I can’t change my font colour though, weird.

According to Officer Garcia, the way you say “Freeze!” in Spanish is “¡Se hace hielo!” (make yourself ice)lol.

Dangle: He always gets a shvitz. I’ve never had a shvitz.
Junior: What’s a shvitz?
Dangle: It’s like a Jew sauna.

I had dinner with a couple Delts (as in Delta Tau Delta, as in the fraternity David Schwimmer was in) the other day. They were really nice. They told me I should stop by the house sometime and hang out.

Susan and I went to the boys’ soccer game yesterday because I wanted to see Casey play. I had the same predicament I was in last week…I thought the guy I saw was him, but I wasn’t sure. But I’ll be darned if I do that AGAIN so I just said “Casey!” and it was him. He doesn’t play anymore, because of his back, but he’s a coach now. Cool. I still hate soccer and I still say it’s against my religion lol. The other team was VICIOUS. They just kept kicking and punching our guys and NONE of them were taken out, they just kept on getting cautions. One guy even got two of them [in the first period]. But a bunch of our guys had to be taken out since they had been punched or kicked. It was like watching a freaking hockey game. Holy cow. And I found out the other team was from a Christian school. Yeesh.

There was one day last week where we were let out of Theories of Personality 10 minutes early because our professor didn’t like the way the desks in his next class were arranged so he wanted to leave early to go fix them. It was a 50 minute class. And it’s a psych class, so it started late too. Hooray for 35 minutes of instruction!

Last night I went to DQ with Susan, Christy, and Mike who is from Crete and hates Mr Neubauer (I had to ask haha). Then Christy and I decided we were going to watch the first season of Reno, so we went to Family Video (it’s hard to boycott when it’s the only video store in town…but I found out today there are five video stores in Mattoon) and they don’t carry it. Another reason to love them. So then Christy and I spent literally an hour trying to decide what to watch. We finally decided on Pretty in Pink, since neither of us had seen it before. Susan said she had homework to do but I KNEW she was going to wind up watching it with us, and I was right lol. We were all very disappointed with the movie.

I have a four day weekend this weekend. I think four days is too long, so I vote we get rid of [this coming] Saturday.

So I got a call today from someone on the University Board because they wanted to interview me for the position of comedy coordinator…and THEN he realised it said I have a class on Tuesday nights so he said they can’t interview me, but they would keep my application on hand for next semester. Blah. On the application I had to list a new and creative idea I would bring and Jenni Stukin gave me a wonderful idea that I molded into my own (but of course will give her credit) and I am posting it on here, so if they steal it, I can take them to court lol. We would have a contest for people to submit sitcom scripts and the winner would assemble a team of writers and we would cast it and perform a weekly sit come either at 7th Street Underground or get it on WEIU. Good idea.

So my Social Work class seems to be getting in the way of everything, including our next floor meeting, and I don’t get to vote on floor rules because of it. Well here’s the thing (about how pathetic I am lol), they only offer that class on Tuesday and Thursday nights (once a week). So it was either take it on Tuesday nights this semester and miss Reno 911 (we have no VCR), take it on Thursday nights this semester and miss The OC, take it on Tuesday nights next semester and miss American Idol, or take it on Thursday nights next semester and miss The OC. I opted to take it on Tuesday nights this semester, because Reno is the only show that will be on again later that night. And it turns out the season finale is next week. So that is why I can’t switch my Social Work class to make way for the U Board. Oh well. It’s their loss.


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