Month: July 2004

EDIT: Derek started an improv troupe and they are having a show on Friday night at 7:30pm…who wants to come with me? Admission is free, but donations are accepted.

I forgot to mention this from when we went to see the movie the other day.

Brick: Do you want to go to a pants party?
Veronica Corningstone: Are you trying to tell me there’s a party in your pants and I’m invited?
Brian: *singing* There’s a party in my pants and you’re invited. It’s an open invitation…

I heard from Matt yesterday morning. He is alive.

I applied to Chuck E Cheese today. I definitely have an interview, I just don’t know when. They sell beer. That is crazy. It only pays $6.50, but that’s better than nothing. I put down Tom and Matt as my references, because I am a sneaky, sneaky girl and it didn’t say I needed to know my references for a minimum amount of time and they will give me the best reccommendations EVER!! <3. I really do not know how to spell that word.

AquaraChik: i applied for a job at chuck e cheese
AquaraChik: they sell beer there
Los Ethec Urse: fo real?
AquaraChik: yeah
Los Ethec Urse: crazy
AquaraChik: i know
Los Ethec Urse: chuckie is a lush
AquaraChik: huh?
Los Ethec Urse: drunk
Los Ethec Urse: ard
AquaraChik: if your last name was cheese, you’d prolly be a drunkard as well
Los Ethec Urse: hey, this is true

I was sad when I left Great America prematurely, because there were some people I didn’t get a chance to say bye to. One of them was Shannon, who is one of the dancers. But I ran into her tonight and now we tenamos each other’s phone numbers!

The Cubs got NOMAHHHHH!!!

Tomorrow is a new month. I hope my layout is here when I wake up. :hopeful:. There is not a hopeful face. There should be.


EDIT: I went on my other sn yesterday (whose buddy list I NEVER update) and noticed that Andrew Cole was on. Now I have not talked to this kid since right after theatrefest senior year. Anyway, I looked at his profile, and, oh, look at that…he has a xanga. Now this amuses me, because, had we still been in contact with each other, I know he would have made fun of me for having one. And now he has one. And it is funny. Ha ha.

I really miss seeing Clayton’s face everytime I come to my xanga . I know you folks at home do too. Well, except for Shellie.

ZERO5920: I love you
ZERO5920: oh so much
ZERO5920: but I’m off for now dear

Miss him. Love him. Want to see him. Was post to spend the night over at his house last Wednesday night, but our plans were thwarted at the last minute. Sucked much. Blah.

So I didn’t really explain what happened that I got fired. On Monday a woman came through my line who had a fanny pack with THREE, count em, THREE zippers on it. We were really busy, I was on eight (main stroller lane), and I had no set back and she was sure takin her sweet time to zip them back up. And I mean SWEET TIME. She was really snooty and said “Is that okay with YOU, JAMI?!” And I said “That’s fine, but you’re holding up the line.” And she said “No, YOU’re holding up the line!!” And that is why they fired me. They took my ID card, my nametag, my radio pouch, my ear piece, and my freaking rubber gloves. RUBBER GLOVES?! What do they think I’m gonna do, sell em on Ebay? Jeez. But it’s THEIR loss, not mine. I wonder if they realise I’M the one scheduled for preferred tomorrow haha.

My phone rang yesterday. A rare occurance.
*phone rings*
Jami: Hi Justin!!!!
Justin: I no longer work at Great America.
Jami: Me neither.
Justin: I got fired.
Jami: Me too!!

Then last night I went to see Anchorman with Brian. I think I wasted my six bucks. There WERE some funny parts (“I ate some fiberglass insulation. It wasn’t cotton candy like the guy said. My tummy itches…”). The best part is when the two old women behind us walked out of the theatre haha. Everyone else was stoned. Sara! was right, I did wanna keep saying “What the hell?” But now Brian keeps calling me “scorpion woman.” He wore his security officer hat last night. Heh.

AquaraChik: so matt is gone
Bafettial2002: i wish i could go away
AquaraChik: i wish you could go away too

He [Anthony] said brb over four hours ago and never came back haha.

