Month: March 2004

So I went to Hawthorn with Shellie last night and spent the night at her house. My intention was to go to Hell Sears and ask for Robert or Sonny (preferably Robert) and pick out a few pairs of shoes (some from the clearance rack) and purposely ask for the wrong size. And try them on and ask for the wrong size again. And make him think I was going to buy all those shoes (in the meantime he could have been helping out someone else and making money) and then not buy any. And I was gonna do it close to closing time so it would take forever to clean up. So we got there and first of all, they moved the shoe department around the wall. That’s crazy. Second of all, there were two people working there and I had no idea who either of them were. I asked one of them if Robert and or Sonny were working and the guy was like “Who’s Sonny?” And he said Robert was at school. I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed that they weren’t there. Then I went downstairs to leave and ran into Tini. She’s a supervisor now. Good for her. She totally deserves it, since she’s been working there for five years. I feel bad for her. Man I hadn’t really been in there since I quit, which was October 2002. Anyway, I wish I hadn’t gone in, cuz it brought back all these memories that I don’t want.

Before I had a xanga I used to e-mail Brian about stuff that happened (and feel bad for him, cuz I think he may have actually read them all haha. And a lot of them were like…long), so here are my letters about Sears.

June 20, 2002
i got a job. selling shoes at sears grr

July 11, 2002
anyway today at work i met the 2nd biggest fuckhead i have EVER met in my LIFE! well ALL the shoes are in the stock room which is HUGE and it;s REALLY tall. you have to climb ladders and they know i don’t like to. and they weren’t around to do it for me so i had to climb ALL the way to the top and he came up behind me and shook it and then laughed about it. i almost started crying. and how matur ehe is repeating everything i say and then claiming it was ME who was repeating everything HE says. i told him he was projecting and EXPLAINED it to him and he said I was projecting. then 2 hours later told me he HAD taken psych. yeah right, projection is like the 2nd thing u learn. i think i’m gonna call him “jack” from now on. grr

That was Robert btw.

July 12, 2002
so i worked 5 hours today and i spent about 4 1/2 of them talking to this guy tom. like an hour of it was spent talking about guess which subject. yep that’;s right, psych. it’s his minor!oh AND he likes FRIENDS. i was like “will you marry me?” and he was like “yeah of course. when? next week? we’ll go to vegas.” and then later HE asked ME to marry him and said the same thing lol. oh and when he was in hs he was in showchoir (did u know buffalo grove hs has a showchoir?” but tom’s best friend is the guy who shook the ladder. grr

July 15, 2002
oh and another thing about tom. he owes me a TON of money. cuz i’m not on commission yet so i’ve been putting everything under HIS number (and he KNOWS it). grrr. maybe you should come beat him up lol. i’m actually liking robert (guy who shook the ladder) better now cuz he said hi to me the other and tom didn’t. and tom was being REALLY immature. i dunno why i even care it’s not like i had feelings for him or anything.

August 3, 2002
so the other day at work robert didn’t show up and i was happy. but he showed up 2 1/2 hours later. said something that pissed me off so i threw a shoe at him (my medication was worn off…i blame THAT). i missed 😦 my boss saw and laughed. SHE doesn’t like him EITHER. then he announced that he might NOT be quitting afterall. damnit. my boss is mad too. and i checked my sched next week and she keeps scheduling us alone together. what the fuck? i don’t think tom and i are allowed to be alone anymore. there are cameras everywhere and we kept getting in trouble. i’m just glad there aren’t any in the stock room or we’d be in even MORE toruble. he’s quitting next month for school even though he goes to northwestern 😦 i don’t think we’re allowed to work together at ALL actually. well today it was sposed ta just be me and amanda sheffield—boss not there. i got there and amanda was sposed ta have shown up at 3pm and didn’t come at all so i was by myself. sonny and robert were leaving as i was getting there and thought it was funny that i was by myself. it took 4 phone calls and over an hour to finally get someone up there to help me! i got all the money cuz it was one of the managers but it was still hectic

