Month: February 2004

So I was on the phone with Derek from midnight-3am. Three hours. That is so weird, because it is a rare sight to see me on the phone. The last time I was on the phone with anyone for nearly that long was Patrick and that was three years ago. He was talking about how he wants to write a comedy sketch about Oregon Trail like how everyone has heard of ‘Typhoid Fever’ but doesn’t know what it is. And how people see how quickly they can kill everyone in the wagon and how they give you a choice when you cross the river and you usually caulk it, but every once in a while you attempt to ford it and then everyone dies and you’re like ‘Man, I should have caulked it!’ And I was like “Hindsight bias!” Haha. And we sang “log” from Ren and Stimpy at 2:30 in the am lol. But it is nice to know that there is actually someone from ComedySportz who still cares about me. Shellie is going to NIU next year, so I can visit them both. Hooray. I haven’t seen him since theatrefest last year!


Well it’s about time we got some Clay Aiken music on here!!!

More often than not, Joan of Arcadia makes me cry. I’m failing psych and I don’t even care. This is not what I want to do! I do NOT want to be a psych major. I don’t know what I want to be, but not a psych major. I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PSYCH MAJOR. DO YOU HEAR ME GOD? Rrrrr…

On that note, my Freud watch came today lol. I also got my fast acting extra strength denial. And it came with bubble wrap. Which is good, because I finished off my animal crackers shortly after I got home this morning.

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Did we all enjoy my Slaughterhouse-Five reference in the last entry? I know I sure did. I was finishing it up and all of a sudden that came into my head. And I was like “What is that from?!” And I knew it was a book, btu I didn’t know which. And it was so random, cuz I never read. Ever. And I knew it wasn’t from Girl, Interrupted or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I thought it might be from The Catcher in the Rye, so I searched on google, but that wasn’t it. I didn’t think it was Slaughterhouse-Five, because I just skimmed through that and read the parts about Tralfamadore, but I did a search for that anyway and sure enough. “So it goes” is said every time someone dies. So it seemed right to say that following the death of our relationship. But, like, I feel really bad, not just cuz of what I said in the last entry, but also because this is pretty much what Patrick said to me. And I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end. And it is crappy. But somehow I don’t think Tom will care as much as I did with Patrick. Especially since Tom and I were not going out.

I think animal crackers are the best comfort food. My mom bought me one of those huge bears full of them and they’re almost gone now. At least I’m not taking comfort in Ben and Jerry’s. Especially after I had French Silk pie and a Big Mac meal this week. I’m regressing to my days of Jan haha!

So I found out that “Invisible” is actually a cover song. My goodness.

Speaking of stalker songs..I got an e-mail from Andrew Delehoy telling me that he has a xanga now. Whatever. Oh and Marni knows she’s not supposed to be talking to him (by order of mi madre) and she keeps saying that she doesn’t, but I checked out his journal, to see if he said anything about me and it said “Thanx Marni for telling me the other day, I owe you one.”

Brittany Burr sent me an IM yesterday saying “happy day late birthday,” because she wasn’t on on Tuesday. Awww I love that girl. And I love saying that she is my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend lol.

Anthony from math said “Happy belated birthday” to me today.

Meg: …You get a gold star!
Jami: I think at this point and time in my life, e.props mean more to me than a gold star.

I sent Tom an e-mail telling him I can’t deal with this anymore, cuz it’s too stressful for me. And I put him on block. I feel really crappy about it, especially since Mariola just blockd him the other day and he’s already upset about that. But what else am I supposed to do? This has been going on for too long and it’s the only thing that severely stresses me out anymore. It has to end. I didn’t block him so he can’t talk to me anymore, I blocked him so I can’t talk to him anymore. So it goes…

I think what stresses me out most is Tom. And I really don’t know why I bother anymore. I’m not going this weekend. I don’t think I’m going ever. I don’t care if he’s supposedly buying me dinner, it’s not going to work out anyway, so why even bother planning for it? It never works out. Why do I keep thinking that it will? I should have realised that a couple months ago. This is a huge waste of time and energy and I can’t deal with it anymore.

“Can we go Sunday instead? My mom is making me go to my cousin’s birthday party on Saturday.” Surprise, surprise. Sunday means never. Thanx for nothing.

New music! Two Step orginally by DMB. This is Purple haze. They are a co-ed a capella group from Northwestern. And Tom is supposed to be in them, but he’s not, because he quit cuz he smoked then and now he’s not in them because crew runs his life. Psssh. Loser. And I say that with lots of love and affection. ❤
Let’s all stroke together like the Northwestern crew. When you’re strokin Mama, Mama’s strokin you.

