Blah. All my entries this week will most likely contain that word. That and or grrr.

Christy gave me a ride home. We stopped at U of I on the way to get her brother, Joey. We passed by Kristi and Sean on 57. I waved but they did not see me. My Mom called in the middle of the car ride and they got to hear me on the phone with her. I think Christy got a little freaked out. Yeah, Jews screech at each other. It happens. Especially when the person’s Mother decides that the people graciously giving the person a four hour ride home should go out of their way even further so that they can go through a drive thru for the person at a place she wanted to go to on her own since she hadn’t driven in three months.

I can’t believe how incredibly stressed out I am already.

When I got home I hopped on the scale, because I know I have lost a lot of weight, because my clothes are getting big on me, and I look like I have, and people tell me I have, and my legs are half the size they were when i left for school. Well as it turns out, I gained 10 lbs. BOO!!! Yeah I guess it’s weight from muscle since I walk everywhere now. I didn’t ASK for muscled, I ASKED to lose weight. Grr.

I was going to go to Barnelli’s to get myself a salad, but I decided to call Shellie. I assumed she was at work, but miraculously she was not, and also happened to be free. So we went to Olando’s, which I forgot to add to my list.

And, Shellie, this is my response to our conversation about your dinner:

I’m going to play with Limewire now. Yay!



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