Well I’ve been staring at this first paper for over two hours and have not made any progress since then and I don’t have much written on it. Fortunately there is no minimum number of pages. Then I have two left which are both 2-3 pages. Both for my Psych Forum class. This class is required for psych majors. One of these papers is about how this class has helped me for my major. Psych is no longer my major, so writing this paper is completely unnecessary to me and if I didn’t get a grade, I most definitely would not write it. The other paper is to research “Capstone courses” and design one for the psych department here, because Dr. Williams wants to start one, but he apparently needs 99 students to do research about it for him. This was supposed to be a huge blowoff class. I was under the impression that I would get an A in this class for doing nothing, which is why I didn’t drop it when I changed my major. And just days after the withdrawl date passed, I found out about these papers. Son of a cow. When I found out about these papers, I should have just asked him if he could withdraw me so it would show up as WP. If i wind up with a C in this class it will hurt my GPA. If I get a C on both of these papers I will ask for a WP. Crap. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before. In my defense I fell on my head when I was a baby and that is why I am so dumb. ugh.


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