Today it has been exactly two years since I have liked anyone. Hooray for me!

I finally went to Substance Abuse today, but I’m not going to English or Psych. I got a 62% on my test, which is funny cuz I didn’t read at all. And I know it’s a D, but still.

Steve sent me an IM last night right after I finished my journal entry and said happy birthday.

I forgot to mention that I saw Leia, Hannah, and Val last night and when they saw me, they all came running up to me to hug me and said happy birthday. I also got an e-mail and a PM from two random people on lol.

Okay, American Idol predictions. The top three tonight are going to be Amy Adams, Leah LaBelle, and Charly Lowry. I don’t know which two are moving on. I don’t care either. Nobody sticks out yet. If I’m not impressed by anyone after the first show of finals, then I quit for the season.

I saw Shellie today. She was with Becky Staller (Rizzo understudy). Shellie tried to give me away to two guys within five minutes. Ummm…no. Lol.
Jami: Tom actually OFFERED to buy me dinner for my birthday.
Shellie: I thought you hate Tom.
Jami: Yeah and how often do I say that?
Shellie: Twice a week.
Jami: Exactly.

And I FINALLY saw Kelly Sloan!! And now I don’t need to see anyone that I haven’t already seen. Hooray.

I know that I’m Jewish, but Lent starts tomorrow and I thought it would be best if I gave up being 18.

Maggie sent me an e-card. Michelle left me eprops and a comment. Kristina called me at 7:20am (but I was sleeping haha) and then put it in her journal. Pat and Brittany put it in their journals too. Amanda IMed me. She was gonna call, but she had to work. Nick Hadjuk (?) said happy birthday cuz he saw it in Pat’s journal. Karis gave me a kiss on the cheek. Oh and the best part…PAT HUGGED ME MULTIPLE TIMES!!!!

I went to the choir concert at MHS tonight. My mom wouldn’t let me drive by myself, even though I have a license, I have insurance, it’s my birthday, and it’s RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. Psssh.

At the next concert (and maybe the invitational too) I am going to bring a notebook and a pen so I can take notes so I can remember everything that needs to be written in here lol. Treble choir is really good. I got chills. They danced. Again. Shannon Wittenberger is going to be famous and wind up on the walls of bedrooms belonging to teenage boys. Masters sang Never Neverland. I am jealous. I do see now why Mr Carroll picked Neubauer. I don’t like him as a person, but Mundelein is going to be the next Crete-Monee—only whiter…and Asianer. Umm Lights. The microphone didn’t work. And Sidonia was upset. I almost started freaking out, because it reminded me of what happened at this concert last year. I saw the look on Kara’s face and she was like “crap, that’s my mic too!!” But she did fine. She got another one. Oh my gosh there are snaps on her dress! I know it’s cuz of the costume change, but ALL of those dresses should have snaps! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I got stuck in that dress! Lol. Sound. Awesome. As always.

I’m done for now. I have to watch William Hung on Ellen. I’ll write about American Idol tomorrow. So for once I didn’t have a bad birthday. Hooray!

I stayed home from school again, due to the ovarian war, which means that i can only have one more absence in Substance Abuse for three more months, otherwise I fail. Bah.

I made Tom a xanga. It is He actually OFFERED to buy me dinner for my birthday. I was shocked. So right now the plan is for Amanda and I to go down to Northwestern on Saturday and chill for a couple hours, and then I am thinking having dinner at Gino’s in Chicago. But we all know Tom and I have a feeling this es not going to happen. We’ll have to see.

So what is up with Hayley’s parents forbidding her from xanga and now all her entries are deleted? That is not cool! I’m’a make one of them online petitions to get her to come back haha.

Also, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom, near my sitemeter and stuff, you will see the current terror level alert lol.

So I had my call back today. Robert (Lindsay’s friend, who I also saw yesterday) was at the dancing call back. I dunno how far he got. It turns out he IS at Miami of Ohio and just came home for the weekend. I also met Lindsay’s friend Natasha who was at the acting call back. And there was a girl named Jenny who was at the acting call back and she is from Addison Trail and I was like oh we went to the birthday party in your hotel room at theatrefest last year and she was like “The one with the tampons hanging from the ceiling?” HAHAHAHA good times. I have like a 50% chance of getting a part. I don’t think that I will though. Oh well.

Went to Baker’s Square for dinner and saw Mick on the way. In Skokie. Ha. Uncle Scott gave me $150 for ‘birthuation’ and my g-ma gave me $20 for my birthday. I did wind up getting a slice of French Silk Pie, but I haven’t eaten it yet. It’s in my fridge. I’ll eat it for breakfast and just have Subway for lunch or something lol.