Okay, first thing’s first. I just bought my computer and now am officially broke/in debt for the rest of my life. With it came a brand new, unopened blue iPod mini that is free after the rebate. Now I have no use for an iPod mini, but I do have use for money. So I am selling it for $150. If you’ve done your research you would know that iPod minis sell for $199 or $179 if you have a student ID. So I think $150 is a good deal. Please somebody buy this from me I need money!!!

I got my acceptance letter in the mail today. It still doesn’t seem real. According to them, my birthday is 2/27/85.

So last night was my last day at Rainforest. I had a bunch of people that I needed to say bye to. One of them was Dan. Dan did not show up to his shift on Thursday OR yesterday. So so much for that. He won’t still be working there in December. I can pretty much guarantee that. Oh well. Another was Andy and he wasn’t there either. Blah. And then one was Seth, because he’s really nice and always has a compliment for me. Well I got to find out WHY this very same night. More on that later.

I almost wrote this in here last week, but I wound up not, for some reason. I always hear everyone at work tlaking about how they all hung out together, went to a party, etc and I was like LITERALLY the only person who was never invited to do anything. Story of my life. Anyway, I was RIGHT about to walk out when Kevin invited me to go to a party at his house. Cool. I’m not stupid, I knew there was going to be alcohol there, but it’s nice to be included, so I decided to go anyway. There weren’t a whole lot of people there, but they were all cool about my not drinking. Then again I work with them so they all knew me. What I DO have a problem with is people discussing my religion amongst themselves. If you have questions ASK ME, don’t just assume or decide whatever it is you want. I had two, count em TWO people ask me last night about it saying “Well I was just wondering cuz I heard blah blah blah.” THAT makes me mad that people are talking about it when I’m not around when none of them even know anything about it. Anyway, Andy wound up showing up at like 2am, so I DID get to say bye to him. He and John decided to wrestle on the fornt lawn at around 2:30. Kevin thought it would be funny to spray them with the hose. It was. Until, with my driving foot and brand new pants that I had never worn before, I stepped in a muddy puddle when I was leaving. Fantastic lol.

And now onto the more interesting events of the night. Well like I said I like Seth because he always has a compliment for me and I like never get compliments, so it’s been nice. This was nice too last night, when he was staring at me…
Jami: What?
Seth: Just looking at your pretty eyes.
Okay that made me blush, and yeah, I DO have pretty eyes; he is right. But that was about the only thing he said to me all night that I enjoyed. What I DIDN’T enjoy were the following (these happened throughout the night): him saying “Ya know, it’s been a while since I did a Jewish girl,” “Have you ever had an adult relationship?” “You wanna go upstairs?” “You can stay on the couch with me all night,” and then eventually he just flat out said “You wanna f*ck?” Also, he kept laying on me with his head on my lap and I had to push him off of me three or four times. Ugh. I eventually wound up leaving because he was making me uncomfortable. I think he should find someone closer to his own age, which would be 31. I hate men. Like, if I thought he was joking and or he was my age, it wouldn’t have bothered me (unless I thought he was really creppy to begin with). Like, when I was right about to leave, Kevin asked me to show all the boys my breasts and that didn’t bother me, because he’s my age. And just for the record, I did not. Oh but the highlight of my night was definitely seeing Kevin’s testicles. He was telling people he was gonan pull em out and I am so naiive and didn’t think he actually would, but he did and oh my poor virgin eyes have been defiled yet again.

Please buy my iPod mini.



  1. Because it wasn’t about becoming a Christian, it was about hurting his mother and trying to find something but not really finding it.  Besides, she raised them in one of thoses not really Jewish temples I forgot what they were called, but it was like enironmental Jew or something ( no God) Hello, the halmark of Judisum is God.  They were just all F’d up.  I was just making the point that she messed with his head so bad that it would really take a lot of shrink visits to make it ok.

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