Month: April 2004

Okay I was gonna make an entry, but there’s something wrong with my finger and it hurts, so I’m only going to say two things.

One) Luke FINALLY got a xanga. And he’s already addicted. Nother nickel for Jami! Figuratively of course haha.

Two) As of today, I have been single for exactly three years. I am awesome!!


Look, I am actually reading a book!!! And I have a reason for that. Well, I was GOING to do my psych presentation on Girl, Interrupted, because I’ve seen the movie 8 million times and have read the book once, but Dr Kokonis said I needed something SPECIFIC about it. And tomorrow is the last day to present, and I STILL haven’t thought of anything specific, so I figured I’d just not present and I would fail (the presentations are for extra credit) and my life would be over, cuz there ain’t no way in Hell I’m taking this class for the THIRD time!! Anyway, the list of Nickelodeon shows had “Double Dare” and “What Would You Do?” and I love Marc Summers and I miss him. He hosts this show on the Food Network, and I don’t know when it’s on, btu Marni has had it on twice and I was very excited to see him!! Anyway, I knew that he had stopped doing tv because he had some kind of mental illnessish…I thought it was either GAD or SAD, but I wasn;t sure. Well, i found The Official Marc Summers Web Site and it said that he has OCD and that he has written a book about it…JACKPOT!!! So I went to the library today and checked it out. I better make this entry short, so I can get back to reading it. And this has all been made possible because of HAYLEY. Thank you, Hayley, for saving my GRADE and my LIFE (and also making my xanga look like hot sex!!!)!!!! I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!!!

American Idol…oy. I can’t even…oy. Seriously…oy. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Leia has “I’m smarter then you” written in her profile and I was making fun fo her for it. This was the conversation…
Jami: it’s “i’m smarter THAN you,’ we’ve been through this!
Leia: your right
Jami: it’s you’re
Leia: im to lazy
Jami: i’m too lazy
Jami: learn you’re language!!

Yeah…oops…that was totally an accident heh. Now I’m all embarrassed. But I couldn’t have made that funnier if I tried lol.

EDIT: I had to look up some of the tv shows on this web site, to see if it would jog my memory.

Okay I seriously REFUSE to put surveys and what have you (five points to whoever can tell me the person I am thinking of that always said ‘and what have you,’ I’m look at you, S!J lol), but this one really made me smile with memories of my childhood hehe. Thanx to Hayley for posting this. And it also makes me laugh that she doesn’t remember as many as I do, cuz she’s two years younger. It’s amazing what two years can do.

Put a * by the shows YOU remember!

Adventures of Black Beauty*
Adventures of Pete and Pete*
Adventures of the Little Koala*
Against The Odds
Are You Afraid of the Dark?*
Belle and Sebastian
The Chipmunks*
Clarissa Explains it All*
Count Duckula
Curious George*
Danger Mouse
David the Gnome*
Dennis The Menace*
Doctor Snuggles
Don’t Just Sit There!
Double Dare*
The Elephant Show*
Eureeka’s Castle*
Figure It Out!*
Finders Keepers
Garfield and Friends*
Going Great
Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics*
(Global) Guts*
Hey Dude!*
Inspector Gadget*
Inside Out
Kid’s Court
Lance Link: Secret Chimp
Legends of the Hidden Temple*
The Littl’ Bits*
The Little Prince
Looney Tunes*
Make The Grade*
Maya the Bee*
Mister Wizard’s World*
The Muppet Babies*
Mysterious Cities of Gold
My Little Pony*
Nick News*
Nick Rocks
The Noozles*
Out of Control
Picture Pages
Ren & Stimpy*
Rocko’s Modern Life*
Salute Your Shorts*
The Secret World of Alex Mack*
Shelby Woo*
Sixteen Cinema
Sk8 TV
Special Delivery
Star Trek: The Animated Series
The Third Eye
Tiny Toons*
Today’s Special*
Turkey Television
Welcome Freshmen*
What Would You Do?*
Wild and Crazy Kids*
You Can’t Do That on Television*
Zoo Family

okay, I had to put this for what I’m listening to, because DC/LA 2000 is not an option on Amazon haha.

