First of all, I would like to announce that when Homecoming started off this year, CCH was in dead last. Out of all three divisions (not that that matters) and we wound up taking 3rd in our division. Yay.

Sara Ramirez and Tim Curry are both done with Spamalot, come December 18. Tim Curry was nothing to write home about, but I have a feeling he HELPS to sell tickets. Okay at this point I don’t think they need him. But Sara Ramirez is leaving oh man. That could really hurt the show. I mean, it was amazing, but they’ll never be able to find anyone that can hold a candle to her. I don’t know why she is leaving. I know she had filmed a pilot, that I think is set to be a mid season replacement on ABC, but in this day and age, you don’t drop a role like that to do a sit com that hasn’t even aired yet. So I am HOPING she will join the tour. Fat chance, I know. But John Tartaglia and Rick Lyon left Avenue Q in January and now they’re doing it again in Las Vegas. So ya never know.

Anyway, Broadway in Chicago has the most amazing upcoming season. I would LOVE to go see Spelling Bee for my birthday. Oh and I think Ana Gasteyer is leaving Wicked on January 16, I would like to go see her before she leaves. I think Wicked might only be in Chicago through April 30.

twztdbuttafly420 (12:04:46 AM): i will sell my soul for rent tickets
Jami86e (12:05:25 AM): i think you already sold it to see wicked
twztdbuttafly420 (12:05:35 AM): ill sell it again

So I dropped my math class. I hadn’t gone in like six weeks. How sad that that’s not even an exaggeration. Now this is not a hard math class, it is remedial. But I figured out last week why I had never wanted to go. At Eastern, you have to have a certain amount of math in order to officially declare a Psych major. Taking that class put me one step further to being an official psych major, and that is not what I wanted. So now there is no pressure so I am going to retake it next semester and actually go to class lol. Plus it sucked trying to get from the 3rd floor of Old Main to the 2nd floor of Lantz within ten minutes (See Campus Map). I also realised that it will be good for me to major in Health though, since they talk about public health facilities, which is what I want to be working in anyway. And I know there are mental health professionals working for the Lake County Health Department. So I just justified my major.

My Dad was here this weekend. Friday I made him take me to The Burger King in Mattoon. And, after much protest, we went and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to go back. Then we went to the movie theatre in Charleston to see “Just Like Heaven.” It was alright. The movie plot was pretty chimerical. It was funny, because when I walked into the theatre Defying Gravity was playing. Then my Dad bought me a TV. That was a long two days without it, thank you to the person who spent a few hours entertaining me so I wouldn’t be bored.

Then yesterday we went to Chambana and spent a great deal of the day bickering. Then we had dinner at olive Garden and got it for free because our waiter sucked. Then we went to go see “Waiting.” Dane Cook, Vanessa Lengies, and Alanna Ubach were in it, which made me very happy, especially the latter. Oh and the guy from Freaks and Geeks was in it. This was the most true to real life movie I have ever seen, all the way down to the boys showing each other their goods. Though they don’t actually do that AT work at Rainforest, thank God. If you have ever worked in a restaurant I strongly suiggest you go see this movie.

Dane Cook is going to be at ISU on Tuesday, November 8. I am most likely ditching class to go with Susan to see him. Yay.

Oh and Tina Fey is back. Thank God. I seriously thought I was going to die if I had to sit through another Weekend Update with Horatio Sanz as an anchor.


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