Month: June 2004

Umm, why is my layout pic not showing up? HAYLEY????

So I got to work this morning and when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that Matt’s car wasn’t there. As I was driving passed the booth, he pops out and goes “We can’t let you in.” He’d been waiting in there for me for 10 minutes. Monica had dropped him off cuz she needed the car.

As of today, I’m fed up with this job. I can’t do it next year. I can’t even do it tomorrow, with Matt being in preferred and all. I have officially decided I have to be a uniform next year or else I won’t work there. The only thing that will get me through tomorrow is knowing that Thursday is the following day and that is MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY WITH MATT!!

So everybody thinks there’s something going on between me and Matt, so I started tellin them that I am engaged and Jorge ask what his name is and I said Tom and he goes “Let me guess. Tom Cruise. Cuz he was in here the other day and he said something about Jami Robins.” And that freaked me out cuz it was loud from the music and it sounded like he said Tom Kluz haha. But it was funny.

I don’t get to work with Chauncey anymore cuz he works afternoon to close now. I saw him for a minute today. He said he’s not sure when his last day is or what country he’s going to. He looks really scared. He’s in the reserves. He’s not supposed to be mobilizing. There’s not supposed to be a war. We’re supposed to have a GOOD, SMART president!!

On my way out of the parking lot, Jorge and Anthony were in a mobile and Jorge decided that he was gonna follow me and ride on my tail. I wound up goin 30 through the parking lot. Oh man. It was bad.

After work Matt and I went to Mundelein Days, cuz the Mundelein web site said it’d be from June 28-July 5 and it wasn’t up yet. So we went to the mall, then to El Famous Burrito and to go see my dad at work to give him the fish candy I bought for him haha.

I bought my first lottery ticket today.

Speaking of Baskin Robbins, I don’t think I mentioned that Mr Kuhn came into Great America last week. He said it makes him nervous that I’m doing security. I saw his daughter. She is very cute. He must not be the biological father.

Presently I am working on a pint of Daquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins.


EDIT: Right before I left work today, Chauncey got there and I overheard him telling Rich that his unit is being mobilized. I’m gonna cry.

So Matt was in preferred today, I didn’t think I was going to get to see him. I was sad. I asked Jorge if we could take our lunch together and he said no. Apparently all of our supervisors think we’re together. To prove to Jorge that he doesn’t know what’ going on with who, I told him about me and Jim. Apparently we WOULDN’T have gotten in trouble had we actually dated. Good to know. Not that it’s relevant. Anyway, I went to lunch and turned around at one point and guess who was behind me. I win. Erik was the one in charge of sending Matt to lunch. It was really good timing though haha.

After rehearsal tonight, Kate, Shellie, and I went to Olandos. I wrote like 6 weeks back about a waiter there, Ryan, who flirted with me. Well yeah, he was there tonight and Shellie and Kate gave him my number while I was in the bathroom. Very funny, guys. You suck. I hate you. Find your own rides to and from rehearsal from now on .

K so apparently the earthquake was bigger than I thought (Btw, look at what I have listed for my song that is playing haha). I’m’a share Erica’s story and then I’ll post the article from Erica said she came home drunk last night just after 1:00am and she layed in her bed and it started rocking back and forth and she thought it was in her head. She was so excited when she heard us saying there was an earthquake haha. Okay here is the article…

Updated: 4.5 quake rattles Midwest
Associated Press (updated 1:30 p.m.)
Posted Monday, June 28, 2004

Associated PressA brief earthquake struck the Midwest early today, rattling windows and awakening sleeping residents from Wisconsin south to Missouri and from southwestern Michigan west to Iowa.

No injuries were reported from the quake, which occurred about 1:11 a.m. CDT.

The quake was felt by residents throughout the north and northwest suburbs.

Brian Lassige, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, said the quake was magnitude 4.5, and its epicenter was about eight miles northwest of Ottawa in northern Illinois, close to the small village of Troy Grove. The rural area is about 70 miles west of Chicago.

Did you feel the quake? Tell us! Early responses below

Lassige said earthquakes in that area are rare, but have occurred before. He said quakes have been recorded there in 1881, 1912 and 1972.

The geological survey said the three-second quake occurred at a depth of 3.1 miles in a structure associated with the Sandwich Fault Zone. It was not connected with the New Madrid Fault further south, which has been responsible for the Midwest’s most serious earthquakes.