Anyway, today was Matt’s birthday. I called him, but he didn’t answer his phone. I left him a voicemail, but he didn’t call back. I am not going to call him again. If he wants to talk to me, he knows how to reach me.

You Are The Clingy Gay Man

What Type Of Gay Man Are You?
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So Jim’s cheating on his girlfriend that he makes a big deal about how he’s in love with her. I’m not at all surprised. He’s not capable of being in love. Thank You, God. Thank You that that date never happened. I am so grateful that You stopped that mess before it started. ❤

AquaraChik (8:34 PM):
AquaraChik (8:36 PM): that should be you
AquaraChik (8:36 PM): who taught you how to treat girls, you son of a bitch?
JimmyJck84 (8:36 PM): Fuck You!!
AquaraChik (8:36 PM): you wish
JimmyJck84 (8:36 PM): Hell No!
AquaraChik (8:36 PM): seriously, who taught you how to treat girls?
JimmyJck84 (8:37 PM): how about you shut the fuck up
AquaraChik (8:38 PM): how can you wear a cross around your neck and teach sunday school and claim to be a christian?

(he didn’t respond)

I had to do that.

…Because I never stood up to Brandon.

I let him walk all over me.

And I let it bother me for so long.

And five years later it’s still haunting me.

I wish I could have said something to him.

I wish I could have stopped the whole thing before it started.

I could have.

But I didn’t.


I’m so stupid.

I WAS so stupid.

AquaraChik (8:07 PM): they took my rubber gloves lol
dropkick433 (8:08 PM): those fuckers

Matt told me the other day he wants to become a billionaire, buy out the park, and fire all the full times except for Matt Venci. And he’d make Jason the head cheese. I told Jason we think he should be a full time and he said he was offered the position over the winter and he turned it down cuz he doesn’t want to deal with all the bull shit. The people that have been workin there more than just this year told me the full times (namely Jorge, Mary, and Rich) have all gone crazy this year.

So I’m home now. A guest complained about me yesterday, so I got fired. I would also like to add that it was two weeks ago today that I had put in my two weeks notice for the first time. Had Mary not not wanted me to leave, we wouldn’t have had to go through this.

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So Caitlin came up to me today and said “You never stop writing.” So I’m’a try to make this one short. It’s mostly stuff I forgot to add yesterday.

Marni is at theatre camp for the week. It’s so peaceful here.

I wrote to photobucket to find out what was up, since Hayley claims she can still see my layout, as well as everyone else’s. They said she exceeded her bandwidth for the month. And if she keeps making layouts for everyone on that same account, I’ll never see my layout again. Hayley, get a second account!

Some girl came in today wearing a MTZ Swingsations shirt.

I thought I was going to be really sad today, but actually i was feeling better than I have in a few weeks. I knew Jorge was gonna start being nice to me again when Matt left. Psh. I did start to get sad though when I walked out to my car—by myself…and nobody was there waiting for me and there was no ’94 white Toyota Celica there either. But I’ll be fine. This I know for sure.

If you would like to see a pitcher (doesn’t that make you mad when people say pitcher instead of picture?) of him, here is what you must do:
Go to
On the bottom right there is something that says “Back issues.” Click it.
Click on “Drop Dead Day.”
Then on the right menu, click on “DROP DEAD DAY.”
Click “Bodies.”
He is body number 886. ❤
I really want that shirt.

Matt: She’s a dirty whore.
Jami: You think everyone is a dirty whore. Am I a dirty whore?
Matt: No, you’re pretty clean.

He left me his nametag <3.

He told me when he gets to Cali and has access to a computer, he’s gonna go back and read EVERYTHING I’ve written about him in here. I don’t even remember it all. Should I be scared? Lol.

Just for the record, after kissing him, I am no more or less attached to him than I was beforehand. Which is exactly what I wanted, so that it wouldn’t be even harder when he leaves.

