I made a huge decision today that could affect the rest of my life. More on this later.

Okay well the feedback I wanted was whether or not I should sign up to read that at the next FNT, but either nobody read that entry or nobody has an opinion. That weirdo from San Diego left me a comment on it on my MySpace, but it was just adding to what I already said.

Went bowling tonight with the family group. By some miracle of God bowled a 76.

I went to the Campus House newcomers dessert night last night. We had Q & A for the staff. Highlight of the night…

“What is your favorite season and why?”
Matthew: Fall. I like to watch things die.

And speaking of Fall…it IS Fall, right? I could have sworn we were a month into it already.

Not that I’m complaining or anything…

Okay so the major decision. I’ve never done well in school because I’ve always been bored with it. I don’t want to be a Psych major and I have been arguing with God over this for over two years. I am not happy with it. Being a Mental Health Counselor is fine with me, I just want to work with people and not learning all these theories and facts and stuff that I could care less about. If somebody came into my office saying they want to kill themselves, telling them that Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 and was called “My Golden Sigi” by his Mother is not going to solve the problem. I can’t force myself to be interested in something and I can’t get good grades if I’m not interested. There is no way I can get into Grad school without good grades and a good GRE score. And there is no way I can be a Mental Health Counselor without going to grad school. Well I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks. The only class I am enjoying right now, and what I am enjoying more than almost every single class I have ever taken, is my Health class. And I remember enjoying my health class in high school too. I was already a Health Studies minor, but I was thinking of switching my major to Health Studies, but then I have to do something in the health field and I know that is not what God wants for me. I have been telling Him if He really wants me to do this, then He will make me be interested in it. Today I had an appointment with my academic advisor, so this was all REALLY bothering me. I just can’t stand being a psych major anymore. It stresses me out so much that I don’t care about my major. Then I realised I am such an idiot and you don’t need a B.A. in PSYCH in order to get into a grad school psych program. DUH. Man I am dumb. So I changed my major today officially to Community Health. I kept psych as my minor. After this semester I only need two mroe psych classes then I am done with the minor. I am also going to take Crisis Intervention, I think. Plus if I am a minor, I can still get into Psi Chi and they can help me find a grad program in Counseling Psych. Oh man I feel like such a huge weight has been listed off of my shoulders now. So here is my revised schedule for next semester (assuming I get into everything). Oh and the only reason I am taking Psychology of Gender is because they only offer it in the Spring and hopefully next year I will be in Oz.

HST 2250 001 Health Professions in School and Community 10-10:50AM
MAT 1271 006 College Algebra 2-2:50PM
HST 2270 002 Community Health 3-4:15PM
BIO 2001 006 Human Physiology 11-12:15PM
HST 3500 001 Human Sexuality 2-3:15PM
PSY 3270 001 Psychology of Gender 4-6:30
BIO 2001 006 Human Physiology 11-12:50PM
MAT 1271 006 College Algebra 2-2:50PM
HST 2270 002 Community Health 3-4:15PM
BIO 2001 006 Human Physiology 11-12:15PM
HST 3500 001 Human Sexuality 2-3:15PM
MAT 1271 006 College Algebra 2-2:50PM

I feel a little uneasy about it, but that is just because I don’t like change. I could always change it back if I NEEDED to. I hope either way this doesn’t put me even further behind. I really didn’t think this through lol. But I get a new advisor (thank God) and I don’t have to worry about finding the Psych department chair to find out if my Adolescent Development class will transfer as a development class or not. Oh and we made sure that my ASL credit went through as a foreign language requirement so I officially do not have to take another language yay!!!

I leave you with this joke that I stole from Alison McCabe, who stole it from Shannon Wittenberger.

How many sopranos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Three. One to climb up the ladder, one to kick the ladder out from under her and a third to say, “I knew that was too high for you, dear.”

GO ASTROS…pretty please…

Oh and…

Chag sameach to all my Jewish friend.



  1. first of all, 76 is a bad bowling score anywaysecond, congrats on the new majorthird, read that at the FNT thingyfourth, human sexuality?fifth, yes, go Astros (at least for this series)sixth, try to keep your posts to one language please

  2. first of all, it’s better than my prior score of 33 last yearsecond, thank youthird, thank you a lotfourth, it’s for my [health] majorfifth, yes, for this seriessixth, you almost never read this anyway so i don’t know why you’re complaining. it means “happy holiday”

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