Stolen from Paul Choi’s Xanga…


How are you? You woke up this morning without saying hello. You were in such a hurry to get ready for the day, and I understand. I made the sun a bit brighter so that you could see clearly and not have fumble for the lights. You didn’t have to thank Me, in fact, you didn’t.

While you were walking, I noticed you were beginning to feel hot. So I planted that tree some odd years ago, to provide you some shade. You took notice and sat down, and I provided a cool wave of air your way. You felt better, and smiled, and it made Me glad. You continued on your way without waving back to Me…

You were hanging out with your friends, and the sound of your laughter was enough to make Me happy. But some of the things that you said broke My heart. I tried getting your attention but you were having such a great time with them that I didn’t want to interrupt. I guess I am a little out-dated, huh? Its okay, I won’t barge in on your conversations when I’m not invited…

When I heard you crying, I rushed to hold you in my arms, but someone else was already there. I wished it was Me that comforting you, but as long as you felt better, I was comforted as well. When you were done crying and felt relaxed, you walked past Me and headed on your way. The tears in your eyes must have blurred your vision. Your tears were wiped away, as were Mine…

As the day turned to night, you were crawled into bed and found it hard to sleep. I silenced the crickets and made the moon brighter. I sang you a lullaby and you knocked out. You didn’t say goodnight, but it’s okay, I understand that tomorrow is important, like today.

I hope tomorrow we can sit down and talk. You could tell Me your happiness, the drama, and anything else that I could help you with. If not tomorrow, then any day is fine, okay? Remember, I’m here for you, I always have been, and always will be. You are My beloved, My friend, and I love you as you are. Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to write!

Love always,


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