August 5, 2002
so i get to work today and it seemed like nobody was there, so i go into the stock room and hear someone so i follow the noise and there is tom so i was excited cuz we were finally alone again and i try to ask him if anyone else was coming and he cut me off and said “I’M BUSY!” and left. that was really weird..then a few minutes later he comes up to me and almost yelling at me goes “you know that you only put your number in for people you help and not just people you ring up, right?” and he knows i know that. so i’m getting really freaked out cuz i don’t know what is going on. so i go into the stock room to find a shoe for someone and he comes into the stockroom with two shoes. he yells “FUCK!!!!!!!” really loud. then he WHIPS one of the shoes as far as it will go. then he does the same with the other. then he picks up a box full of shoes and whips THAT as far as it will go. i was like holy cow. so i was like “uhh…were you ALONE all day?” and he said yeah. i was like oh okay. and then he was like “i’m sorry for snapping at you before. i found out that regina (our boss) was ringing MY customers up under HER number (she’s not even on commission) and she stole like $20 from me.” regina was there then too and we didn’t get any alone time though. plus he was only there for an hour 😦

September 5, 2002
and tom. ugh. thank God he quit and i NEVER have to deal with him again. i found out that he’s been making up shit about me and talking behind my back. then there is this other guy randy who spent all of saturday night putting me down. he’s quitting in a couple weeks. our boss is gone. i haven’t met the new one yet. ugh robert UNquit though. damnit. i HATE sears with a PASSION and i REALLY hope i get that mystery show thing so i can QUIT sears

October 13, 2002 (this was to TOM)
i quit and yesterday was my last day. just letting you know so u won’t have to worry about working with me over break

October 13, 2002 (this was FROM Tom)
I’m happy to hear that you quit, not because I’m afraid
of working with you, but because that place drains all
the intellect and mental stamina that God gives you at
birth. You’re a real smart girl and I know you can do
better than Sears. All the luck to you in your future
endeavours. Keep in touch. You’re an awesome person and
don’t you forget that.


Hmm well that’s all the stuff from when I was working there. In e-mails anyway. Here’s more.

•I hated when Robert and Sonny were so mean to be that I would cry.
•I hated that Tom wasn’t there to stop them.
•I hated when he WAS there and was almost as bad as they were.
•Going in to get my sched after the Sound and Lights carwash in my bathing suit, shorts, tank top, Tevas, and SOAKING WET and Tom asking me if I was working.
•Getting in trouble all the time because Tom and I were always working alone and talked the entire time and stayed an extra half hour cuz we didn’t clean up until the last minute and then we weren’t allowed to work together anymore. And then after we couldn’t work together anymore, they made it MANDATORY to stay an extra half hour to clean up.
•Making a huge sandal display with Tom and taking a few hours to do it. It wasn’t THAT huge.
•Tom and I hiding in the stock room from the customers and talking forever. Listening to what he was saying, and at the same time, wondering what was wrong with me that I didn’t have feelings for him (even though he didn’t have feelings for me, so it shouldn’t have mattered, but it did, because I am insane), but still wondering what it would be like to fool around with him…or at least kiss him. I am insane.
•Getting written up and docked two points because I called in saying I couldn’t work cuz I had school, cuz Regina is nto all there and scheduled me during school even though I said I couldn’t work.
•Sears only hires people from other countries and Mundelein.
•I wish I had never worked there.
•I wish I hadn’t gone in last night.
•Hating that I was up all night thinking about this.
•Hating that I cried about this.
•Hoping this is out of my system now.
•Maybe there IS something I would want erased from my memory…




deeptracks2003 (1:27 PM): i didnt know that being jewish is apart of a nationality
AquaraChik (1:28 PM): it’s not but it’s a culture
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): so should i say that i am catholic
AquaraChik (1:28 PM): no cuz it’s different
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): its a religion
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): culture
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): no
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): religion – yes
AquaraChik (1:28 PM): yeah but judaism is a culture, catholocism isn’t
deeptracks2003 (1:28 PM): obviously
AquaraChik (1:29 PM): you can’t LOOK catholic
AquaraChik (1:29 PM): but you can LOOK jewish
AquaraChik (1:29 PM): i guess you’d just have to be jewish to understand
AquaraChik (1:29 PM): cuz my jewish friends understand
deeptracks2003 (1:29 PM): yea i guess
deeptracks2003 (1:30 PM): but
AquaraChik (1:30 PM): but
deeptracks2003 (1:30 PM): my great great grandparents practiced and were jewish
deeptracks2003 (1:30 PM): but once over in the united states their children were baptized as catholics
AquaraChik (1:30 PM): then put jewish
deeptracks2003 (1:31 PM): im not though
AquaraChik (1:31 PM): i know
deeptracks2003 (1:31 PM): and i dont think it should be bragged about either- no one cares or will treat anyone different bec. of a culture or religion
deeptracks2003 (1:31 PM): its stupid
deeptracks2003 (1:32 PM): i know u are strong about it
deeptracks2003 (1:32 PM): but it does offend people

