Well so much for going to Cabaret. I really wanted to see it too. Sorry, Melanie .

Xanga classic users now have 200MB of free photo storage.

I was in the bathroom last night brushing my teeth, when I heard “OH MY GOSH. JAMI GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!” It was Ingrid. With her toothbrush. She was also brushing her teeth this morning when I walked into the bathroom. This is insane.

After church on Sunday there was a pot luck for family weekend. The Kevins convinced me to stay, since a lot of people were staying even though their parents weren’t there. So I stayed and got delicious free food. Afterwards I went over to their house. They have closet full of guns. REAL guns. And knives. And a Christmas tree. Kevin Tisch asked me if I wanted to shoot one. WHAT?!?! Of course I declined. Kevin Siddle is a member of the NRA. I don’t want to go back to their house. We also watched Bruce Almighty, which I was not too keen to watch in the first place. It was very blasphemous. I advise you not to watch it.

Jami: Butch from The Little Rascals died.
Dad: He was still alive?! I HATED that little f*cker!!!

I have been here for about six weeks now, and just today experienced my first real rude person. There is a thing out here where if you apply for a certain credit card, you get ONE free pizza from Dominoes. On my way to class today…
Guy: Do you want a free pizza? *Tries to hand Jami a flyer*
Jami: Is it that credit card thing?
Guy: Yeah.
Jami: No thanks.
Guy: Why not?
Jami: I already have a credit card. And I owe money on it.
Guy: Well that’s YOUR job…
Jami: *walks away*

My Dad is coming down here October 21-23. He told me I need to invite my Mom, even though neither of us want her here. So I did. She said “Why do you want us to be in a car together for eight hours? Are you secretly trying to get us back together?” Good job, Dad. I’d kill myself if they ever got back together.

I asked Danah about the mission trips. Mexico is over winter break, Haiti is in May, Adam is trying to organise a relief trip to the southern states affected by the hurricanes, and Yvette is trying to organise a mission trip as well. And Jami won’t be going on any of them, due to lack of money.

I have the Billy Madison Back to School song as my away message for when I’m at class. Tom IMed me the other day because some guy on his buddy list had the same away message up. He said we’re “meant to be.” Ha! I’m sure a LOT of people use that.

And speaking of Billy Madison, I have The Victory Song stuck in my head.

Yes, I will go back to school,
And achieve victory,
No man will take what my father has built
Unless that man is me!

My Billy, sweet Billy boy,
I knew you would go back,
No one can stop you if you try,
Don’t I have a nice rack?

Veronica, I thank you,
For beating the sh*t out of me.
I see things so clearly now,
I choose my destiny!

Oh, Billy, I knew you had it in ya!

We’re here to help you, Billy,
Get back in school to stay,
You gotta work real hard, and stick it out,
‘Til graduation day!

Hey, kids, it’s me!
I betcha thought that I was dead!
But when I fell over I just broke my leg
And got a hemorrhage in my head! [chuckle]

There are obstacles in the way,
But together we shall overcome,
‘Cause you can’t break a spirit, and you can’t kill a dream,
Do you have any more gum, more gum, more gum, more gum?

Do you have any more gum?


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