Initial reports indicated no major damage from the temblor, although police agencies and radio stations within the quake area were inundated with telephone calls.

“It was mayhem around here for a while,” said Pattie Burke, a dispatcher for the Ottawa Police. “We had more than 200 calls from residents in a short period of time, all of them wanting to know what had happened. A lot of them seemed to think a truck had crashed into their house.

“Here in the station, it felt like an aircraft was about to crash right here.”

The quake was felt at three nuclear power plants in Illinois: Quad Cities, LaSalle and Dresden.

Craig Nesbit, a spokesman for the Exelon Corp., which owns the three generating stations, said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission declared an “unusual alert” for all of them, although there appeared to be no damage.

“All of them were operating 100 percent, and no problems were reported, but we did a check of all safety systems,” Nesbit said.

Nesbit said the three stations supply electrical power for several million Illinois residents.

Reports of the shaking came from at least as far east as Valparaiso, Ind., and as far west as the Quad Cities, and from Wisconsin in the north to the St. Louis area in the south.

Gary Spaulding of Marseilles, Ill., said he was relaxing in his mobile home when the quake struck.

“It was like somebody shot off dynamite,” said Spaulding, who added that his cat leaped out of his lap and would still not come near him two hours later.

“I thought maybe a tree hit my trailer,” Spaulding said. “I’ve got a dead tree in my yard.”

Jeff Biesemeier of Freeport, Ill., said his whole house “was just vibrating.”

Joe Knapp of Delafield, Wis., just west of Milwaukee, said he was asleep and awoke when the bed began shaking.

“Everything was just rolling back and forth,” Knapp said.

Local reactions
Here are some early responses to our Daily Herald online earthquake survey. A complete story with more loacal reaction will be in Tuesday’s Daily Herald.

“You might not believe it,” begins Lisa, of Arlington Heights but an hour before I went to sleep . . . I happend to be finshing up a speech I had to write for oral communication on the San Francisco earthquake of 1989, which is really surprising because I went to sleep thinking it over and before I knew it my dog started to bark at the foot of my bed and the house began to shake, rattling the doors. Pretty cool, right?”

A Batavia resident told us: “I thought someone had slammed a door in my house, but the shaking kept going and it was a little too much to be a door slam. Then I thought Fermi Lab was up to something fishy! Then the handles on my dresser drawers started rattling and it slowly started to come to me that it was probably an earthquake.”

“I woke up because the glass cabinets in my bedroom were making noise,” wrote an Aurora resident. “Then I felt the bed move…”

Alex, of Bartlett, said: “It felt like a freight train passed over my house and the house was shaking. It happened twice for about four seconds each time. My brother and I were scared and looked outside but there was nothing so then we went back to sleep.”

“I was watching a movie at around 1:10am when I felt the entire house shake,” wrote a Naperville resident. “It sounded as if giants were running over the top of my house, shaking it.”

Kathleen Brej, of Long Grove, offered: “It woke me up and the house shook for about 20 seconds…The patio doors were rattling a bit. It was very scarey. The vibrations were felt while I lie in bed… It was the first time that I experienced an earthquake. I thank God we are getting a reminder that he loves us.”

“My bed shook along with items in my closet,” wrote a Palatine resident. “I didn’t know what was happening and since I live very close to railroad tracks, I thought it was a heavy freight going by.”

“I woke up and my bed was shaking and then I put my hand on the wall, and it felt like the house was shaking,” wrote a Hanover Park girl. “I woke up my parents and they told me it must of been a bad dream. Yeah, right!”

At 1:10 a.m I was laying on my couch and it shook.” said Julie Schmidt of Libertyville. “It wasn’t very strong, but enough to notice. It happened twice, each incident lasting only a couple of seconds and both just a couple of seconds apart.”

Brian Fleck, of Maregno, told us: “I was sitting there watching TV and all the sudden my door starting shaking and I was ready to start believing in ghosts right there.”

“My window was rattling and the bed was shaking and rattling,” wrote Marijo Hunt of Schaumburg. “I thought I was crazy or that my room was possesed. I’m so relieved to hear it was real!”

“Our house began to shake as though a big freight train was passing nearby, except without the noise” wrote Rick Hess, Bartlett.