Yeah, I’m sure everyone is offended when I say I’m Jewish. Whatever.

Okay thanx to Derek I think I just figured out why I am afraid of heights. On Nickelodeon they used to have these little short movies that they would show during the commercial breaks and one of them was called ‘Inside Out Boy.’ The boy who accidentally swung over the bars and became INSIDE OUT BOY. And I think I was always afraid that if I swung too high, I would swing over the bars and be inside out. Way to go, Nickelodoen!

So on Thursday I helped out InTouch with selling cookies and mocktails. And we made the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the Otis Spunkmeyer over. We were like Mrs Plucinski, but not as organized lol. So anyway, they wanted me to put the cookies in the oven and take them out, btu I just couldn’t do it, cuz it was so hot and they only had a pot holder and not an oven mit, so I couldn’t do it. But no, they had to say ‘I have faith in you.’ I got the cookies out of the over, but when I tried to slide the paper sheet off of the cookie sheet onto the table to cool…ALL OVER THE FLOOR. And this is the SECOND reason that Marni calls me Jessica [Simpson]. Haha, but I got some free strawberry daiquiri mix, so my weekend has been filled with many a virgin strawberry daiquiri. One, of which I am drinking right now.

Crack jobs—the newest plastic surgery. This is funny. But it’s fake. But I believed it at first. They’re dumb to say that Leah LaBelle had it done to prepare for her next American Idol performance, cuz the article was written after she was voted off haha.

So I’ve had a couple nice long conversations with Melody in the past few days, and for that, I am grateful. I haven’t talked to her a whole lot since 8th grade. Bah. But anyway, I came up with this great analogy while tlaking to her. I want to know how my life is going to end up. I want to know who I am going to marry and then just work my way there. When I memorise monologues, I memorise the first two or three lines and then I memorise the last line or two and work my way there. And I want life to be like that!! Hehe.

Btw, this Beu Sisters cd is good and I have been listening to it a lot. But the last song is creepy cuz the girl sounds like Kara Edmark and it is just creepy lol.

This picture was in the CLC paper lol.

On Saturday I went with my dad to see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” My dad said he’s never seen a movie that he hated as much as that. He’s crazy. I think that movie is Oscar worthy. Seriously. And, wow, I had no idea that Kate Winslet was such a good actress. The only movie I’ve seen her in before was Titanic, but her character in this movie was wayyyy different. Oh and if you’ve seen the movie, then you should click here. This is so crazy.

But it made me think. There is absolutely NOBODY that I have met that I would want completely gone from my memory. NOBODY. Not even Brandon. Seriously. Cuz I have learned a lot from that. From everything. And I know that if God had a reason that I shouldn’t remember, then I wouldn’t remember.

it also made me wonder if there is a Kirsten Dunst movie where she does NOT have sex and or dance around in her underwear. Maybe Drop Dead Gorgeous (can’t remember), but Denise Richards is in that movie and she’s a big enough whore for everyone.

I was so freaking crazy yesterday. Seriously. Usually I’m pretty anti-social when I am with more than one or two people. But yesterday, I was freaking crazy.

I went with Maggie and Meg to Homer’s. The burgers weren’t anywhere near as good as I remembered. But then again, I hadn’t been there since February 24, 2002, so maybe they changed them. Also, they put ice in my drink when I asked them not to, but the guy was hot, so iss awl good. Oh and I wound up getting apple cinnamon ice cream, instead of banana and it was muy good. Also, this guy walked in and he had on a NT Lax shirt and I was like “Dude, look how big his ego is.” It was crazy. Anyway, here are some crazy quotes.

