Month: March 2005

From the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office filed March 15, 2005, Serial No.78587697

Word Mark: Quote:
Every Day with Clay Aiken

Goods and Services: Quote:
G & S: Entertainment services in the nature of an ongoing television talk show, in International Class 41

And a Notice of Allowance was issued for cellcert on 3/29/05


Had I known this book was going to be as dirty as it is, I probably would not have bought it. And I am not even to the part where Elphaba and Fiyero have sex!

My shoes arrived today.

Somebody I know is getting married. And I am not allowed to say who, because it is a secret…for now. But I am a bridesmaid!!!! I knew eventually somebody would make me one. Yay!!!

I had a dream two nights ago that I married Scott and wound up leaving him and having the marriage annulled after six days because he would not have sex with me because he ‘didn’t want to hurt me [emotionally].’ Which doesn’t e ven makes sense, but the fact that it was Scott making an excuse not to have sex…HAHAHAHA. And then when I IMed him yesterday to tell him about it, it turned out it was his brother on Scott’s screen name great. Oh and also in the dream Scott said something about “Oh sweet Lurline!” So I am dreaming about Wicked now lol.

I saw Steve Sliozis at Portillo’s last night.
Steve: Where did you go after Sandburg? You didn’t go to Mundelein…
Jami: Yes I did, we had a class together…

I got an e-mail from Baker today. He said it was nice to see me but he doesn’t like to see me sad. I think he should take his asp to Matt’s shins lol. Anyway, his signature is “Meth addicts don’t sleep but they still have nightmares.” Lol only a cop would have that as a signature.

So I woke up today at 2pm (Yay!) to hear Marni and some other girl talking and I was ready to kick out whoever the other person was because Marni is grounded. I opened my door and it was…KATIE PIPER….and baby Haley!!!!! Crazy! Katie noticed I’ve lost weight yay. I held Haley. She weighs 18 pounds. I thought I was going to die. Katie took Haley back when she started to pull off my glasses lol. She is so cute! She looks just like Katie except she has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Katie said she was so small at first that she was wearing American Girl Doll and Build-a-Bear clothes lol. But I can’t say I’m not surprised. But I really think having a baby is the best thing that has happened to Katie, because she really seems to have grown up a lot. She said she found out that she has a brother and sister, but can’t get her Mom’s name and address yet because Illinois changed the law and now you have to be 21 to get your birth Mother’s info. That is crap, because she has to wait all the way until October!
Katie: Haley is sleeping through the night now.
Jami: Jeez, I am not even sleeping through the night!
Katie: I know, me neither.
Jami: Well we are Bipolar, we don’t have to sleep!
*both high five each other*

Okay umm my only prediction is that I think Scott Savol is going home. This really is the strongest top 10 they have had. Nobody is really outstanding, but nobody is really bad either. Bo was just eh tonight, he may possibly be in the bottom three but who knows. I was impressed with Carrie tonight but refuse to vote for her because she bothers me and because her tongue was yellow. I will vote for Vonzell if I can get through. Constantine did really well tonight. Paula Abdul had a little too much alkeehol before the show.

SPRING BREAK!!!! Thank God.

So I went shopping for shoes yesterday. I hate shopping for shoes grr. I went all over the place and wound up just ordering them online from Zappos, but they have free shipping with a 365 day money back gurantee so that is good. Now I just have to wait 4-5 business days. It’s a good thing i have nothing to do.

Then after that I went to pick up my birth control pills and the pharmacy was closed and I was supposed to start taking them last night. And the pharmacy is probably closed today because it’s Easter, so I won’t be able to start taking them again until tomorrow night. Wonderful.

I lost two pounds this week. I decided I want to lose six pounds in the next six weeks, before I go to San Diego. Ari told me to give him a week and then buy plane tickets.

I bought two books yesterday: Wicked and Hollywood Causes Cancer. I decided to read Wicked this week and save Hollywood Causes Cancer for the plane ride. Anyway, I haven’t gotten too far into the book yet, but I am willing to bet L. Frank Baum is rolling in his grave, because there is so much sex in here and they have dropped the f-bomb a few times.

I thought this was funny so I took a screen shot, since my Mom recorded it on the computer instead of the telly…

This was the look on Paula Abdul’s face while Mikalah Gordon was talking on Wednesday night lol.

So I see Ryan Porter at school all the time and I just want to say “Shouldn’t you be rotting in jail?” And I feel really bad about that, so I decided, on Friday, to ask how he was doing. And he looked really excited when I asked him that, and I have a feeling it’s not because we haven’t talked in five years. It’s been over two years and I’m sure he knows what he did was wrong. And even though it was his fault, it was his girlfriend and I’m sure he feels bad. Now I’m not saying what he did was right, because it wasn’t. But he’s a nice guy, I know that, and I just feel bad for thinking and saying bad things about him. I’m probably going to get a lot of crap for that. Oh well.

