to see Jen smoking, she told me that I already knew that she smokes, but I forgot. I think she is right.

I walked into English today and the guy sitting next to me was on and he knows Alex lol. I gotta admit, he [Josh] is kinda cute. Oooh…lol. No crush though, just think he’s cute.

I actually did my English homework!!!! How can you tell that Jami went to Mundelein High School? She got the assignment on Wednesday and didn’t do it until Monday, a half hour before it was due.

I also forgot to mention that this guy in my psych class looks like he could be Mr Jorgenson’s brother, and, incidentally, his last name is Jorgenson. But he has never heard of a Jake Jorgenson. Oh well.

The girl in my psych class that looks like the Pan Arabic Idol is always by herself. Like I see her eating lunch by herself. And I saw her right before class and she was by herself. And I know I decided that I wasn’t going to talk to anyone in my psych class, but I don’t want her to be by herself all the time. So I introduced myself (her name is Rand) and told her she could sit by me if she didn’t want to sit by herself. So I went in the room and sat front and center (right where I like it in psych. Yay!) and then people sat on either side of me. And then Rand walked in and sat kind of near to me, but on the side and in the second (back) row. And I told her she could sit by me, so I got up and sat by her. But I told her we’re sitting front and center next time hehe. She’s really nice though. I told her about World Idol and how I think she looks like the Pan Arabic Idol and she was like “How did you know I’m Arabic? Most people think I’m Mexican.” So that is a coincidence lol. I really didn’t know.

On Wednesday, we had to write down in Psych what grade we think we are going to get and why. Of course I said an A. And I said about how Brian and Torey called me Miss AP Psych lol.

I don’t feel as sure of myself answering questions in psych now, as I did two years ago, but I tried today anyway. I did okay for myself. And then this…
Dr Kokonis: Who is Sigmund Freud?
Jami: *raising hand* The father of psychoanalysis.
Dr Kokonis: Right. That was his daughter’s name.
Jami: No, that’s Anna.
Dr Kokonis: You know too much!

After class, I told him about my voice mail idea and he said “That’s beautiful.” And then he asked me if I had already taken this class before, and I said “No, I took AP in high school.” And he said “Oh you’re the one they call Miss AP Psych?” Lol!!!

Okay, I got my concert tickets. The seats are kind of crappy, but from all the trouble I had to go through, I should be glad I got them at all. And, I could have had floor seats, if I had put my checks in my account when I was supposed to. So it’s my fault anyway. Ironically, I’m sitting in section 205 lol. Now I just need to find someone to go with me.

I discovered a few days ago that James has me on his protected post list. I feel special. And wanted. Yay.

Okay, so it WAS Kristen that I saw. Brittany said that she saw Kristen registering for CLC the other day. That is great. Just in case I DO run ino her, I know I don’t have to worry about her saying anything to me. I e-mailed Courtney cuz I want to know why Kristen is not at Eastern. That would be cool if Courtney is home too though, cuz I like her.

So I woke up really early today to try to catch the Ticketmaster presale for Clay and Kelly. Unfortunately, I lost again. Theykept telling me to type in the password they gave me and when I typed it in, it said there was no such password in their system. Tomorrow morning is my last chance. If I do not get tickets, I will be one sad Jami.

I forgot to mention some things about my psych class. First of all, my entire grade is based on four tests (including midterm and final). They each have 50 questions on them. All of the questions are multiple choice. If I don’t get an A in this class, then I don’t deserve to live. And now some things about people in my class. People that I will never talk to, because I can’t talk to anyone in my class, cuz I actually want and need to pay attention (even though i have a feeling my major resource will be my Dr Girard notes). There is a girl with one hand. She can tie her shoes with one hand. There is a guy who looks like Drew, only not quite as hot (cuz, seriously, nobody is as hot as Drew). And there is a girl who looks exactly like the Pan Arabic Idol lol.

And, also, the girl in my substance abuse class who dated Brandon, i told her about how he told everyone I was lying and I lost a lot of friends from it and she asked for my name and she was like “He told me about all the girls he’s dated since 6th grade and he didn’t mention you.” Duh! He can’t even mention me to someone from another town? I don’t understand. This is something that I will never understand.