Meg: And I was hanging out with my dad…
Jami: Your dad lives in another town.
Meg: Thank you, I had no idea!

Jami: Jimbob used to live in Skokie and he’s not Jewish.
Meg: Jimbob Martinez?
Jami: No, the OTHER Jimbob that we know.

Jami *while eating apple cinnamon ice cream*: There are apples in here! There is cinnamon in here!

Then Meg wanted to see where Ben lived so Maggie showed us and then we just got out of the car and went inside and played for a half hour. Ben gave us a tour. He has a bidet in his bathroom. It’s crazy. It is known now that if Ben and I stood next to each other, they could kill us with one gun shot. It could go through my brain and through his heart. And then they would make it look like Casey Baker did it haha. Yeah so then Ben was trying us to eat cake. And I said something that made him laugh and I don’t even think it was that funny, but I will repeat it anyway lol.
Jami: What’s in it?
Ben: It’s cake.
Jami: Okay well I don’t eat things unless I know what’s in them, cuz usually it’s pork, and I can’t eat pork.

Okay, anyway, I’m on spring break now and it couldn’t have come sooner. I need a break so badly. Unfortunately I have five papers to do, cuz I am dumb and didn’t do them when they were due. But man I haven’t had a break in forever. I only had a two week winter break cuz I had to take the extra two weeks to finish hs cuz I had so many absences, and I only had four days in between hs and college and oh man I just need a break. Less than two more months and then I don’t get a summer because I have to take Math 108. Oh man. I’m getting tired just thinking about it. But all of this is my own fault, so whatever. I still need to send in my thng to Harper.

Oh, also, it was warm enough outside yesterday that I got to wear my TEVAS!!!!! My feet were soooo freaking happy!!!

So apparently Mrs Sorsen won’t be at MHS next year cuz she is one of the 10 teachers that they decided to let go. I’m pissed. VERY pissed. I decided that Stan Fields is the AntiChrist. Would anyone be surprised if that was true? Seriously. It reminds me of in Left behind when Nokolai (sp?) shoots the guy and tells everyone that the other guy did it and everyone, except for Buck believes that it is true, because Buck is the only one who is like starting to believe in God. And there is a bible verse about how non believers will believe the AntiChrist or something and I wish I knew what it was, but I don’t, and I don’t know where my Left Behind book is. Anyway, I think DUBYA would even do a better job with MHS than Dr Fields!

AquaraChik (1:06 AM): i hit a car last week
CafeLatteBiatch (1:06 AM): oh no with your car?
AquaraChik (1:06 AM): no, with my hand
CafeLatteBiatch (1:06 AM): lol
CafeLatteBiatch (1:06 AM): u savage

So yeah American Idol. John Stevens forgot some of the words and they were all like “nobody noticed,” but I did, because of the look on his face.

I ordered The Beu Sisters cd. They’re better live. Oh well. I think they know Nancy Bocek, because there was definite pudding stirrage during their show on Monday.

I also ordered the zone pilates thing. I figure that spending $46 might actually motivate me haha. Plus the fact that my Clay Aiken shirt is too small on me awww.

We all know that Mr Chiodo is the best, but just to prove…wind ensemble is going to Superstate this year. Good job, guys!

I’m not in Nashville right now, like I wanted to be. So The Faces won and they beat Lights by two points. That is crap. Apparently it is the fault of Miss Sampson (I thought she quit!) and Lauren Brehm.

So Amanda invited me to go to Galena tomorrow and Sunday. And I didn’t know if my mom was supposed to drop me off at Amanda’s house tomorrow or if she was going to pick me up. And last night she told me she would know today. So I asked her just now and she said I can’t come, because they have to bring a lot of stuff and there is no room for me. Also, she said she wanted to go to The Billy Goat Tavern tonight and when I asked her if we’re still going, she said she got invited to a party last night so she is going to that. She should go make plans with Tom and they can cancel on each other.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going nowhere
Sometimes I feel like I know nobody cares
But I’m going turn my life around
Pick my head up off the ground
And I am not gonna stop just because I’m feeling down

I’m going to listen to Clayton so I can feel better. Mmm…Clayton…

I’ve been getting this daily devitional in the e-mail every day for a few years now. This is the one from today.

