So I was on call for today at noon. I called at 11am…from my bed, like I always do. Call back in an hour. Surprise surprise. Called back at noon…from my bed, was told to call back in a half hour because Jasmine had yet to show up. I know from last time that being told a second time I need to call back means I need to get out of bed. So I got out of bed, ate breakfast, checked Xanga, etc. I called back at noon 30 and was told I need to come in because Jasmine still had not shown up, but she said she was on her way and I was told that Becky Sue said she would send me home when Jasmine showed up. So I get to work and Kevin is in the elephant so I asked if he still needed me and he said badly. Fan freaking tastic. Now I was on a double. I clocked in, did a menu run, and brought them back to Aqua, where I was told by Jillian and Craig that Jasmine HAD, in fact, shown up and was sent home because I was coming in. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! NOW I was SUPER PISSED, not just because of that, but because I wouldn’t be able to call Eastern now to find out if I got in for sure yet or not and I hated the fact that i had no idea where I would be in seven days. Frankly, I have no idea how I kept from crying but I was thisclose to having to go in back. Oh man. But I talked to Becky Sue at 3:30 and told her I need to call my school by 4:00 to make sure everything is okay before I transfer next week and she let me go in back and call them. I tell you, my bad mood disappeared like that when I was told I had been admitted yesterday. PRAISE GOD. So then I was in a good mood for the rest of the day, except I realised I forgot to ask them for my e-mail address so I could make a Facebook profile. So when I got home (I got out an hour early tonight since I was on a double), I logged into PAWS (dunno what that stands for but it’s how you register for classes and what not) to find out my e-mail address and it said none listed. Bah. I have to call tomorrow and set up an orientation time and I will also ask them to PLEASE give me my e-mail address. Saturday I am taking a day to just veg, so my head doesn’t fall off. Oy.

My Grandma gave me a check for $200 so I can buy a fridge. This is the one I’m getting

Man am I ever glad I filled up my tank yesterday when it was $2.49, because today it is $2.69. Yeesh.

Last night I had a dream that I was making a Facebook profile and when I woke up I remembered the groups I forgot to join in my dream haha. Wow that’s sad.


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