So Lauren drew a smiley face on our dry erase board a few days ago and someone turned it into the Koolaid Man and then it turned into this awesome conversation about Koolaid, Orbitz, etc and she erased it so she could write “Go White Sox!” So of course I crossed off White Sox and put Padres…because I’m not an idiot. And she comes home and here was the conversation…

Lauren: Okay whoever wrote that’s gonna die.
Jami: I wrote it.
Lauren: Where are they even from?
Jami: San Diego.
Lauren: Where the f*ck is San Diego?
Jami: In California.
Lauren: Nobody cares about California, they’re all drunk all the time. You could have at least put Cardinals or someone normal or a real team.
Jami: The Cardinals suck and they ARE a real team.
Lauren: Well I’ve never heard of them. You could have at least put a team that’s going for the pennant.

*smacks forehead*

EDIT: Oh and now she’s mad at me and telling me I’m dumb because the Padres are from SAN DIEGO and not LOS ANGELES like I said earlier.

I know where all the baseball teams are from, I’m not an idiot. At least I’m not dumb enough to be a Sox fan. Holy cow. She’s not even a big sports fan either. Oh and I’m not allowed to erase her White Sox stuff because it’s HER dry erase board. Wow…



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