Okay, where do I begin?

Wednesday night I went to bible study.

Thursday I went over to Kristen’s new house. Saw Beth Havensak on the way. I was pressured into playing frisbee. I was also pressured into eating green beans. These are the types of things I give into.

Friday was interesting. Somehow I managed to miss two days of birth control pills (Shellie, you don’t need to respond to that) and got my period a whole week and a half early. Not only that, but I didn’t have any pads or tampons. Fan freakingtastic. Luckily Nicole was awake and she let me have one. Stained a perfedctly good pair of underwear. I am so glad and grateful that it did not seep through to my pajamas and or sheets, because this was in the morning before class and I would not have had time to wash them and then they would have been ruined. After classes I had to call everybody that goes to school here (my phone is working better now. Still sucks, but better) to find somebody to take me to Wal-Mart (or Wally World, as they call it here) so I could buy pads and tampons. Luckily Katie FINALLY answered her phone and now I have pads and tampons.

Also, I saw Courtney on Friday.

My theatre professor asked me why I’m not a theatre major. I’m not sure why, as we have not done anything yet. Weird.

I am trying to figure out how to get out to Bradley next month to see Ms. Melanie Champ star as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

Showering here is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The only problem is that the water pressure here sucks. I shed a lot, especially in the shower, and my hair sticks to me and it’s like impossible to get it off. That and what REALLY bothers me is when I go to shower and other people are in there showering the door is closed. And I close it when I walk in there, because they had it closed, and because it won’t be so cold then when I get out. But when I am done with my shower, the door is open, and it is cold. Hypocrites. And tonight I went to shower and was the only one in there. A girl came in right after me and closed the door behind her and when I got out of the shower she was gone and the door was open. Aggravates me like you wouldn’t believe.

Last night I went to game night at Campus House and we played Mafia. I left early so I could meet up with Susan and her roommate Christy to see Tim Young. I didn’t think I had ever heard of him until he told this one joke and I realised I had seen him on Comedy Central before. He was really funny.

Then we went back to their apartment and, I’ll be honest, I had a Mike’s. ONE. Apparently I drank it a lot faster than I should have, but it didn’t dp anything to me. I like lemonade, what can I say? Christy had every kind except for cranberry, which was the one I wanted, so I just drank the regular one. It was alright.

There are presently 76 people in my Facebook group. I am awesome.

Someone commented that I have an awful lot of friends on there, considering I just recently got one. Let me explain. Right now, I have 184 friends on there. 33 are from Eastern. Out of those 33, six I went to high school with, eight live on my floor (including Jenny from Rainforest), two are from MySpace, 14 are from Campus House, one is Dan who was in my Soc class this summer, and I’m not going to break down the other few, but I know every single person on my Facebook list in person, with the exception of the two people from MySpace, Stephanie, and Mr. David Kasdan. Oh and technically I don’t know Caitlyn in person, which is funny, since we went to high school together. Of the friends from other schools, most of them I went to high school and or middle school with, seven I have worked with, four I went to Hebrew school with, four are Messianic Jews, two are my cousins, five went to New Trier (not including Ben), and there are a few others that I am not going to break down. Any questions?

Tonight I went with Susan to Buzzard to see The Longest Yard. It was actually pretty good, but I did not expect to cry in the middle of it. Then she, Christy, and I went to a party and I was extremely out of my element and I never agin want to go to a party.

So I figured out that the reason the eggs in the dining centers taste so weird is because they cook them on the same surface that they put ham, bacon, and sausage on. And when they make my turkey sandwiches or my pizza, they don’t change their gloves after touching ham, pepperoni, etc. I can’t win.

The University Board is looking for a comedy program coordinator and I would freaking LOVE to do it, but they meet on Tuesday nights and I have my Intro to Social Work class that night. I could switch it to Thursday nights, but I don’t have a VCR and ain’t no way I’m giving up my Seth Cohen!! But I think I am going to apply anyway. You never know. They told me they have a budget. Screw that, I say blow the whole thing on Dane Cook. I promise everyone would be much happier if we only had one comedian the entire year and it was Dane Cook than if we had a different comedian every single week without Dane Cook. Believe you me.

Rachel told me she did not have a Bat Mitzvah because her cantor got arrested for being a pimp and selling prositutes out of his apartment. Wow. She is going to have one after college and invited me to have it with her, since I, too, have been deprived of having one, for reasons beyond my control.


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