So we had this mock debate thing in speech the other day about gas prices, and thank God, I was on the consumer side. And my job was to present our call to action. Apparently it was a big hit and one guy even applauded for me. I know I caught the other team off guard with it and I even surprised my teammates who had no idea what I was going to say. So here is what I said:

$35 for a tank of gas. That is just $20 shy of the cost of one credit hour here at CLC. Gas prices are currently as high as $2.36 per gallon. At this price, if you use one tank of gas per week, in a 16 week semester, you will be spending just $100 less, on gas, than you will be spending on a full course load at CLC. Some people cannot even afford to pay for CLC, so the government offers financial aid. Yet they expect us to pay for gas on our own and we will be buying gas a lot longer than we will be going to school. And because of that, we will wind up spending more money on gas than we will on school. Our call to action is hybrid cars. Ford, Honda, and Toyota all have hybrid cars on the American market, so they are available. Now we just need more. They do cost more than regular cars, but in the long run, it will actually cost less than a regular car, because you will nto be spending nearly as much on gasoline.

I have also figured out my schedule for the summer and fall, although I cannot sign up for another month.

MTH 102 Basic Algebra 7-8:50PM
PSY 226 Adolescent Development 4-6:45pm
MTH 102 Basic Algebra 7-8:50PM
MTH 102 Basic Algebra 7-8:50PM
PSY 226 Adolescent Development 4-6:45pm
MTH 102 Basic Algebra 7-8:50PM

MTH 108 Intermediate Algebra 11-12:50
MTH 104 Geometry 10-11:50
BIO 120 Environmental Bio 12:30-1:45
ENG 122 English Comp II 2-3:15
BIO 120 Environmental Bio lab 12-1:50
PSY 224 Theories of Personality 6:30-9:15
MTH 104 Geometry 10-11:50
BIO 120 Environmental Bio 12:30-1:45
ENG 122 English Comp II 2-3:15
MTH 108 Intermediate Algebra 11-12:50

And if all goes as planned, assuming that I will still be here in the Fall, I will be taking Beginning Hebrew 1 at Oakton on Tuesday and Thursday nights. My Uncle Scott lives in Evanston and he said I can use his address as long as I don’t come over lol.

EDIT: For some reason, I feel fine about this. Maybe it was just time to stop talking.

I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led to those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today because I knew you

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder half way through the wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you I have been changed
For good

It well may be that we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me is made from what I learned from you
You’ll be with me like a handprint on my heart

And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend

Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind on the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distatant wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed
For good

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness for the things I’ve done you blamed me for
But then I guess we know there’s blame to share
And none of it seems to matter anymore

Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better

Because I knew you
I have been changed
For good

I really can’t think of a better song. I wish I knew what your deal was. Looks like you got your way. Goodbye.

Why are people from Mundelein so dumb? *sigh*

Signs you are dating a psych major.

9) You awake in the middle of the night to a tape repeating, ‘This time it’s true love… This time it’s true love…’

8) You get an electric shock every time you leave the toilet seat up.

7) Everything she says sounds interesting but has no practical value.

6) A trip to any fast food joint always results in ketchup-and-napkin Rorschach tests.

5) After you fall down the stairs, she asks ‘How does that make you feel?’

4) Instead of a goodnight kiss, she leaves you with, ‘Looks like our time’s about up’.

3) Win one lousy game of Nintendo and suddenly you’re a manic bipolar schizophrenic with latent passive/aggressive tendencies.

2) During arguments calmly says, ‘What I hear is that you can’t stand my overly rational, Spock-like approach, and that you feel I should have the stick extracted from my ass. Is that correct?’

and the Number 1 Sign You’re Dating a Psychology Major…

1) You’re rewarded with a peanut every time you correctly hit the G spot.

It’s not just me. They ARE playing “Pieces of Me” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Why would Tim McGraw and Nelly collaborate? I really didn’t think anybody would listen to Vanilla Ice.

Yup, Mikalah Gordon is gone. Finally America got it right. When my Dad tells stories he likes to end with “And she was never seen or heard from again…” I think that fits well here. Anyway, the posting of the wrong phone numbers was intentional. First fo all, Ryan Seacrest announced that it was human error. Second of all, someone on a forum said that they did it so they could advertise “Life on a Stick” because nobody will watch it. I believe it. Amy Yasbeck is in it. I am glad she is getting work, it’s just too bad it won’t last. And speaking of that family, it looks like Joan of Arcadia may be cancelled for next season, so Jason Ritter will be out of work as well. Plus I will be really upset because that show is such a great show to be on TV and it has brought me a lot closer to God. And of course it convinced me to get my driver’s license.