If this devotional is a blessing to you, maybe you have a friend or
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(Revelation 13:16,17)

be a brief note in each Devotional during April to prepare you for this
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accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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MONDEX, is this the “mark” spoken of in Revelation? Over the past 55
months, I have written many times on the fact that we are in the “last days”
according to the Bible. All you have to do is read the words of Jesus in
Matthew Chapter 24, the words of Paul in 2 Timothy Chapter 3, and the words
of Peter in 2 Peter Chapter 3, to see that what they describe as the
conditions in the “last days” clearly exist today. Of course no man knows
the exact date or time Christ will return, only God knows that, but based on
the signs the Bible says will mark the “last days,” it is clear His return
is imminent.

That is why what I am about to share with you should not be a surprise. We
are living in a time when we will see many of the prophetic events the Bible
speaks of unfold right before our very eyes. MONDEX (the word is a
combination of the word MONETARY=money and DEXTER=belonging to the right
hand) is a company that is providing a cashless system through microchip
technology to over 20 major nations at this very moment. The system is
based on SMART CARD technology which employs a microchip concealed in a
plastic card that stores electronic cash, identification, and other
information. 51% of MONDEX is owned by MasterCard.

The microchips for the SMART CARD are made by Motorola. They can produce 1
billion microchips per year and have been in production for over a year now.
MONDEX has already determined that the SMART CARD has problems such as theft
and fraud. The only solution is a biochip that can be implanted in humans.
Motorola has developed several human implantable biochips. These biochips
are the size of a grain of rice and measure 7 mm long and .075 mm wide.
They contain a transponder (a system of storage for reading information in
microchips) and a rechargeable lithium battery that is charged by a
thermocouple circuit that produces voltage from the fluctuations in body

Motorola spent over 1.5 million to determine the best place to insert this
chip in the human body and came up with only two suitable places, the
forehead just under the hairline, and the back of the hand, specifically the
right hand. Why is this important? Revelation 13:16 says, “He also forced
everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark
on his right hand or on his forehead.”

These biochips are already being used by the wealthy as a tool to prevent
They are also currently being used in animals to both identify pets and keep
track of livestock on farms. Humans will use it primarily for cash and
identification, but also for storing medical information and other data.
You can see how they could come into play in the last days according to
Revelation 13:17, “so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark,
which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

What I am sharing with you today is not meant to scare you or to make you
live your life in fear. Quite the opposite. This world as we know it is
actually winding down exactly as God said it would. Nothing that is going
on today should really be a surprise, after all, God already told us what
the last days would be like. He also told us what He expects from us during
these last days. God is looking for us to be busy, working hard while we
still have some light left since the darkness is fast approaching. We are
expected to be found faithfully serving our Lord when He returns.

I love you and care about you so much. I am grateful to God to be living in
such exciting times as these. We have the privilege of seeing God’s Word
come alive each and every day as the moment of Christ’s return gets closer
and closer. I am not going to get into a debate on the order of end time
events, but the most commonly held view of those events has Christ retuning
for His church PRIOR to the time the anti-Christ will be in power. I share
that with you so that you can take comfort that even though the technology
may exist that will be used during that time, most believe those who
currently know Christ as their Savior will not be on the earth during the
reign of the anti-Christ.

I am praying today that you catch a glimpse of how close to the end of time
we are, that the return of our Lord is imminent, it can literally happen at
any moment. While we all have our own trials to contend with, we must stay
focused on the fact that our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify
God with our lives. He has allowed us to live during the final events of
human history. There is one last great harvest to be brought in before this
world as we know it is brought to an end. NOW IS THE TIME FOR THOSE WHO

The Bible tells us we are living in the “last days,” that the events in our
world each day are pushing us closer to the final chapter of human history,
and at any moment we will hear the trump blow and our Lord will return!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Okay, let’s see. As I was in the library yesterday, I saw Jason DiNovi and talked to him for like a half hour or so until I had to go meet Amanda. He is my hero. He graduated a semester early and got a detention like a week before winter break, and since at MHS you can choose when to serve your detentions, he asked if he could just serve it after break and they are dumb and said yes. And he never had to serve it.