I remembered back to when I met him. I didn’t write about it, because it was insignificant. Anyway, one of the first things I said to him was “I can’t talk to you anymore!” …because he lives in Indiana. Boy am I glad I changed my mind about that!

Jamie Ann Robbins and her boyfriend, Matt came in to Great America the other day. I finally got to meet them in person. Yes, you read that right. Scary, isn’t it?

<—–New pic. Look at my tan lines lol.

I’ve wanted to update since Friday night, but I couldn’t do this until after Matt left work. And if you keep reading, you’ll find out why.

Yeah, so my layout is gone. I want it back. NOW.

Oh, hey, I don’t think I mentioned school plans yet. Okay, I haven’t heard from Harper in a few months, so I decided to just go to CLC for the fall. Plus, I don’t have to pay for CLC and Harper is $327/cr hr. So, I signed up. But I guess now I’m just going to get a general AA from CLC. Which means no more ASL. Okay, anyway, here is my schedule for the fall.

Oceanography 9:00-9:50am
Abnormal Psychology 10:00-10:50am
English Composition 1 11:00-11:50am
American Popular Culture 12:00-12:50pm
Professional Helping Skills 7:00-9:45pm

And then Wednesday and Friday are the same except no Professional Helping Skills. And I have off of Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’d been getting pretty anxious for Matt to kiss me, so I thought of something to say, that might nudge him a little. But I am dumb and wound up saying it on Wednesday morning while we were at work. He had gotten his CPR certification earlier in the summer and I know he’s a germ freak, so I was like “Wouldn’t you have a problem with that?” Haha I am soooo dumb.

Hmm let’s see. I came back from lunch a half hour late on Friday because I was talking to Baker. Erik told me I should think of someone else instead of myself, and then Jorge gave me a verbal warning about it yesterday. Anyway, Erik wanted to know what we were talking about and I said he wanted to know why I quit. And Erik, who the only time I’d ever talked to him before was when he interviewed me for the job, said “I think you quit because you don’t like the way Jorge runs things up there and you’re getting in trouble for telling people they don’t deserve to have radios.” What the hell?! First of all, he doesn’t know me at all and second of all I would NEVER tell anyone they didn’t deserve to have a radio! Ugh. Soo glad I’m leaving.

Friday night I took Matt to Olive Garden for his birthday (which is actually the 29th). He was so red when they sang to him. He told me I’m the first girl friend he’s ever had. That’s crazy/ Then I took him to see Bourne Supremacy at Lincolnshire 20. Such a boy movie! But I was happy because we were able to hold hands and cuddle…for the last time. How sad. But I felt pretty dumb when half way through the movie, he lifted up the arm rest. Haha oh man.

After the movie we walked outside and ti was dark and cold outside.
Matt: Hey, look, a shooting star. And it’s blinking!
Jami: Hey, look, it’s called an airplane.

I was really cold. My teeth were chattering. But I know what I want and there was something more important than going home to be warm. You know what I’m tlaking about.
Jami: There’s a pond over there…
Matt: Where?
Jami: Over yonder.
Matt: Oh, it’s too bad you;’re cold or else we could go see it.
Jami: No, no that’s okay.

Lol. So we walked over to the pond…you all know what’s coming…lol…and we talked for a while. And I said “So this is the last time I’ll see you outside of work.” And I cried. And he held me and wiped away my tears. And then we were hugging and looking at each other and I was losing my patience, and this is what was going through my head:

Now that you are finally free
And we’re underneath the stars like a fantasy
Just forget about her, cuz it is all about me
What you waiting for?

