Christy and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight at BUzzard, because it was free. And I want my money back. I had a lot of bad things to say about this movie, but it’s too much to remember and I just don’t care. Let me just say this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Oh, also, it really bothered me that the entire Bucket family has British accents, as do everyone else that lives near them, yet the cars drive on the right side of the road and their money is “dollars,” but they also have huge coins to use as money.

So I had an interesting experience at dinner tonight. First I need to tlak about Anthony, who I do not believe I have mentioned in here, and for very good reason, but after tonight I could care less if he sees this or not. This guy, the second time I ever met him, hugged me. Now I didn’t wanna be rude, but it kept happening every time I saw him. So finally one time I made an excuse that ti was too hot outside (which it was; it was like freaking 90º), but the next time I saw him he told me I owed him a hug. So I told him I don’t want him to hug me anymore because I have a problem with guys I don’t know very well touching me and he said “I know you well enough to know you live in McKinney.” Case in point. So now he just shakes me hand, but even two months later he still makes me uncomfortable. And I realise he does that to everyone, but I don’t like it. So today he IMes me and asks if I want to have dinner with him. Well because of Homecoming, the only dining center that is open this weekend is Taylor, and I was right about to head down there anyway, so what choice did I have? So I sat with him and he was complaining about how people in marching band are jerks, but he didn’t specify. Then here is what happened…

Anthony: I wonder how people would act if YOU were in marching band.
Jami: What is that supposed to mean?
Anthony: *pause* *quietly* I dunno….I shouldn’t have said anything…
Jami: Because I’m Jewish?
Anthony: *pause* *nods*

And this guy is trying to be friends with me. Yeah, here’s a tip, if you’re trying to be my friend you probably shouldn’t make comments like that. Oh and then after that he added “…Because they’re not used to it.” I’m…grrr. I’m not going to continue about this right now, but lemme tell you, he’s not helping his case any. Man.

Okay so I also saw Matt Moran (from Lunchbox Voodoo) and I asked him why I didn’t get in. because he is a nice guy and I knew he would tell me. He said my acting was good and if it were a play, I probably would have gotten the part, but I just didn’t stand out. Which is actually awesome. Because it was my acting that I was concerned about. I know they thought I was funny, because the President asked me to write for them (even though I haven’t heard back from him, but that is okay because I don’t want to write anyway). So I feel better now yay.

crystal pepsi is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Amen to that.


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