Today there were people on the quads with huge signs and they were yelling at everyone telling them they are all going to Hell. It reminded me of this from DC/LA 2000 (a Christian youth conference, for those that don’t know. And for those that do know…Overflow, let me overflow, fill my heart and soul til I overflow…it’ll be in your head now!!!! ):

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the one that said “Billy Graham leads to Hell.”

Apparently Braghan went up to one of these people and said she was already saved and was told she is going to Hell and they refused to sit down and talk to her.

What is with people like that? How can they assume that every single person on this campus is going to Hell? And then they don’t even listen to someone who says they are already saved.

Also, this prevented me from napping, as some student decided to retaliate by blasting “Highway to Hell.” Which was funny, but I like to sleep.



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