So Holly (girl from Mundelein in my substance abuse class) told me that Dr Girard teaches English Comp 1 at CLC so I was like yay!! So Torey and I went to the English office to find out when, so that we can get into his class. How awesome would that be?! But they said they had never heard of him. So I e-mailed him and he told me he’s taking a year off so he can sleep and watch reality tv shows. That’s Dr Girard for ya!

There is a guy in my math class who looks like Pat, except not nearly as good looking. Am I allowed to say that? Yeah, I am, cuz it’s not statutory rape if I compliment him haha. But it makes me want to talk to him awww.

I saw Todd yesterday. I saw Shawna again today.

Brittany and I got to school a little early today, so we decided to walk around, but really wound up standing in one place. And Shellie walked passed and lightly bopped me on the head lol. She was with Mikey. So we talked to them for 10-15 minutes and were almost later for class. But Shellie told me that she rigged the Greg and Heather break up pool by making out with Greg while he was still with Heather. WHAT THE HECK??? Not fair!! I could have gotten money! Grrr!!! Lol.

And now the best news of the day…

I SAW APPLE!!!!!! Yay!!! She was excited to see me. I am surprised she recognised me, even though I have known her since 1st grade. But she gave me a hug. And we talked for a few minutes, and, after five years, I FINALLY know what happened to her! She was in boarding school in California (all girls, no fun lol), and she came back because her dad died. That totally sucks. But I was so excited to see her, and hopefully I will see her around more, cuz I love that girl.

So last night I got yelled at by BOTH of my parents for about a half hour telling me that I need to switch my major so I can get money and they were saying that I don’t need an associate’s in psych because it’s useless so I should just get it in something else anyway. So that REALLY pissed me off. I know you’re supposed to honour thy mother and thy father, but if GOD wants me to be a psych major, obviously, I am going to listen to God. So, instead of listening to my parents, I went to the financial aid office to see if my financial aid went through, instead of just assuming that it DIDN”T and having to change my major. It turns out, I was approved for $2,000 and I only need $754. Not only that, but the lady yesterday was insane cuz I get $600 for books and I need less than $400. And, according to Brittany, they give you the leftover money to do whatever you want with it. HALLELUJAH! AMEN! YEAHBO!

I forgot to mention that I saw Jen Bauer yesterday. She said hi to me and it took me a second to realise who she was, cuz I haven’t seen her in like three years. So I talked to her for a few minutes. I have seen a lot of people yesterday and today, including Sayre, Edgar, Maggie Eisenbarth, Sarah Kniskern, and Justin and Shawna. I also saw Mr Bagelunafiesta today. He said he doesn’t remember blocking me from his xanga. I had lunch with Torey and Kim Tice. I didn’t get to see Shellie because her phone died and she left it at home. Rawr. I will see her on Monday though.

My psych teacher is funny and has a Greek accent. He’s not Dr Girard though . And all he taught us today was, and I quote, “Ivan Pavlov taught his dogs to salivate when they heard a sound. And that is called ‘Classical Conditioning’.” Thank god I’ve already taken this class before.

Speaking of which, I decided last week what I want my voicemail to be when I go away to school, eventually. And it got an ‘LOL’ from Dr Girard so ha!
Hi, this is Jami and I’m a psych major, so I’m a big fan of classical conditioning. What about you? Beeeeeeep.

Also, there is a girl from VH in my Substance Abuse class who dated Brandon. We’re EVERYWHERE! There are so many of us, we could have our own zip code!!! I don’t know if that is funny or sad. Lol.

Oh I had a dream last night that I was at Tom’s house and we were with his friend (I have no idea who it was) and his friend’s girlfriend, who happened to be Katie Piper. I don’t really remember it, but I wound up walking out cuz Katie was making me mad or something (go figure) and then Tom came outside and yelled at me because I was pissing off Katie. EVERYONE PISSES OFF KATIE. She gets made from staring at a piece of thread!! So we went back inside and magically it was Kate Stanley’s birthday party and there was ice cream. The end.

