Wow what a morning. I had a paper to revise and one to add to and I needed to bring them to my English teacher’s mailbox and that is all, since she had promised no class the week of finals. Well after hearing that Kelly had been in a car accident I was too distracted to revise that paper so all I did was fix the citing, because I figured five or ten points would be better than nothing and would at least bring my paper up to a C. It’s funny that last night the most important thing to me in the world was getting my grades up to get into Eastern in the Fall and this morning I just didn’t care at all. Anyway, I turne din my papers and drove to Shellie’s house, where nobody answered the door or the phone. I called Kristina and Scott and neither of them answered their phones. I was going to drive to Kristina’s work to see if she was there and could give me any info, but first i decided to drive to Kelly’s house, hoping that her Mom would be there and could tell me which hospital she was at so I could go see her. It turned out that Kelly was already home so I got to see her. What happened is on Friday night she was driving home from work and was in a hurry and on the phone and didn’t realise she ran a red light. The only injuries she had were getting glass in her eyes (she already had surgery) and her lip got split open and she needed stitches. Thank God. I know she’ll be fine because I asked her if she wanted anything and she said “Clay.” Haha that’s Kelly for ya. So I am very relieved. Thank God.


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