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this entry to God. Nothing special has happened, I just want to dedicate an entry to Him. Because I am always like “God is awesome!” but only when I am thinking of something specific. And now I am not thinking of something specific, I would like to give Him a shoutout. So yay, praise God!!! As you read these lyrics, don’t think I’m depressed. I’m using them for the chorus. Once again, praise God!!


The world is turning in front of me and sometimes it’s hard for me to let go
My flesh begins to rise and then I find out there’s things I don’t know
I’m standing here but no one cares, I’m crying out but no one is there
And I am me but who am I and will I ever find the reason (for life)

But I see you there, Your arms around me, Your arms around me
And I have no fear, You’re all around me, You’re all around me
You’re all around

On this earth people live and die, wondering why (I wonder why)
They go through life feeling lost, never knowing who paid the cost
And Lord give me the strength to find the faith in this world
Help them to see the light in me, even though I’m so afraid (of it all)


And I am so afraid, then I remember the price You paid

CHORUS (w/ Phil singing 1st verse)


The world is turning in front of me and sometimes it’s hard for me to let go

Also, I am feeling really sick right now, so I figured now is a good time to post the Wil Foster before meal prayer. it should bring back some memories for Melody, Kim, Sara!, and Caitlin.

I think I’m gonna throw up!
I think I’m gonna throw up!
I think I’m gonna throw up!
My hands then praise The Lord!

Yay God!!!

This dictionary sucks!

AquaraChik (10:10 PM): Ja poddawac’ Polski; zbyt trudney. Przepraszac’ za cos, Tom, Ja proba i nie zrobic’ czegos. Ja slaby w ten. (Ja kupowac’ jeden Polski-Angielsko slownik…poniewaz Ja przejmowac’ sie, ale moj mozg boli)
Cougarboy0 (10:10 PM): haha
Cougarboy0 (10:10 PM): jestesz smieszna
AquaraChik (10:10 PM): what does that mean?
Cougarboy0 (10:10 PM): i dunno, you tell me

Thank God for Mark. “smieszna” means funny. THAT WORD SHOULD BE IN THE DICTIONARY!!!!! Lol.

Okay, I’m okay, I was just freaking out that night, ya know…That’s the beauty of it, when you lose your way, close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day. I just haven’t had anything to post since then. But thanx to Melody and Brittany for caring, I love you guys.

Also, I am not as upset over the guy anymore. I’m still a little disappointed, but I’m not NEARLY as upset as I was that night. I know whatever is meant to happen, will happen.

Okay, so I googled “AquaraChik” and one of the things that came back was this. Click it, scroll down to number three and number 11, and TELL ME HOW THE HECK THAT HAPPENED! I am scared lol.

I bought a Polski-Angielsko slownik (Polish-English dictionary). The publication date isn’t even until April 28, but I got it already. Thank you, Barnes and Noble. but I give up. This language [Polish] is too hard. But maybe it will help for in the future when Tom thinks it’s funny to say things in Polish and not tell me what he’s saying *shakes fist*.

Anyway, speaking of Noble, Amanda and I still aren’t speaking. I really don’t know why. I’m not upset this time though. She can join Kristen in my not being upset over haha.

My mom said I gotta get a car within the next few weeks (yay!), but I have no idea where the money is going to come from. I definitely want a blue Toyota Corolla with a cd player. I already have a name picked out…ADAM!! Get it? Adam Corolla…hahahahaha. Oh wait, I know how I can pay for the car (and school)…I think I should be able to take Patrick to court and make him pay alimony, since he is the one who broke up with me and he lives in Kenilworth and has lots and lots of money. Haha that is so far fetched. But I thought ti was a good idea. Too bad it’ll never happen. Lol. Someone buy me a cah!!

Okay, for those who missed the Clayton concert, this web site has all the videos from the St Paul concert, including “When Doves Cry,” which was hot sex. Also, it has a TON of full length mp3s that aren’t on Measure of a Man (like from American Idol, Star Spangled Banner, and his demo cd).

I got into my 8am math 108 class this summer. There was only one spot open after I signed up. So close! Now I jus gotta get a C in my current math class, otherwise I screwed.