When I got home from school, I found out that presale had already started for Clay Aiken/Kelly Clarkson, even though they don’t go on sale til Saturday. So after 10 minutes of trying, I finally got seats and it didn’t go through cuz I don’t have enough money in my account. When I checked yesterday, it said that I had $50. And I had $75 in checks to deposit, so that would be enough money. So I went to deposit the money tonight and it won’t even go through til like…I dunno when, but not tomorrow. But now it is saying that I only had $19 in my account, even though I haven’t even bought anything in a few months, at least. So now I won’t have enough money and I have to go tomorrow and put cash in and assuming that the checks clear by Saturday morning, I will have nosebleed seats. Just great.

On top of that, my brain hurts. As I was walking out of Dominick’s, I definitely saw a Bosco. I have no idea who it was. It was not Mindy. And it was not Shelley. I don’t think it was Abby. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Abby. So it was either Courtney or Kristen. However, they’re both supposed to be at school. It must have been Kristen because she just said “Hey, what’s up?” and whizzed passed me without waiting for a response. Courtney would have talked to me for a minute. Abby wouldn’t have said hi to me. It was Kristen. It had to have been. I’m pretty sure. My brain hurts. Moj mozg boli!!

Quote of the day, brought to you by The OC
Sandy: That kid is so not funny!
Seth: Thank you!
Sandy: Gentiles…

Anyway, we;re listening to ‘In Da Shul’ by 50 Shekel. I’ll post lyrics and Yiddish translation, so the kids at home can sing along.

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go boychick
It’s your birthday
We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday
We’re gonna sip chewitz like it’s your birthday
And you know we all know the shpiel
That it’s your birthday

[chorus 2x]
You can find me in da shul, praying after school
Honey I got the chewitz if you’re jumping in my pool
I’m just into making peace, I ain’t into causing trub
So come give me a hug, if you’re into getting love

When I daven up front, you see me shuckle with my cuz
When I pray pretty deep, it’s me and G-D up above
Ladies hear I’m in L.A., now they wanna call me up
When I shpiel like Eminem, and the Jews they show me love

But chevra nothin’s changed, be proud, Jews up
I see Sandler in his flicks, just keeps blowin’ up
If you watch how I shmooze then you’ll see how I do my shtick
Been abused by this town but I ain’t walk with a stick
In the shul then the ladies saying Shekel you hot
They like me, I want them to love me like they love G-D
Yo holla Brooklyn to Teaneck, them places taught me to love yo
My plan’s to bring peace n’ put thing song on the radio
Keepin’ focused man, my plan’s on my mind
Got a second chance to give and I won’t fall behind
Now girly said she feeling my laughs, she feeling my shpiel
We’re gonna go out tonight for a great sushi meal “ I’ll pay

[chorus 2x]

These J.A.P.S. they want most everything
Fancy clothes, fancy cars, fancy diamond rings
Gucci, Lexus, Sushi, Bel Air
West Bank, where’s the peace and why ain’t you still changed

And you should love us, way more than you hate us
Why you mad bros? I thought that you’d be happy we’re neighbors
I’m that mensch showing people how to live the Jew life
You’re those angry ass bombers trying to hold us down right

When my thoughts get to G-D in the shul it’s on
I wink my eye at the Rebbe, my aliyah is on
If Bush wants to fight ˜em, let the powers overturn
If he’s talking taking over, chevra I ain’t concerned

I’m a tell you what Bernie told me just go ˜head speak your mind up
If extremist hate then let ˜em hate
Then watch them blow themselves up
But we could go upside the bank with a bottle of chewitz
Come on we can make peace

[chorus 2x]


Don’t try to act like you don’t know where we be neither chevra
We in da shul all the time, it’s about to pop off chevra
Shekel and Rock The Beat Productions in the hizzzousssse

[DJ Rock The Beat: Act like you know

And knowing is half the mitzvah
Shekel Style


Term used when a Jew is called to say a blessing before and after the Torah is read

A nice Jewish boy


Abbreviated for Manischewitz Wine. Jews drink this wine when they make prayers during the Sabbath

To pray

Jewish American Princesses

50 Shekel’s crew

An honorable person

An act of kindness performed by or
to a Jewish person or to anyone for that matter

A Rabbi

Israeli Currency

Talking about nothing in particular a.k.a. just shpieling


A comedian’s or entertainer’s act, routine, or gimmick

To sway during prayer

A Jewish temple