A Des Plaines resident told us: “I was asleep and awakened by the trembles. The house was shaking similar to someone standing in front of a bed and shaking it. Having been in the Seattle 7.0 earthquake three years ago, the memory came back instantly and I jumped out of bed. I didn’t think it was local, I just thought to myself: ‘This has got to be some huge earthquake somewhere else for the tremors to get this far.'”

Liz Cook of Carpentersville wrote: “I woke up to it at exactly 1:11 a.m. My cat scratched at the my door and wanted to lay next to me. You definately could feel the shakes.”

“It was surprising,” wrote Cuillerlmo Coix of St. Charles, “since at exactly the time it hit I was praying and I asked the Lord to give me a sign that he was hearing my prayer, then the whole house started to shake. At first I did not do anything, but after the shaking got a little stronger and lasted more than 15 seconds, I said, OK Lord, you are listening.”

“I felt my bed move and my cat jumped off the bed,” wrote a Carol Stream woman. “Then I heard my shower doors clanking together for what felt like a few seconds. I thought it was a large truck driving by or a plane over the roof of my house.”

So I woke up around 1:15 this morning because my BED was SHAKING. And that was really scary. I assumed it was an earthquake. Which I know is absurd, cuz…out here??? Now I see that Steve has up an away message said it knocked a picture off of his wall. So did anybody OUTSIDE of Mundelein feel it too?

This is playing on the radio right now.

I had a nice conversation online and on the phone the other day with Uniform Brian (who shall henceforth be known as Brian, cuz who’m I kidding, I don’t talk to Brian Clark anymore). I’m not upset with him anymore. He’s a cool guy, even though he’s in a fraternity and I hope to talk to him more.

Yesterday’s lunch was…yeah. I got lunch with Matt again, so we went to the Character Cafe and ran into Laura Strong. And eventually Monica, Michael, and Carolyn joined us. I was really uncomfortable. It is muy obvious that Monica doesn’t like me. And she gives off bad vibes. If she really DID tell Matt that she wants to get to know me, she was only saying that to be nice. Or else it’s a ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ scenario. Hopefully not the latter.

After work, Matt and I went to talk to Quentin for a while. He was in the booth in the employee lot. Then Matt and I went to Gurnee Mills to get something to eat and saw Amy Hahn.

I decided I don’t want to be in a relationship. With anyone. For a long time.

This morning I went to Navy Pier to try out for Jeopardy! The first thing we had to do was take a 50 question written test. Almost all of us failed it. There was one question about a Broadway show and I thought it might be Aida, but I wasn’t sure, so I left it blank. And son of a cow, it was. I died. So much for that. At least I got to sleep today cuz I took off of work. Also, I met one of the chicks from the Jeopardy! clue crew.

Then we went to Bakers Square for dinner with my Grandma.
Grandma: Does anybody want any cucumbers?
Jami: Those are pickles.

I am considering becoming a uniform at work next year. Haven’t decided yet. I still have nearly a year to decide.

I feel really stupid for saying I think something’s gonna happen between me and Matt. I don’t even like him. I don’t know why I said that. Nothing is gonna happen and he and Monica are prolly going to get back together. I am dumb, don’t listen to me.

Also, I found this picture of Derek on his myspace and I loved it, so I thought I’d post it, cuz it really shows his personality. The caption was “Derek vs the watermelon”

I would just like to say that I feel bad for thinking for a few days that Matt and Monica were going to break up. And also for thinking that anything might happen between us. I shouldn’t have said that. But that’s how I feel. But I feel bad for feeling like that. But it can’t be helped. Oh well.

Also, yesterday morning we were talking about how we think someone (who shall remain nameless) likes me and Jim was like “He doesn’t like you!” and I was like “He gave me his number” and he was like “I have it too” and I was like “I’m sorry that you’re jealous, but he does!” And Jim stormed off. It was great.

EDIT: I got the best compliment from Matt the other day. He said when he’s with me he has to massage his cheeks cuz they hurt so much from laughing.

I think the deal with my not feeling like posting anymore is that I feel like I need to make long entries, and if nothing really happens, I gotta wait for more things to happen. Great America is really uptight about sharing park information, so there are a lot of things I can’t post on here, or else I’ll get fired. And I hate making private entries, they’re a pain in the butt.

