I just found out there has been pepperoni in my fridge since last night. She apologised and said she thought pork came from cows. Breathe.

You would think at some point I would no longer run into Ingrid in the bathroom while she is brushing her teeth. You would be mistaken.

The fast went well. I had a huge Jimmy John’s sammich and then went downstairs to a mandatory floor meeting, only to find out that the free food that was promised to us was Papa Johns. Crap. I always feel obligated to take advantage of free food, but luckily when I got up there all I saw was one small piece of cheese and everything else was pepperoni and sausage, so I was saved from eating anymore. Then I came upstairs and had a drumstick (the ice cream kind, not the poultry kind).

The meeting was about sexual assualt and it was really weird to me that everyone was saying the campus is not well lit and they don’t feel safe here. I walk across campus in the dark by myself at least once a week and I feel fine.

I found out that Coles County is the number one Meth county in the state. Well that is a relief. I have been here for two months and had no idea where I could get some. I can stop freaking out now. Lol.

When you deactivate your Xuqa account your picture still shows up on other peoples’ profiles as their friend and when you click on it, it says you (the person who deactivated their account) are a dork. I am not making this up.

I received messages from two interesting boys on MySpace in the past 48 hours. One was a guy who found me through one of the Messianic groups and he, never having talked to me before, told me I should move out to San Diego (where he lives) so that I can go to synagogue with him. The other one sent me a message that said this:

okay im not gonna lie…im usually into guys but you are seriously really beautiful! can i be your boyfriend tonite? 😉 haha jk…well if u wanna talk to me more just write me back…


ps. do you like dancing? i am taking salsa lessons right now and its so great!

And this guy lives in Michigan, so it’s not like these people are even looking for girls who live close to them. Come on now. Actually I was flattered by that second one, as I have not been called that before. What’s funny is I don’t think I take good pictures, because I look at my pictures and then look at myself in the mirror (I only make faces SOMETIMES)and I like what I see in the mirror, but not so much the pictures. I look better in real life. Yes.

<img src="http://monster.namedecoder.com/webimages/imp-JAMI.png"
width=”240″ height=”180″
alt=”Jogger-Abducting Monster from the Isle”

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Jami’s Disorder
Cause: Egyptian curse
Symptoms: facial hair, chills, excessive vestigial extra head, enlarged liver
Cure: exercise
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:


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