Wanna take a ride
What you waiting for
Or a walk outside
What you waiting for
It’s the perfect night
What you waiting for
Why don’t you just kiss me
We are all alone
Talkin’ on and on
The night is almost gone
Why don’t you just kiss me

Why don’t you just hold me tight
Move a little closer I won’t bite
Kiss me once and kiss me twice
Kiss me boy, Oh kiss this girl

Haha yeah. Okay, so I feel bad abou the “forget about her, cuz it’s all about me,” but I’m not the one who wrote the song! Anyway, it felt like forever that we were just standing there and then he FINALLY kissed me. Oh man, I thought I was gonna die just standing there waiting for it. But I am glad it finally happened. And I know you folks at home are too. Anyway, afterwards he was like “I hope you don’t get the wrong impression from that.” And I was kind of offended, but at the same time I was kind of relieved, because I don’t want him to like me. Anyway, it was even MORE like Lost in Translation because of that. I’ve been wanting a close friend like this for the longest time and I am so happy. I just wish we lived closer to each other so we can still hang out. I’ve never had a friend like him before. Oh but he was like “You can’t write this in your xanga.” And I was like “I’m ahead of you. I knew this was going to happen and I decided I wouldn’t write about it until Sunday night, so by the time people find out, you’ll be gone.” And he said that was okay.

Yesterday morning I FINALLY got a radio again. Then I got up to the front gates and Jorge made me give it to David. Bah.

After work Matt just seemed like he didn’t want to talk to me at all and I expected it to be the same today.

Then I went to Buffalo Grove to try out to be an extra in the remake of the movie The Amityville Horror. Dunno when I’ll find out. But this was my fourth time trying for a movie and I didn’t get in before, so I’m not counting on it.

I woke up sad this morning. It was Matt’s last day and I knew Jorge wouldn’t let us talk to each other.

I heard “Time of Your Life” by Green Day on the radio and some lyrics stuck out to me.
Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why.
It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Yeah, so I know why God brought me to Great America. There were a few reasons: I needed to meet Jim and learn from that mistake, I needed to know someone would hire me, I needed to do something other than sitting on my butt all summer, and I needed money. But most of all, because of Matt. And now that he is gone, it’s okay for me to leave. I didn’t plan to leave on purpose just because I knew he was going to be leaving. But that is what happened.

When I got to work it seemed like he didn’t even really want to talk to me and he was kinda saying that he didn’;t really wanna be on a detector near me. Then we go to dispatch and my name wasn’t even on the fucking attendence sheet. We got out to the front and put our stuff down on 20 (me) and 18 (him), cuz 18 was open. We set up and then he went off somewhere and talked to other people and I showed Maggie how to get to bathroom 1a. When I came back, my stuff was moved to 19, which wasn’t open and Anthony was fucking on 20. I was like “What the hell?” And he said Mike said I’m down somewhere else. So I had a cow and he let me go on 20, cuz it really wasn’t fair. My hat was there!

Anyway, Jorge saw us on 18 and 20 and looked pretty mad, but we weren’;t next to each other, so he couldn’t do anything. Jason was up there today. He sent Matt and I on our 15 together. Then we came back for a little while and I asked Jason if we could go on lunch together since it was his last day. I got shut down and he told me if I sent Delores on lunch, he’d guarantee that Matt and I could go on lunch together. So I did. And we did. And we sat with lots of security people, so we didn’t really get to talk. Then we got back and Jason put us on detectors next to each other. Jorge saw that, as well as us going to lunch together. He looked SO mad, but he put Jason in charge of sending people on breaks and stuff, so what could he do?

So the long day FINALLY ended. And I didn’t want to say goodbye to him. He said he’ll come by on his way to Indiana in a few weeks, but still. That seems so far away after seeing him like everyday. Anyway, we were in the parking lot. Talking. Hugging. I wanted to kiss him again before he left. So I was gonna be like “So I’m gonna write about it tonight.” But he beat me to it. And then we were just looking at each other and he said “Do you want to kiss?” I was like “That was subtle.” Lol. So we kissed a couple times. I didn’t really cry, because I know we’re gonna go through this again in three weeks.

spectorjl12: yeah, i saw u to in the parkinglot when we got off
spectorjl12: it looked like u were kissing

And then I came home and saw that comment from Karis. And THEN I started crying. I really miss her.

And this entry took me at least two and a half hours to write, because I’m just thinking a lot and I have ADD.