Let’s see…

Steve Krajnyk came in to Great America a few days ago and gave me a hug. He should do that more often! Lol. I missed him. I was so sad that i didn’t get to say goodbye to him! But now he knows where I work, so he can come see me. Yay! ❤

Matt: …Because if you have blue and yellow paint, then you can make red.
Jami: Who arted you?

Okay, so my last entry I mentioned that Matt and I bought 12 inch round wooden sticks at American Science and Surplus. Well, here is what happened. When we search through bags at work, we have to use 12 inch round wooden sticks. So anyway, Matt and I decorated ours and brought them in on Monday. And I was like “Hey, Jorge. So Matt and I were talking about how plain and boring the sticks are and we were wondering if we could take them home and decorate them.” And he said no and I was like “So then you’d be really mad if we did THIS?” and then we pulle dout our decorated sticks. His eyes bugged out of his head, it was great. And Dontranee was there and she freaked out too haha. And Jorge said to Matt, “I can’t believe you’re in on this.” Bahaha we Punk’d Jorge.

So Matt and Monica (his gf of two years and nine months..and he wears a promise ring) had a fight the other day because she thinks he’s seeing me behind her back. And apparently I called right in the middle of that, so he didn’t answer his phone. Then he left the room and she checked his voicemail. I’m sure that helped. My bad.

So I had to start wearing a radio on Monday cuz Jorge scheduled me for preferred parking today, and you need a radio for that, and I needed to get used to having one. I like having one though, and I think I’m’a get one everyday now. I just don’t know very many ten codes. Heh. But being in preferred means getting there a half hour early, being by myself all day, and worst of all, NO MATT. Bah. Definitely was not looking forward to it.

So yesterday, this guy came through my line. FREAKING HUGE. Not even kidding. I was thinking “This guy’s gotta be an athlete.” He was really nice, said hi to me, asked me how I was doing, and laughed when, after he set off the metal detector, I said “Camera, keys, cell phone, batteries, mints, gum, cigarettes, lighter, chapstick, glasses case.” Then he walked away and I thought “Wouldn’t it be funny if he was someone famous and I didn’t know.” ANd then I heard a couple people say “That’s BRIAN URLACHER!!!!” Heh. So yeah now I have met Brian Urlacher. Not that I care about football, but I know OF him. Nice guy.

My other highlight of yesterday was explaining to Jorge what 420 means and then Baker and I laughed at him for not knowing what it meant haha.

So I got to work today a half hour earlier than usual. I parked in Matt’s spot. On purpose. Then just as I was getting out of my car, who should pull up next to me, but MATT! He got out of the car and said “You took my spot!” Haha. I was happy cuz I thought after yesterday I wouldn’t get to see him again until Friday, cuz he told Monica we wouldn’t hang out tomorrow. Anyway, the reason he was so early is cuz Monica needed to be there early (she works in a diff department) so he was giving her a ride, cuz her sister crashed their car. Monica knows Josh Hugo. She said he’s still a brat. Oh well lol. And Monica definitely hates me. Like, I’m afraid. Yeah so then Matt and I walked to dispatch and, I swear to you, I saw this coming from a mile away, he told me they broke up last night. He’s still going to be staying at her house though. I was like “So you’re not coming back next year.” And he was like “That depends on whether or not you’re gonna be here.” And I was like “I’m planning on it.” And he said “Well then I guess I’m just gonna have to…” and I thought he was gonna say ‘get my own place,’ but what he ACTUALLY said was “…stay at your house.”

He stopped wearing his promise ring. I’ve just had a feeling, since Thursday, that they were gonna break up soon. Just had a feeling. Dontranee told me that when she was eating lunch today people were saying Matt has a crush on me haha. I dunno. I mean, they were so serious and were together for so long. I dunno. What I DO know is that he now does the following, because of me: Eats lunch at the Character Cafe, puts mustard on his fries, says “That’s crazy,” has started saying “please” and being more polite to guests, and has stopped complaining about his job. I also noticed that he’s been looking at me differently in the past few days when he’s been talking to me. And he had been fidgeting with his ring. Chauncey had already thought, a few days ago, there was something going on between us. Whatever. I think if they stay broken up, somethin’s gonna wind up happening between us before he goes back to Indiana. I don’t even like him, as of now, but I just have a feeling. All I know is we’re going to the Museum of Science and Industry (he’s never been there) next Thursday and I am soooo freaking excited. Especially since they now have THE JOLLY ROGER on display!!! And it totally costs $7.50 more to see it, but I don’t freaking care, cuz it’s THE JOLLY ROGER!!! Hayley, are you hearing this?!?!