Gabriel Iglesias is gonna be at Zanies on June 25 and 26 and I am sooooo excited because he is awesome “We were coming back from Mexico and got stopped at the border, since we’re Mexican. They were right about to let us go, when my friend goes ‘Hey! you guys in the trunk be quiet!!’ ” Haha. Now I jus gotta find someone to go with.

Illinois recently passed a law saying that you have to be 18 to buy glue, nail polish, nail polish remover, hairspray, etc. Good luck to girls that are in Sound and Lights next year!

I have the most weird and random dreams. Last night I had a dream that Brian was my boyfriend and we were at a Prom and we were sitting at the same table as Andrew Delehoy and Brian told me he was talkin to Andrew and said he was really cool and they’re friends now and Andrew was never stalking me, so I broke up with him and started going out with Paris Hilton. WHAT?! Lol.

I went to Shellie’s house on Thursday night—and watched Friends THERE! Ha! I knew they were gonna bring Janice back, so I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was. Anyway, at least now I never have to hear those three words that make my balls jump back up inside my body again lol. Ohhhhh….myyyyyy…..God! Lisa Kudrow does the best Estelle impression ever. And remember…a promise between friends means never having to give a reason.

Ohhh!!!! Best news of all!! I just found out that the show “Wonderfalls” (Joan of Arcadia without God, see my entry from March 12) got cancelled after four episodes. Ha! Take that people who think they’re better than God! This means you entire FOX network! I decided that FOX is the most immoral station on television. Like, more so than MTV..or even the porn channels. Seriously, FOX has entire tv shows based on trying to break up marriages. And there is even corruption on American Idol! And now what’s gonna happen with World Idol this year? I think that Ruben is going to ‘fall ill’ and need his ‘runner up’ to sing for him. Heck yeah!

Sometimes I just feel like giving up on everyone that I know. I don’t feel like I have reciprocity in any of my relationships with anyone, except for my dad, and that doesn’t count, because he’s family. I haven’t felt like I have a REAL friend in years. I don’t have anyone that wants to hang out with me. I don’t have anyone that calls me just to say hi. And nobody seems to want to tell me anything about themselves. Everyone seems to have a best friend that they’ve been friends with forever. I’ve had a few best friends, but none of them lasted for more than two years. This is really depressing. And throughout high school I can only think of two people that I actually feel were REAL friends to me and they are Jennie Parks (two years) and Jenni Swift (a year and a half). And then of course Brandon and Patrick, but I was involved with them, so they don’t count. And I should never count Brandon for that anyway, because he never deserved to be counted as a friend. He was such a jerk. But anyone else I ever thought was a real friend, like Karis or Torey…I was just kidding myself. I just want REAL friends, is that so much to ask for? I’m trying really hard to stay positive and not to get depressed, but it’s so hard. I’m not giving up though, I just want to sometimes. But I’m not going to. I’m not ever going to give up. And I think I am pretty strong for putting up with this for what seems like my entire life. Even though sometimes I break down and cry. But I haven’t given up. I’m still here. And I will be. For a long time. Until I die of a heart attack, because all I eat is crap. But I’m going to be okay. And that’s all that matters.

The Beu Sisters

Always thought someday you would notice me
More than friends you would see me differently
Then I heard you’re so in love with her
And now where am I

I’m crushed so crushed
’cause I always thought that it would be the two of us
And I’m dying inside
Every time I see you walking hand in hand
It just makes me cry my tears don’t seem to dry
And that’s why, I’m crushed

Used to be couldn’t wait to talk to me
You would share your secrets you would
Share your dreams you would tell me everything
Oh if I could only hold you now
Now It’s her who gets to be your girl
And kiss your lips

I’m crushed so crushed
’cause I always thought that it would be the two of us
And I’m dying inside
Every time I see you walking hand in hand
It just makes me cry my tears don’t seem to dry
And that’s why, I’m crushed

I was getting up the nerve to finally tell you all the things I feel for you
Now everything is wrong the chance is gone
She’s come along and ripped my dreams in two

And I’m…
I’m crushed so crushed
’cause I always thought that it would be the two of us
And I’m dying inside
Every time I see you walking hand in hand
It just makes me cry my tears don’t seem to dry
And that’s why, I’m crushed

I feel sick.