Okay I still haven’t finished my American Decades stuff so I missed class again today and I also missed Sociology again and we had a quiz and he won’t grant makeups, so I just screwed my grade in that class. My fault. Completely my fault. I’ll be at Eastern in the spring. I will just have to let my roommate know not to get too attached to me.

We got our film midterms back yesterday. I wasn’t expecting more than a D in the first place and then he announced that they weren’t very good, which made it even better when I got a C+!! Yay. Then we watched “The Thing (From Another World)” and when the alien’s hand came out of the door in this one scene someone in my class dropped their food on the floor and we could hear it and it was so funny.

I decided to get Jimmy John’s yesterday to give it another chance. As long as I come home and put mustard on it it is REALLY good!!! So I went to get another sandwich tonight and the guy who took my order and made the sandwich was an incompitent (sp?) ninny…he must go to MHS lol. Anyway, first I said seven grain bread, so he pulls out the French bread and I said “No, seven grain” so he holds up the french bread and I said it again and he said “Oh!” And pulled out the last two pieces of seven grain bread. Before this, I had also stated that I do not want tomatoes or mayonnaise. So after he gets the bread right he goes to put mayonnaise on it and I stopped him just in time phew. So then he puts a tomato on it. Grr. So now I am getting mad. Then he goes to wrap it up and he didn’t even put sprouts on it so I had to stop him grr. But then I came home and put mustard on it and ate it and was happy mmmm.

I decided I am not going to San Diego next week. I just need to stay home and rest, which is funny because I make a big deal about how I need to get out lol. I know I’ll be bored out of my mind, but I just think I need the rest because the last6 five weeks of the semester I need to spend WORKING. Seriously. I get out of school about a month before Ari, so hopefully I can get down there in May. Plus it’ll be warmer then!

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American Idol puts up wrong numbers for 3 contestants 

2005-03-22 23:41:44

American Idol displayed the wrong telephone number during the recap of the contestant’s performances. One very observant viewer pointed this mistake out to us, and we’re quite grateful. I’m usually too busy making notes to actually watch the show anymore for these little details.

The telephone numbers put up for Mikalah Gordon, Anwar Robinson, and Jessica Sierra were wrong. As you can see in the pictures, the upper number is correct, but the lower numbers are wrong. Mikalah’s number is supposed to 1-866-IDOLS-09, but the lower number was displayed as 1-866-43657-01, which was Anthony Fedorov’s number. Anwar’s upper number was correct, 1-866-IDOLS-10, but the lower number was listed as 1-866-43657-02, which was Carrie Underwood’s number. And finally, Jessica’s number was 1-866-IDOLS-11, but the lower number given was 1-866-43657-03, which was Scott Savol’s number.

The guest who pointed this out wondered if this was really a mistake or if it was yet another way for the producers to lead the voters. I think it truly was mistake, as they’ve been promoting Anwar heavily anyhow, so to do it to him would be odd to say the least. The producers have less obvious ways of leading the voters anyhow, such as background music being too loud or microphone troubles, and of course the most obvious influence – the judges. Randy and Paula are there to be nice. Simon is there to occcasionally be the one to lead the voters, such as his insistence that Carrie will win. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one getting bothered by it, as it troubles our observant viewer as well. I did enjoy her performance tonight, but I’m also tired of having her crammed down my throat as “the next American Idol.” She’s good, but she’s not that consistently good. There are others who are better and more consistent.

I do feel that should Mikalah be the one to go, as I feel she will be, then her fans will scream bloody murder that it was foul play. A similiar thing happened in the finals of American Idol’s season 2, with Clay Aiken’s home state having a very hard time voting. I believe that almost no one from his home state got to vote. If the American Idol producers didn’t do anything about that, you can bet they won’t do anything about this. Beyond that, I think that it won’t effect the outcome anyhow, as most people don’t pay attention to that bottom number, they read the top number instead.

There is supposed to be re-voting for two hours after tonight’s episode. SOmebody vote for Nadia and Jessica for me since I will be in class?

I don’t understand why they can’t just let people vote for who they want to and let the RIGHT person win. Why do they keep rigging it? Jeez.

EDIT: This is from the official web site

Due to an error with the graphics shown on-screen (incorrect voting numbers were displayed) during the performance recap at the end of last night’s AMERICAN IDOL, a live, one-hour show will air tonight, Wednesday, March 23 9/8c on FOX, to enable a re-vote. This new show will combine new live elements with encores of Tuesday’s performances from the remaining 11 contestants.

Phone lines will open at the conclusion of tonight’s show and will remain open for two hours to give viewers the chance to vote for their favorite contestants and keep them in the competition. Only the voting results from tonight’s show will determine who received the lowest number of votes and will be sent home this week. Tune in to see who America has chosen to stay and who is sent home on the live results show tomorrow, Thursday, March 24 9/8c live on FOX.