So the concert. I bought a shirt for $30. Our seats actually were pretty good, considering they were far away. The warm up act OH MY GOODNESS! They were soooo freaking good. They did the first song (as well as another one) a capella. All their songs were in four part harmony. I got chills from them. I ordered their cd today woohoo! They are called The Beu Sisters. I was trying to find a wav file or mp3 of them to get on here, but no such luck. They have sound clips on that site as well as They’re better live, but still good.

CLAYTON. It started and they did the Mr Neubauer fake out thing. Not cool! I heard his voice, but didn’t see him and the background singers were singing and then everyone started SCREAMING and he was walking down the middle of the floor and people were going nuts and reaching out to touch him and he had a few security guards pushing everyone away. Had I the same seats I had at the Christina Aguilera concert a few years ago, He would have walked RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Would I have touched him? I dunno. But if I decided to, I would have kissed my hand after and been like “ummm…I thought he was the Torah??” Haha. I’m such a funny Jew. Anyway, I must admit that I cried when he came out. Seriously. I can’t stand it when people are like “Oh my gosh celebrities!!!” And start screaming and crying. They’re just people. They put their pants on the same way we do; one leg at a time. So I was really embarrassed about crying, which I was doing throughout. But then I realised that I wasn’t crying because he was a celebrity, I was crying cuz I was thinking about how all these changes I have made for myself…I decided I needed to change while I was listening to his rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water. And I think if I ever met him, I would cry. Oh man. But, like, I really want to be his friend. He was talking about some girl that beat him on American Idol when he was cut (this girl was not in the top 12 and I have never heard of her, so I have no idea what happened) and he was like “But I’m doing just fine, so don’t worry about me.” He sang some song that I didn’t know and he forgot the words and he was like “You know I’m not lip synching when I forget the lyrics. What are the next words?” And he sang the most beautiful rendition of “When Doves Cry.” He’s sooo much better than Prince. Oh man. I knew that he and Kelly were going to do a duet and I figured that would be the transition between them, but it didn’t happen. Hmm.

Then there was an intermission and the people in the row in front of us got up and left cuz they ‘didn’t pay to see Kelly.’ And they told us to have their row (the first row in our section…205 haha). Then I looked up behind us, just to see if I could find Melody (the odds of that happening were slim to none, even though I knew she was kind of near us) and then I thought I saw her, but I wasn’t sure. But then I saw Dixie and I knew it was. So I went up there to see Melody and I was like “Oh the row behind us is empty now, so you guys should come sit there.” So then we walked like half way around the United Center before we could find where to go and then they couldn’t get in, because they didn’t have section 200 tickets. I tried!

So then Kelly went and she was very disappointing. Seriously.
Jami: Kelly was disappointing.
Sara! Jane: Disappointing like how?
Jami: Disappointing like The Faces last week.
Sara! Jane: Diss.
Kelly only did like half the amount of songs that Clay did, which is good, cuz she was disapponting. And Melody was right, she really DID get worse after American Idol. So then she was like “This is my last song.” And she sang A Moment Like This. And the moment she decided to let the audience sing for her was the key change. Getting lazy, Kelly? We were pretty on pitch though haha. So then everyone started leaving cuz she turned around and then she started singing Open Arms and I was like yay more Clayton!! And it took a minute or two before he came out but the first note out of his mouth everyone started SCREAMING. I always wondered what would happen had they both been on the same season, and now I see that Clay mos def would have won. I love him. Like, a lot. But just seeing him live was just so…I am so lucky I got to be there. Oh man.

Amanda said she walked in a Kelly Clarkson fan and walked out a Clay Aiken fan and she was trying to convince her mom to buy Clay’s album hehe.

I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. The phone kept ringing. One of which happened to be a phone call letting Amanda know that a SECOND friend of hers had died this week. That is so freaking crappy. We didn’t go to math today haha.

