1. Name: Jami
2. Who are you? me
3. How old are you?: 20
4. Where do you live currently?: Mundeathlein
5. Where would you want to live?: Australia. I will have to talk this over with my husband. If he’s Jewish I will probably wind up getting my way. Sorry but that’s just how it works
6. Is Chyna a man or a woman?: Woman
7. Is Louise a funny name?: Umm not really
8. What celebrity woman would you sleep with?: Hmm…I have a woman crush on Anna Nalick, but I would never sleep with someone I wasn’t married too. Especially not a woman
9. What celebrity guy would you sleep with?: None unless my husband became a celebrity after we were married (I would never marry a celebrity because that’s just relationship suicide…stupid tabloids ruining everyone’s lives)

10. Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the raccoon it could be done
11. Who’s your daddy? Rick
12. Are you ready for it? Perhaps
13. What famous people have the same birthday as you? Debra Jo Rupp, Abe Vigoda…umm I dunno anyone else off hand and I am too lazy to look it up
Have you ever…
1. Been to a Backstreet Boys concert? no
2. Been on a plane? yes
3. Been on a cruise? no
4. Went swimming in the ocean? yes…it was salty
5. Been to Europe? yeah but only three countries
6. Been to Mexico? yes
7. Been to Canada? once for a few hours
8. Been to China? no
9. Been to Alaska? no
10. Been to Australia? not yet!
11. Been to Japan? no
12. Been to Korea? no
13. Been in a school play? yes
14. Gone to Church? yes
15. Watched “Dawson’s Creek”? yes
16. Seen a grizzly bear (not in the zoo)? no
17. Been to Lake Powell? No
18. Gone skiing? nope…i’m a wuss
19. Gone snowboarding? see above
20. Been on a motorcycle or motorbike? nope and not gonna either
21. Fell asleep during a scary movie? don’t think so
22. Never slept during a night? yeah..many a time
23. Played field hockey? prolly in gym in middle school
24. Played soccer? in school and at camp
25. Played baseball? I’ll never admit to having played for the White Sox at Little League in 4th grade
26. Been to a Major League Baseball game? I went to a Cubs game when I was six and had I made it out to see Ari *cough* we were thinking about going to a Padres/Cubs game since the Cubbies were out there that week
27. Sat in a suite at a basketball game? nope
28. Seen the Harlem Globetrotters? yep, in Miami
29. Kissed a guygirl? a guy
30. Gone to Applebee’s: nope
31. Eaten fish: yeah but i don’t like it anymore. the kitchen at work smells like fish and seafood, it’s gross
32. Eaten caviar: yes when I was younger
33. Seen someone die (not in a movie): no
34. Met a celebrity: yes (see December 21, 2004)
35. Met the president: no
36. Sang in public: yes and if jusspress.com would let you get videos up there from Macs I would put my Lights solo up there, as well as Mooning, because Derek says he needs something to heckle me, since I don’t have a web cam. He said “heckling must ensue.”
37. Driven a car: yes
38. Didn’t wash your hair for a week: yeah once when I was really sick
39. Been to all 50 states: no
40. Broken something valuable: my nose?
41. Disobeyed your parents: who hasn’t?
42. Missed a day of Church: yeah…I’m a bad person
43. Skipped school: in college
44. Had your teachers go on strike? no
45. Broken through ice? haha no but I watched Marni fall into Big Bear Lake in Vernon Hills because she walked on the ice and it was really thin. She was like seven and it was hilarious
46. Bought ice cream from an ice cream truck? in Florida and Vernon Hills. They’re illegal in Mundelein, though this guy came here two years ago and I made the mistake of telling him they’re illegal here and he never came back. He was cute too…darn