EDIT: Since I have been wokring at Great America, right people have thought my name was pronounced “Jammi.” Seven of them are employees. I swear the next person who does that is getting a foot up their butt. Why would it be pronounced differently?

I forgot to mention that Lindsay came in on Monday and I was making fun of her because it was gay pride day and she said she didn’t know. It’s still funny though lol.

So on Wednesday I was talking to Josh and he mentioned that Caitlin (his gf who works in admissions) likes Jim and apparently Jim said if he had his way he’d f**k her right now. Yeah not cool. And he’s got another girl anyway. Or two. Yeah. So Josh is not happy. And I don’t blame him. Then Caitlin came in as a guest and first she brought a knife with her, just to see if she could get in with it, which is funny lol. But then she came in and talked to Jim for a while and then she left and came back to talk to him more. She and Josh have been together for two years and look what Jim is doing to their relationship. Boy I respect him more and more everyday! *rolling eyes* For someone who wears a cross around his neck and takes off of work to teach Sunday school…you’d think he’d be a much better person than he is. And after all of this, I still let him borrow $5.

But I would also like to add that between Quentin and Matt, my faith in guys has been restored. But I’m still in no hurry to date anyone.

So yesterday Matt and I had off, so we went to American Science and Surplus in Chicago. We left my house at like 2:15 and then we went to get gas and after he started filling up his tank he discovered they have racing fuel and he got excited and decided he was gonna fill up his tank with that next time. Luckily I saw the sign by where it says how much gas is in the tank that said “Unleaded fuel only,” otherwise he would have blown up and that wouldn’t be good. But what a way to go lol.

So then we went to Cub Foods to see if we could get $5 worth of quarters (he had a $5 bill) for the tollway and Michelle Lampi was working at the bank and she said no because neither of us have an account there psh. She’s stuck up. Anyway, so we went to get candy and I made him get a Turkish Delight and I even warned him that it’s the grossest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. He hated it. Duh. Lol. I got a Violet Crumble or something and it was Australian chocolate covered honeycomb and it was pretty good. But it still wasn’t enough quarters so he bought two rolls of Rolaids, but one at a time lol. But that still wasn’t enough. So we went all the way back the other way to Dominick’s because of the 25 cent pop machine, which was completely sold out. So we went inside so I could ask BankOne (my bank) for $5 worth of quarters and the guy said yes and he would have given it to me even if I didn’t have an account there. Nice. So then we went back to my house to get my sunglasses cuz he’s always bugging me about wearing them so I don’t get cataracts. So by the time we left it had been an hour since we had originally left.

The mapquest directions said it would take 43 minutes to get from my house to the store. But for some reason traffic was SO horrible and it was SO backed up, it wound up taking like two hours to get there and for the last like half hour we both had to pee like racehorses and traffic was so bad that it took freaking forever to find an exit. And ti didn’t help that we were making each other laugh and driving passed a river haha oh man. So we FINALLY found an exit and got off and walked into this building and the guy at the desk said the bathrroms were not for public. So we went to the next building and ohhh man did I feel better after going to the bathroom. Wow.

Oh yeah also on the way there we were talking about something and he said “That’s crazy” and it was the best. And then there was this.
Matt: …You used to do improv?
Jami: Yeah.
Matt: Is that why you’re so funny?
Jami: No, I’ve always been funny.

Okay so we got to the store, which is pretty small and my Dad said we’d be in and out in 20 minutes. Yeah umm…two and a half hours later we left lol. This is the coolest store in the whole entire world. Not even kidding. And I hadn’t been there since 6th grade. They have the most random things in the world for like really cheap, like police tape and parking meters and the inside of music boxes. But it took two and a half hours cuz Matt had to stop and play with like EVERYTHING. I finally got my Sigmund Freud action figure and I am sooo happy!!! We also got some 12 inch round wooden sticks, but I will write about those sometime next week. You’ll see. I also got a credit card swipe cleaner. We have to swipe our ID cards twice a day at work and whenever Melissa is sitting behind the desk, it takes me like 5 times swiping it in order for it to register. So I got one for her as a joke.

So then we went to Ed Debevic’s for dinner and I was very disappointed by the friendly service. Rawr!
Matt: Who Englished you?