Oh, here is the quote of the day. Matt was making fun of Josh this morning when he was set back cuz he kept coming up and talking to me, cuz Anthony always does that. I call it Set Back ADD and we tried to have an intervention at lunch lol. Anyway…
Josh: Or I can be like Jim and stand here and stare at the sky and say ‘I’m in charge, I’m in charge, I’m in charge.’

Here’s to the nights we felt alive
Here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry
Here’s to goodbye
Tomorrow’s gonna come too soon

All my time is froze in motion
Can’t I stay an hour or two or more
Don’t let me let you go … Don’t let me let you go
Here’s a toast to all those who hear me all too well


AquaraChik (10:05 PM): your tonsils could grow back
BTC14 (10:05 PM): i could also ramdomly be discovered as the next huge womens basketball player if i was wearing a dress at the time

I miss you…how come you’re always too busy to talk to me?

So I haven’t written in nine days. I guess a lot has happened since then. I just don’t remember which days lol.

Wednesday night rehearsal was cancelled and Christi didn’t call me to let me know, so I woke up from my nap for nothing. It’s a good thing I had to pick up Kate, or else I wouldn’t have found out until I got all the way there. Anyway, I wound up dropping out, because I’d have to take off five days of work and that = no good.

Thursday was Shellie’s birthday and her party was on Friday night. I couldn’t sleep over, cuz I had to work the next day, but I was planning on staying really late and just getting not a whole lot of sleep. As soon as I got there, Colleen and Kristin [from Grease] fought over who got to hug me first. That was awesome. I played a game of pool with Mikey. I was three balls ahead and all I had to get was the 8 ball and then he wound up winning, because that is what happens lol. I finally got to meet Josh Hauf in person. I wound up leaving at like 11pm, cuz I started feeling depressed, and four slices of pizza and three Sprites didn’t help haha oh man.

On like Saturday..ish I talked to Mary a little bit about Jorge. Then she talked to him. And he talked to me. He said I ‘broke the chain of commands’ and if I do it again, I’ll get written up.

Sunday Matt Venci wanted to know what was wrong. I told him a little bit. He said I wouldn’t get written up for that. He also said that Matt and I should be able to work next to each other , as long as we’re doing our job, but that he was gonna stay out of it, cuz Jorge’s in charge. And he said Jorge claims Matt and I were FIFTEEN minutes late coming back from lunch that day…?!?!?! Psh.

Matt was gone Thurs-Sun, so I didn’t get to talk to him. Monday was the first time we worked together since the day Jorge forbade us form talking to each other. It was a while before Jorge came up, so we just sat on the reflection pond and talked for a little while. Anthony walked passed and said “Look at the cute couple.” Matt and I got on dectectors 17 and 20, because they almost never open 18 and 19. And 17 and 20 aren’t next to each other, so we couldn’t get in trouble. 17 is a stroller lane though (and those are the worst and EVERYONE HATES STROLLER LANES) and Matt was on that one. So we were there for most of the morning and Jorge saw and didn’t say anything to us. Then for lunch he said to talk to Mike, cuz he was running the show. Mike was right about to send us on lunch when Jorge told him we’re not allowed to. Blah.

Tuesday morning Matt said he’d take 17 again and I could take 20. I told him no, cuz I don’t want him to have to keep taking a stroller lane and he said it was fine. I was like “Do I really mean that much to you that you would keep taking a stroller lane just to be KIND OF close to me?” He said yes. <3. Unfortunately, 17 and 20 were already taken and there were none that were near each other. But we went and got lockers together. He always forgets to put his watch on his belt, so we were back there and he starts undoing his belt to put his watch on it and I was like "Do you know how much trouble we'd get into if Jorge came back here now and saw us alone and you were undoing your belt?" He was like "Well, just in case, you better get on your knees." I smacked him. Then we went to sit on a bench and talk for a little while, while Jorge was in the office. And also because I was feeling dizzy and needed to sit down. Anthony walked passed and motioned for us to move closer. I flicked him off. He said "Is that an offer?"

Matt Venci: What’s wrong?
Jami: I’m kind of dizzy right now.
Matt Venci: Well you’ve ALWAYS been kind of ditzy.

