So I decided to print out a new application for Eastern and get it ready so just in case I don’t get in, I can send my Spring application the very first second I possibly can. I happened to see that they are still accepting transfer applications for Fall 2005, so they would have no problem replacing me if I don’t get in.

I was extremely confident that I had gotten a B on my Midsummer Night’s Dream paper for English and when I went to pick it up today, I saw that my teacher, the very tough grader, had given me not a B, but…AN A….what?! I am also pretty confident about my poetry paper that I just turned in. I don’t want to get overly confident but I do believe I will be getting a B as a final grade in that class, which means my GPA will be a 2.0. YES. Still no guarantee I’ll get into Eastern, but at least I’ll be off of academic probation and can keep my financial aid. Well okay i don’t want to speak too soon but yay.

Someone on the MySpace Eastern group just wrote this in response to something I said. “Jami is funny. Funny girls are awesome. Keep it up, you Jewish wonder.” Hehe.

I talked to Kelly for about 30 seconds. She’s doin alright. She said it’ll be three or four weeks before she gets the bandages off of her eyes. That sucks. It’s a good thing she’s ggoing to Columbia in the Fall because they don’t start classes until the end of September, so that will give her plenty of time to recover. I’m still prayin for her though!

They are making a Get Smart movie. Steve Carell is playing Maxwell. NICE. They haven’t cast 99 yet but I was thinking Elizabeth Hurley. Someone on the IMDB boards suggested Christa Miller. I can see that working as well. My Dad doesn’t think she can act well enough though. I do, but even if she couldn’t, that hasn’t stopped them from casting people before. Just look at Ashlee Simpson and Denise Richards.

I don’t think I wrote about this but a couple weeks ago I was on my way to CLC and was stopped at a stop light. I saw this guy carrying his bike across the road. He was dressed like he was in the Tour de France. When he got across the street he put his bike down and I saw that is was not a bicycle, but a unicycle. He got on and started riding and fell right off. He got back on and started riding and fell right off. I had to drive away but I would have loved to sit there and watch him, for I was greatly amused. Who uses a unicycle for transportation?


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