I didn’t get home until 11:15. Wow. I was so tired, I didn’t even shower. But nobody complained today, so iss awl good.

So I had a dream last night that I went to work this morning and I went to put the money I owe Matt ($12 from dinner last night, cuz he used his debit card and all I had was a 20) into his car, but his car wasn’t there, so I looked all over the parking lot and I found a mini van with dragons all over the inside, so I knew that was his car. And he had left his door unlocked, so I put the money and a Clay Aiken concert ticket in his car. Then I went to dispatch and it turned out I had left my ID at home and they charged me $20 for a new one. Then they were handing out sticks and everyone had decorated them yesterday and I was upset. Holly was the one sitting behind the desk, so I couldn’t give the card swipe cleaner to Melissa, so I just gace it to Holly to give to her. Then I woke up and it was 7:31 and apparently I had forgotten to set my alarm. That’s the second time in the past few weeks that God has woken me up RIGHT before I need to be up for work. Thank You, God! Also, had it not been for that dream, I would have left my ID at home, because I had put it in my purse yesterday for some reason and I didn’t get to drive to work today so I couldn’t have my purse with me. That’s crazy.

I gave the credit card swipe cleaner to Melissa this morning. And she used it and when she took it out, it wasn’t white anymore; it was black. That’s sick, chubbs. But it swipes easier now. Had I known it was going to work, I would have bought more cuz they were only 25 cents and you’re supposed to clean those things once a week.

*guy’s shirt is inappropriate*
Jami: Your shirt is inappropriate for the park.
Guy’s girlfriend: But it’s from Abercrombie!

*girl’s shirt says “The price is wrong, b*tch”*
Jami: Your shirt is inappropriate for the park.
Girl: It’s a quote from a kid’s movie.
Jami: Which movie?
Girl: Happy Gilmore.

Also, as I was walking to clockout, I ran into Baker who was in an unmarked cop car and he offered me a ride to dispatch. I need to walk cuz I am fat, but I’ve never been in a police car before, so I said yes. It was unmarked, so they didn’t have the cage or laptop or anything, but still. And at least I wasn’t in the back heh.

How to make a Jami Robins

1 part mercy

1 part humour

5 parts empathy

Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of fitness


Personality cocktail

…Yeah, umm…except for the fitness. Lol. Also, I like to think I am funnier than that.

EDIT: I totally bought gas today for $1.93/gallon in Grayslake (and spilled it on myself! lol), while you fools are paying $2.04 in Mundelein!! But don’t feel bad, cuz it’s $2.26 in Wilmette!

Oh man LONG overdue entry now that I FINALLY have time!!!

Let’s see where to start…

So the revelation I had about Jim from seeing Saved!…yeah I was expecting to totally change my mind when I saw him on Saturday but I didn’t hooray! I finally saw Michelle and she is definitely not the girl in Jim’s buddy icon. Anyway, apparently she told Jeff that she and Jim only went on one date and he hasn’t called her in a week, but he told Chauncey that they’re sleeping together. Haha oh man. I don’t know which is true, nor do I care. Either way he’s a jerk, especially since he was talking about being in the pit during a show where girls weren’t wearing underwear and he was looking. Whatever. Loser. And I take it back when I said I didn’t learn anything from this, because I did. Which is what I already knew. Which is don’t agree to go on a date with someone until I know them really well. He doesn’t even talk to me. Not MY loss!!

Okay so yeah 12 hour shift on Saturday. Like every single security person (except for Bubba) was there, plus like three extra cops other than Baker. The day started off with half of us hiding from in the office from the Star Spangled Banner, cuz it kept going like six times and then of course the obnoxious opening carousel song plays right after that. Anyway, Matt Venci threw some keys at me and said “Here, play with these for a while” haha. Then they started letting people through while we were still in the office!!

On my 15 minute break backstage, I bent down to tie my shoe and Ernest (admissions lead) happened to be there and decided it would be funny to keep tipping me over. It was funny. But it was also frustrating, because I wanted to tie my shoe haha.

Umm when they started shutting down detectors, they let those of us that had been shut down go to lunch. We wound up taking a 50 minute lunch, because Matt Venci was with us and he kept looking at his watch and we weren’t leaving if he wasn’t lol.

The day went by so quickly.

Sunday was another 12 hour shift, bringing my weekly total to 49.5 hours.