I did not have a radio on Tuesday. Come to think of it, I don’t think I had one on Monday either. I was detectoring next to Quentin and (they announce every hour, on the radio, what the attendance and the temperature is) asked him to let me know what it was and he didn’t hear it so he asked Jorge what it was and he was like “Why?” And Quentin was like “She wants to know.” And he said “It doesn’t matter!” And walked away. Quentin was like “That was mean.”

Later in the day Jorge took me to Mary’s office. I asked him if he knew why and if I was in trouble. He kept telling me he had no idea. As soon as we got there he sits down next to me and goes “So here’s what’s going on…” Fuck you, jackass! So I got in trouble for asking for the temperature and also for asking people if they’ve taken and passed their ten codes test yet.

Fuck that.

I put in my two weeks notice.

I wasn’t ready to leave last week, but I’m sure as hell ready to leave now. I didn’t even cry this time.

Oh but on the way back to dispatch, we ran into Chauncey, Jeff, and Brian McCann, who were on there way there. They were like “You two aren’t supposed to be talking to each other!” Anyway, Matt spit on the ground and I was like “That’s sick, chubbs,” and he goes
“Shut the fuck up!” And I was hurt by that and one of them was like “Uh oh, they’re havin marital problems, we better let them work it out,” and they all went on their merry way lol.

I went over to Jennifer’s house that night and we rented “Lost in Translation.” It was really good. And if you want to understand Matt’s and my relationship, you have to watch it, because that’s how it is. And even I understand better now. We’re just really good friends and we don’t need to be more.

Jami: So do you like Anthony?
Jennifer: I think that’s between me and Anthony.
*Time passes*
Jennifer: So are you and Matt just really good friends?
Jami: I think that’s between me and Matt.

Yesterday I didn’t have a radio. I talked to Venci about why I was leaving. He said he thinks it’s a mistake and he hates to see me go, but he’s also not gonna try to stop me.

Mary wanted to see me later on. She called me into the back office in the front office. Venci was in there filling out a report so he heard everything that was going on. She said that “We all enjoy working with you and everything’s got nothing but good to say about you…” Then she went on to tell me that I have a bad attitude and need to treat her officers with respect and she said that I was sitting there glaring at her, and before I could say anything, she had to go take care of something before she finished. She walked out and Venci was like “She’s not giving you a chance to talk, you should tell her what’s going on.” I said it didn’t matter cuz I’m sick of all this bullshit and it just doesn’t even matter anymore. Then I was like “I wasn’;t glaring at her, I was just listening.” He said “I know.” Ugh. Then she came back and told me that I didn’t have to take two weeks, that I could just leave right then and she’d take me off the schedule. K, I need money, so I’m going to stay. She also made sure to let me know that this won’t effect my REHIRE CODE. Riiight she really thinks I’d WANT to come back next year? I’m quitting mid season, and I still really need money, what does that tell you??

Fuck that.

I’d rather be broke and happy than not broke and depressed.

When I went to clock out yesterday, next week’s schedule was up. I looked at it and the first thing I noticed is that Matt’s name wasn’t on it. I couldn’t even write down my schedule. And then i couldn’t stay after and talk to him, just like Tuesday, because Monica was there. I really hope she’s not there on Sunday, I need to say goodbye to him. Anyway, she doesn’t give off those ‘I hate you, stupid bitch’ vibes anymore, so that is good.

I had off today. Matt did not. I wanted to go into the park and I was gonna go with Josh, but he wound up sleeping til like 3:30 lol. So we didn’t go. And I didn’t get to see Matt. And he is off tomorrow. Then Sat and Sun are his last two days and I won’t even get to talk to him. Like I said, I really hope Monica isn’t there after work on Sunday, cuz I would like to stay after and talk to him for a little while, since I may never see him again. This sucks.

I’ve been dizzy off and on for the last few days and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am going to take my temperature and then prolly call Matt.

There, I updated. That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?

Btw, Hayley, I really miss my layout…will I get it back?