Okay, kiddies, here is the deal. I am selling my brand new, unopened blue iPod mini for $150. That’s right, $150. That’s what I said. It’s already $49 off of retail price. I am doing this because I am broke and felt I have a better chance of selling it if I lower the price, plus I don’t want to be greedy. I think this is a good deal. I set the price for a reason—I AM BROKE AND NEED MONEY. Please stop trying to haggle with me, this isn’t Mexico and your trying to haggle is just aggravating me. That comment was not racist—I have been to Mexico and they welcome haggling with open arms. I do not. I’m not lowering the price so don’t waste your time or mine. If nobody out here wants to buy it, I will just wait two days until I am around 11,000 college students, so suck it.



  1. heh, no ipod would be a better deal, lol. Sorry I’m completely biased because apple is still refuses to decode wma format… that’s a blatant “F You” to windows users… so I’ll be happy I gave the blatant finger right back to them and bought a Creative Zen Xtra 60GB player for $239. Go me.

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