47. Used your parents credit card (with permission)? I’ve had my own since I was 12, thank you very much *is not a JAP*
48. Gotten a cavity? once, but I prolly have like six now
49. Broken your arm? no
50. Been given stitches? when I had my knee surgery
51. Shopped at Abecrombie and Fitch? DEATH!
52. Shopped at American Eagle: I think that’s where my Tevas are from but my Dad bought them for me and I was 10
53. Shopped at Old Navy: yep
54. Not filled out a chain letter: yeah…I hate chain letters
55. Been to the top of the Statue of Liberty: I’ve never even been to New York 😦
56. Dunked a basketball: HAHAHAHAHA I’m 5’3″ what do you think?
57. Written a story and had it published: Does Young Authors count? lol
58. Filled a piggy bank? umm…maybe?
59. Walked down 5th Avenue? no
60. Read “Gone With the Wind”? no
61. Danced in a ballet recital? When I was really little
62. Built a snowman: yes
63. Gone to the Olympics? no
64. Gone to Africa? no
65. Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge? I’ve never even been to Cali 😦
66. Milked a cow? yes on a field trip in elementary school
67. Husked corn? yeah
68. Carried a real koala bear? not yet!
69. Saw the Northern Lights? I may have…I can’t remember
70. Been to a runway fashion show? no
71. Went to the Smithsonian? nope
72. Smoked? no
73. Been drunk as hell? no
74. Screwed someone of the opposite sex? no
75. Screwed someone of the same sex? no
76. Shoplifted? no
77. Lied? who hasn’t?
78. Betrayed a friend? no
79. Been to jail? yeah I was at the Gurnee Mills jail a few months ago but it was cuz I was visiting Baker. I almost asked if I could go in one of the cells but I think I would have gotten claustrophobic
80. Smoked weed? no
81. Done LSD? no
82. Done any other illegal drug? no
83. Given oral sex? no
84. Received oral sex? no
85. Screwed something not of the human race? HAHA no but the other day at work Tabitha (this new girl who I love love LOVE…and yes I couldn’t resist putting my finger on my nose and wiggling it) was in the Bamba costume and it has breasts. No, seriously, it has like B cups. I’m not even kidding. And when no customers were around I was feeling it up because I thought it was funny and Dan saw it and..yeah I think I have officially freaked him out, especially after last week when he was telling some guys not to hit on his sister (because she works there now) and I asked if I could hit on her and the look on his face was priceless. Totally caught him off guard, it was funny
86. Screwed something not alive? no
87. Cheated on someone? no
88. Used someone? I think I used Blake for a ride home from school once last year. Maybe not used him so much as took advantage of his feelings for me, which is probably worse
89. Paid someone for sex? no
90. Been paid for sex? no
91. Played strip poker? no, just strip Happy Days Game…oh wait…that wasn’t me. I have been in the same room as people playing strip Rock, Paper, Scissors though. Seriously. I covered my eyes when one of the boys got naked and then he put his boxers back on and they ended the game, because I threatened to leave
92. Skipped school to get high / drunk? no
93. Danced naked? ha I don’t even dance with clothes ON
94. Danced naked in public? see above
95. Flashed someone? no
96. Mooned someone? no
97. Kissed someone of the same sex? no
98. Held hands? yes
99. Hugged someone? yes
100. French kissed? yes
101. Had sexual fantasies? I have Bipolar Disorder
102. Had gay/lesbian fantasies? nah
103. Stolen money? no
104. Stolen money from family? no
105. Stolen drugs from family? no
106. Been convicted of a crime? no
107. Dated someone because you heard they were ‘easy’? no
108. Had someone date you because they thought you were ‘easy’? no
109. Been called a whore? yeah but not seriously
110. Been called a bitch? yes
111. Watched porn? no, but I watched “Porn N Chicken” and I have seen E! True Hollywood story and Biography and I think something on VH1 about Jenna Jameson. I don’t know why I have watched that many things about her. OH WAIT. Once in seventh grade Sarah Short dared me to look through a Playboy and I did. does that count?
112. Taped porn? no
113. Watched porn you taped? no
114. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle? no
115. Screwed someone in a moving vehicle? no
116. Used sex ‘toys’? no
117. Tried to kill yourself? no…
118. Tried to kill someone else? nah…that’s what Oregon Trail was for
119. Told someone you hated them? not seriously
120. Told someone you loved them and didn’t mean it? no way!


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