Mallory came up to me tonight at bible study and asked if I wanted to be on the comedy committee, even though i can’t be the coordinator and she is going to try to get me an interview. I don’t know how that would work if I can’t attend the meetings, but yay Mallory.

God bless Jenny who reminded me that today was pay day. Even though my check was only $121, it’s still better than nothing. I had my Mom pick it up for me, because I know they won’t send it to me and I’m not waiting three months to get it. She called me and told me John said hi, which means he was in the elephant. So I called and I was like “Hey, it’s Jami” and he was like “No way, I just saw your Mom!!” Oh, John.

Okay so I am in real college now so I bought one of those long key chains with the fabric and it says EIU all over it and my floor key and room key are on it. Well I swing it around, because it makes me cool, and I totally hit myself in the knee. My right knee. it hurt like heck, but I have a HUGE freaking bump on it. I don’t understand, but then again I am still trying to figure out my pool injury and how it led to a scar. Anyway, I had an ice pack that came with my 83 piece first aid kit *drools*, but it is one of those one time use ones, which is for emergencies. Well, my Mom sent me a soft ice pack the other day, because she thought all the walking I’ll be doing will bother my knee. PERFECT timing. I am definitely taking advantage of it. My poor knee. I remember when my right knee used to be my GOOD knee lol.

My Dad called me today to let me know he had lunch with Jay Leno. At first I thought he meant just some average Joe whose name happened to be jay Leno, but I was wrong. He [my Dad] went to eat at his favorite italian Beef stand in Chicago and in walks Jay Leno and his assistant. I guess he had just made an appearance on Oprah. He said they sat down next to him and he had a nice conversation with him. That’s pretty cool.


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