So I had the job interview today. It went fine, but I dunno what is going to happen. I hate interviews though because I always get asked what I liked best about Sears and no matter how hard I try, there was only ONE good thing about working at Sears and that was Tom. And I say that every time. And that made me sad. And I was thinking About him last night too, because he always wore this blue button down shirt to work and Clayton was wearing this shirt last night that, I swear, he wears everytime I see him on tv and that reminded me of Tom as well. And that makes me kind of sad. Anyway, the guy I was interviewing with told me they’re going to do a background check on me and asked if there are any red flags they should know about . Now, there could, technically be up to three things on my police record. But I am not sure which ones, if any, are on there. And if none are on there, then I don’t have a record. But I told him anyway and he was laughing when I told him why I got kicked out of camp, because it’s so freaking dumb. And he thinks they didn’t actually call the FBI, that they were just saying that to scare me. He said probably none of those things are on my record, because I wasn’t arrested and didn’t have to talk to a probation officer or judge or get community service and stuff. And even if they ARE on there, I was 14, so they’d be on my juvenile record, and since I didn’t like kill anyone or anything, they wouldn’;t care about that. It’s nice to know that I might not have a record afterall haha. So he said they’ll get back to me either way and I should know by April 5th. So we’ll see.

Anyway, I really badly want to go to Nashville, but it’s not going to work out. So everybody kick major showchoir butt. I have faith in y’all!!!

I think I am going to Galena this weekend with Amanda and Summer and Amanda’s family will be there and I don’t have to pay for the hotel. Yay. It’s only for one night, but even one night away from Mundelein is good and I am excited.

Okay one more name. Ryan Brommel. Finally one that I KNOW will not be added to Erin’s list hehe.

So I must be like Samson, because I’ve been all famished (emphasis on the second syllable, making it the Yiddish word for ‘scattered,’ not meaning ‘hungry.’) since my mom cut my hair. I was thinking I had to leave today at 9:30am, but my CLASS starts at 9:30. So I set my alarm for a half hour later than I should have and only had 20 minutes to get ready. And I am sleeping at Amanda’s tonight, so I had more things to get and I left like school stuff at home. And I put my belt on upside down. Oy!

I’m not quite sure why, but we were talking about Bipolar Disorder in Substance Abuse today and I shared a little bit and it felt good to talk about. I have yet to find that second person that actually CARES.

Amanda and I missed half of math, because we were buying train tickets. Mrs Coil was upset. At least we showed up!

I think Mrs Dilger saw what I wrote about her on and figured out it was me, cuz now she keeps looking at me when she talks and she keeps calling on me. And it is annoying. And not just cuz I don’t wanna pay attention in that class haha.

I decided not to go to psych today. I have to leave early and I don’t want to be a distraction. And I got my period today and don’t feel well. And I just don’t feel like going. To any of my classes. Ever. Lol. I knew God was gonna kick my butt if I didn’t go, but I decided not to go anyway. And I am prolly going to Hell for it. It’s my own fault. Anyway, kick my butt He did and I prolly have more coming to me. Anyway, I saw Dr Kokonis in the hall. And he could care less whether or not we show up to class, as long as we take the tests. But since he saw me, I figured I should make an excuse as to why I wasn;’t going to be in class, so he wouldn’t be like ‘I just saw her.’ So I told him that Anastasia (she didn’t feel like going to class either) and I had to work on an English paper and were going to the writing center to work on them. That’s what she’s doing right now. I do NEED to work on it, that was not a lie. And I am right NEXT to the writing center. And I plan on going in there for a minute to talk to Anastasia and tell her I saw him. But it is still bad. I suck. Oh and this other guy from our psych class is up here too haha

So tonight is the concert woot! Section 205 haha. I wanna track down this chick from Manteno that bought tickets last week and got section 106 and steal her tickets! And Melody can have mine, and the chick from manteno can have Melody’s lol. But we’re taking the train both ways. My dad said we shouldn’t take it home, cuz it’s in a bad neighbourhood. So pray for us. Plus the fact that like two or three metra trains have crashed in the past couple weeks. So yeah, definitely pray for us. And if I don’t make an entry tomorrow night after American Idol, then that means I either died or I am in the hospital (God forbid! *spits*) and y’all can start freaking out. Not that anyone still reads this haha. Yay for Clayton!