Okay I am writing this as a warning to those who lives out here….do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use the Shell Station on 60/83 & 176. EVER.

I went to get gas there yesterday because it was 10 cents cheaper than anywhere in Mundelein or Grayslake. Well for some reason it would not pump gas into my car. I tried three times and eventually it told me to go see the attendant (the station was pretty full so I couldn’t have just switched pumps), so I did, because I really didn’t have a choice. So I walked inside and the guy bore a striking resemblence to Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which put me off, but there was nobody else there. He told me I should just go try it again, so I did, and again it did not work. So I went back inside and after being heckled from both him and some 40 year old man who overheard the conversation (It’s just technology, it’s not hard…” SHUT UP I’m 20 years old, I think I know how to pump gas!!) he came outside and told me it should work and then went back inside. Well it still didn’t work so I went back inside and a second attendant came out to see what the problem was. An older man with an Eastern Eureopean accent. He claimed it was my credit card. Now I had just used this card and I know I have not hit my limit and I know there’s nothing wrong with the strip on the back of it because I have only had it since around February, so it is a fairly new card. So he took me back inside and said I would have to prepay and I didn’t know how much it would cost so I just said $20. So I went back outside and FINALLY it worked and I got exactly $20 worth of gas and even though the whole ordeal was 20 minutes, I went off on my merry way, as I was listening to my Anna Nalick CD and I thought it wasn’t even significant enough to write about it in here.

Well today my credit card company called to let me know they think there has been some fraudelant activity on my account. It turned out those jackholes at the gas station charged $70 to my account instead of $20. Wow that really sticks in my craw.

So there is your warning, do not use that gas station! If you must buy food from there, keep in mind there is a Citgo right across the street and Dominick’s right down the street. Do not do business with these gents!

On another note, I totally love Citibank for catching that.


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