EDIT: Marni just heard me sing the end of Defying Gravity.
Marni: Holy sh*t, Jami!!
Jami: Are you impressed?
Marni: F*ck yeah.
Maybe now she won’t be so mean when I sing since she knows I can hit those notes…while I’m belting.

Ooooookay so I am a really bad person. I talked to Shannon yesterday for a while (and for the first time) and it turns out I was given false information. She didn’t quit because she was cast as an understudy, she quit because she was cast as JESSICA’s understudy. Which I COMPLETELY understand. But Shannon is really nice and I feel bad and I told her that is why I haven’t talked to her at all and apologised and it’s all good now. I still feel bad though.

Adam Carolla’s TV show was tonight. I was very disappointed with it.

Yesterday I was left five comments on my MySpace. That’s crazy. I deleted two of them though because one of them was some guy I don’t know saying “Hey beautiful we should keep in touch” and that’s creepy and the other one was some Claymate telling me she’s selling three tickets for the Michigan concert.

So Eastern received my transcripts today. I was told to call back on Thursday and find out if they have made their decision. I haven’t dropped my CLC classes for the Fall yet, since it’s technically not official. And it doesn’t FEEL official. But on Saturday we had THREE parties come in with last names that were names of dorms at Eastern (Taylor, Lawson, and McKinney). If that’s nto a sign I don’t know what it.

I need a poster for my dorm room. I couldn’t find one on allposters.com that I liked that was less than like $70. I found a bunch on webshots, but I can’t decide. So if you’re reading this, do me a favour and click here and help me pick one out. The choices are all the pages where the pictures say “gallery” above them. Thank you.

Still no luck on the Freudian Slippers. Every site is sold out of medium.

Some guy came in last week wearing a shirt that said “Diamonds. She’ll pretty much have to.” Then I saw a girl this weekend wearing a shirt that said “I Zack Morris.” It’s amazing how there are certain lines or names from TV shows/movies that EVERYONE knows. For example:

Chandler Bing.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Tyler Durden.

No soup for you!

Seth Cohen.

Stop looking at me, swan.

Topanga Lawrence.

Guess what…I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

(800) 588-2300


One comment

  1. I have a shirt that says More Cowbell.  =)
    My mom was talking about buying new carpet for our house in LA, and I totally threw out that phone number.  Empire!!

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