So Kara told me how third period is working next year and I must say I am extremely jealous. I wish it had been like that my senior year…gym is such an unnecessary class.

I saw Gretchen the other day. I asked her if she’s still at Not So Great America. She got a kick out of that.

Daylon went home like three hours early today so Veronica put me in the elephant, which was my first time on my own for more than a half hour, but it was Friday morning so it was fairly slow and I was alright. I like being in the elephant (when it’s slow), because it’s easy and also because I see people. Today Anthony Agnoli walked by. I really miss some of the people I worked with last summer. He told me that Jorge told everyone I got FIRED because I was MEAN to everyone ALL SUMMER. Wait just one cotton picken moment here. You make fun of me for being TOO NICE to everyone and you’re…grrr. Jeez I am sorry you’re creepy and I wasn’t interested in you and you thought Matt and I were dating. GET OVER IT. My goodness.

Today was Shellie’s birthday and I went to her party and definitely left when they were about to start smoking the 11-35. Yeah I said 11-35. I miss my job from last summer, so sue me. I can’t stop her from doing it, but at least I am able to walk away from it. Unlike that one time when I was with Amanda and I couldn’t leave because she was my ride and she KNEW I did not want to be around that. AND if you have tuned in since then, she [Amanda] didn’t smoke pot then because, even though she’s done it before, she knew I would flip out if she got behind the wheel after doing that. Anyway, Shellie said she wouldn’t be leaving her property. All I know is they were doing it in a car…and she was behind the wheel…and she doesn’t have her license…not that that matters. She better have stayed on her property. I just thought it was funny last summer that she was such good friends with someone who got paid to take drugs away from people and report them to the police.

Which brings me to my next point. CLC had a mini job fair yesterday and Gurnee Mills security is hiring part time so I picked up an application, because it pays $9.25, plus I’d get to wortk with Jeff and Baker again. But I would have to wear those stupid mounty hats and fill out pain in the butt police reports. I wound up opting not to apply for it, cuz the guy I talked to today is the stereotype of mall security…meaning he’s an idiot. I don’t want to work with people like that. Oh well.

I need to CREATE a game (board game, card game, etc) that helps adolescents deal with depression. It’s due on Tuesday. Any ideas? Also, any ideas for a poem I need to write that is due on Monday? Or a couple I can interview for my Soc paper. Prayer is also welcome and much appreciated.

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange

At Your Highest:

You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.

At Your Lowest:

You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

In Love:

You are loyal – but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You’re Attractive:

You are very affectionate and inspire trust.

Your Eternal Question:

“Am I Respected?”

Okay, now that’s just plain eerie.



  1. Yes very sad.  I have told people ” hey we invented G-D! ” Your dad does look like a rabbi though.  It’s just so weird to me, I mean it’s the year 2005, come on people don’t you watch tv.?  When I was a kid someone told me ”  I hate you, you killed G-D”.  I don’t think we have come very far, but whatever, I love being Jewish and I am at peace with my spirtuality.  I also think many of the Jewish rituals are very smart, you might be interested in this since you are a psyc.  major right?  Look at how Jews do the whole death thing, ok first of all they don’t wait 2 weeks while the dead body is just sitting there, get it done right away so you can start the mourning process.  Then they don’t have a forced open casket where everyone feels obligated to go look at the person, but if you want to privatly view you can.  Then during the funeral people really close to the person can go to a private room and have the service piped in.  You get the torn ribbin so people know you are in mourning and they can act accordingly.  At the gravesite you actually participate in the burial which I think is healthy and you see them lower the casket into the ground ( I also think this is healthy from a psycological point of view.  You do not errect a tomestone (sp) for a year giving you a year to grieve and then some finality when you do errect it.  Also, sitting shiva, what a great thing.  You don’t just pay your respects one day and then blow the person off, this way the family has people around them for a little while ( days ) for comfort.  There are lots more but you get the point.  If you ask me Christians changed a lot of good and cool things, they should have kept a lot of our traditions and then added on.  I mean come on the sabbath on Sunday? 

  2. yeah at least your not black.  They probably get stuff like, Does your dad live with you?  Is your dad a janitor, is your dad in jail and things like that.  At least people steryotype Jews in pretty good professions LOL.

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