Well it might be good that I attract a lot of Mexican men. I definitely did not get charged for a $4.00 daiquiri tonight when I went to El Rancherito with Christy and Susan. Too bad the tacos weren’t anything to write home about. I long for my El Famous Burrito.

I have a test in Social Work this coming Tuesday night, which means I get out early. Which means I am free to watch and or participate in Taylor Karaoke. And by watch and or participate, I mean just watch. I want to be with friends when I lose my karaoke virginity.

I went to my psych forum class yesterday for the first time since changing my major and I absolutely dreaded being there. I am so glad I changed my major.

I went to the study abroad info session yesterday. I may or may not be in the paper cuz some girl interviewed me lol.

Yesterday my Theories of Personality professor was telling us that Emmanuel Kant said that you should behave as though God exists, so that way IF He does, you’ll get to Heaven. I don’t like the things Dr. Spencer says about religion, morals, etc, but I decided I needed to say something. So I said “If you behave as if He MIGHT exist, then you don’t actually believe and you won’t get to heaven.” He turned red and said I was right and it was his mistake. Yay!

Watch Jeopardy tomorrow!!! Yay Joey Bland!

This looks like Kif from Futurama, except not green


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