Okay, I have a huge problem. The problem is…I’m funny. I know that’s not a problem, it’s actually a blessing, but it is in relation to my being funny. There is this sketch comedy group here, Lunchbox Voodo. They had a booth at Pantherpalooza (all the registered student organisations have booths on the quad today so you can see what they have to offer), so I went to go talk to them about auditions, because I want to be in it (though I don’t know why, since I’m done with that stuff…it’s in the past). Well, I showed them my Ashlee Simpson song and my Subway commercial, thinking it would help me get in, and they liked them so much, they asked me to write for them. The problem is, I can’t write my way out of a paper bag, and they refused to believe me when I told them that. Every now and again I get a stroke of genius, but most of the time nothing. I just want to be IN it, not WRITE it. So I’m going to audition next Wednesday night and we will see what happens. But the president [of Lunchbox Voodoo] gave me his number and e-mail address so I can submit scripts. Oy.


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