Nothing really happened except for Pat coming in and causing a lot of trouble and I had to bring a supervisor over, but I don’t need to tell that story, because it doesn’t matter.

The last couple hours, Donna wanted someone on pond duty, because people like to play in the pond. And that really bothers me, especially one day last week when it was 90 degrees all day and Matt and I were leaving and people had their feet in the pond and we told them to get out and the stupid teenage girls (yes, I realise I am one) were like “It’s hot!” and I was like “I’ve been here 8 hours and look at what i’m wearing and look at what you’re wearing!” Anyway, Quentin was 10-8 Plaza at the time and he decided he was gonna stay and talk to me for a while. I am sorry we hadn’t gotten a chance to talk during school, cuz he is really cool.
Jami: You’re my new hero, can I shake your hand?
Quentin: Aww you’re making me blush. And that’s pretty hard to do, cuz I’m black.

Also, I walked into the office Sunday night to take my medication and one of the coppers that I don’t know was in there sitting on his hide playing a handheld Nintendo thing. He needs to leave. I don’t like him because of that. Plus he seemed cocky. I have no freaking clue who it was. Nor do I care, since Baker is the only one who actually cares enough to come out and talk to us.

Yesterday was gay pride day and they called us into the office to gives us a heads up and tell us not to freak out if they talk to us. What the heck?! That pissed me off.
Joey: If Homosapiens really were Homosapiens, is that why they’re extinct?
Ross: Joey, Homosapiens are people!
Joey: Hey, I’m not judging!

Then today nothing really happened except that they had foot long hot dogs for lunch and there was no mustard at ALL in the entire Character Cafe. It was crazy!! At least they had relish.

Also, Gretchen (admissions lead) is a supervisor now and I am happy for her, because I like her.

Oh yes. I talked to Tom on the phone on Sunday night for like an hour and a half. Apparently this word that I thought meant jerk is worse than dropping the f-bomb and he said if I ever said that in front of his Grandma, she;d have a heart attack. Haha oh well. It gave him a hearty laugh at least. Mariola is gone for the summer. I think he’s given up on her for the time being. We are engaged again. Now he is talking about having babies with me haha. I told him about the word ‘Jewlak.’ He thought that was funny. Thank you Shellie. He also told me that I’m the ideal girlfriend cuz I remember everything and I let him know when and WHY I’m upset and stuff. It feels good to have my fiancée back!


EDIT: Rikki Lee got married…?!?!?!?! ….!!!!

I talked to Brian for a little while the other day. He said he walked into Abercrappie and they offered him a job. I believe it. They only hire beautiful people.

I walked into Dispatch to clock out on Wednesday and there were like six or seven people in there standing around and talking and I was wondering if there was a party or something and I SWEAR I did NOT see this coming…
[Guard] Brian: Hi Jami.
Jami: Hey, what’s up?
Brian: There’s a party going on.
Jami: Yeah, I was just gonna as—
Brian: And you’re invited.
Jami: Is it an open invitation?
Brian: A good time celebration.
Jami: We can hardly wait, we don’t wanna be late.

So if you look at the comments from my last entry, Stephanie Raciak (who dances at Great America) tried to help me out with the lyrics I don’t know. But searchful isn’t a word. So I am still searchful of the correct lyrics hehe.

Some guy came in with his friend today and one of them said I was cute and they kept asking for my number and they were standing near me calling my name and I just wanted them to go away. Then finally, after a few minutes, they did. And then two minutes later I realised I had the rejection hotline number in my pocket. I totally could have given it to them! I’ve never had anyone ask for my number before…nobody that I didn’t know anyway…so I wasn’t even thinking about it.

Tomorrow and Sunday is the Telemundo Festival, so I get to work 9-9 both days. Which will put me at 49.5 hours this week. Which means I get time and a half for 9.5 hours. But, time and a half is $12.37/hr and I definitely do NOT have a problem with that!!

I went with Maggie and Sara! Jane to see Saved! It was a good movie. There were some funny things, but there were some serious things too. And I did some reflecting. Jim’s not what I want. I really liked the first week, and I want that again, but I don’t want someone who looks at other girls behind his girlfriend’s back and thinks it’s okay to look as long as you don’t touch and who jokes about frisking hot girls. Come on. There’s someone better out there for me. And I’m not worried anymore. I trust God. I am down with G-o-d!