Month: December 2005

So I feel like all I have been doing recently is working, but I need as much money as I can get, so I pick up as many shifts as I possibly can. Without even thinking I told Daylon I would work for him tomorrow morning. When I clocked out tonight I saw that I am sitting at 32:10 for the week and I still have three shifts left. I don’t know what’s going to happen, because their goal is to get people as far away from 40 hours as they possibly can. So I might get kicked out early tomorrow night (which means no free food grrr) and then I can’t work on Sunday morning and I picked that up for Monica. Crap. But then again,like three other Tour Guides will be in overtime this week (those of us that actually showed up to work when we were supposed to), so yeah I dunno.

I wound up on a double today because I was on call for second shift and Veronica said she would need me. That was definitely the most fun I have ever had at work at any job EVER. More on that later.

So Seth has been gone for like a week and yesterday was his first day back. I was on a double and when I am on a double I like to eat there so I can take advantage of my having to pay $9 per pay check to get my 50% off. Unfortunately I had to order from Seth. And he gave me even more of a discount which REALLY pissed me off. Then today I went to the kitchen to get menus and he was there and he asked me what’s up and then he asked what happened to me, because I have been really quiet since I got back. And then I kicked him. No not really. I said nothing and walked out. Umm yeah I haven’t been quiet I just think you’re creepy and want to avoid you at all costs. Duh. Today I wound up eating in the food court for my break because right as I was going on my break I saw him walk into the break room with food = no good. Oh well.

So anyway second shift I don’t know what happened but I wound up being the greeter and Spencer wound up in the elephant. So basically we just goofed off for 4.5 hours. The best was towards the end of the shift when it started to slow down a bit and Spencer decided he was going to use accents when calling parties. The retail people kept calling the elephant to give him suggestions and Liz told him to call parties as if he is super gay. So he tried it once and had to stop and then talked in his regular voice the rest of the call. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering and my stomach hurt. Then he tried it again later and he started laughing half way through. I told him he should call a “safari of whore” because it sounds like “safari of four” and see if anyone can tell the difference. So after there were no more parties he wanted to make up names so he said “Jami safari of whore, please approach the elephant, your adventure is about to begin. Jami safari of whore.” And the girls that were walking passed at the time said “Did he just say whore?” Haha. And then I said we should call retail and ask them if they have Prince Albert in a can and nobody was there so he walked ov er there and called me and asked if my refrigerator was running. Haha fun times.


Oh I forgot to mention. The sister of one of my co-workers was hit by a drunk driver last night and is in the hospital. My co-worker is not sure how she is doing, because they are still running tests. He is not doing so well. So prayer for both of them would be awesome.

Okay whoever was thinking about me all day yesterday and a lot of today needs to stop because my nose really itches and it sucks.

The menorah bulbs came today and it turns oput they DON’T match the old ones grrr. But at least there are a full set of them, so we can just unscrew the old ones and put in the new ones and all nine of them will actually match!

Last night at work was INSANE. We were up to an hour and 45 minute wait. Since I have worked there, I have not seen it go more than a 35 minute wait. I don’t understand why they didn’t just have the two on calls come in and then open up the den. It was so bad I had to go up to the elephant to help Spencer (meaning I answered the phone and called some names on the intercom). And then when it finally started to die down, being the two devious children we are, looked through an and made fun of an application that was turned in. This girl (we think it was a girl, but we’re not sure because the name was weird) claims that she works at this place in Gurnee Mills, but neither Spencer nor I have heard of this place, so I said we should pull out a map of the mall and check, and sure enough, this place was not on it. Spencer threw out the application. He did take it back out, but it was funny. You can just tell who is and isn’t going to get hired and I have yet to read one of a competent person.

The guy at my school that made the “Jewish Girls at Hott!” Facebook group messaged me the other day to let me know I am now the Vice President. I asked why, because we don’t even know each other and he said because I am a hot Jewish girl.

Okay what was up with this at 5:30am? First of all, who would have their air conditioner on at this time of year (they’re in New York)? And second of all, why would that affect it?

I had to sing “I’ve Been Workin on the Railroad” at work last week. Somebody asked Martina where Zoran was and she said he’s in the kitchen and then I said he’s in the kitchen with Dinah, and Martina didn’t get the reference, since she had never heard that song before, so I had to sing it for her. She told me I should sing more haha.

A few days ago I lost my pen while I was in the elephant. I was sad. It wasn’t my favorite pen, it was just my pen that I use for work and that I keep in my purse. An hour later I realised it was in my shirt (we have to tuck our shirts in and it fell in). I wish I could say that was the first time this has happened to me.

So Danna worked at Rainforest before I did and she is in love with Spencer. A few days ago I had a dream that Spencer and I were dating and I said we should tell Danna to make her mad. I told Spencer about that today and he thought it was funny.

Saturday night after Chinese food, my Dad, Marni, and I went out to Wilmette to see “The Squid and the Whale.” As we drove through Kenilworth, my Dad said what he always says…everyone in Kenilworth is anti semitic (pretty funny considering the Pritzkers live there. The Pritzkers as in the Priztkers that own the Hyatt hotel chain). As my Dad was saying this, we drove passed a giant menorah in the ground.

I have a new feature on the bottom of my Xanga and on my MySpace. It is a menorah that adds a candle on its own everynight.

The other day I finally got around to ordering new light bulbs for our electric menorah. We will have matching lightbulbs this year!!! …As long as they get here before Thursday night lol.

I finally was not sick this year so I had latkes. I don’t know what was wrong with me before, they are good now lol. I think I just didn’t like what I was eating them with. I now eat them with blackberry jelly. I wanted more last night. For that batch I grated 5lbs of potatoes and I think my arm is going to fall off.

Uncle Scott got us a new tv, because the other one was so bad and we have needed a new one for years but couldn’t afford it. And he got us a flat panbel, which my Mom has wanted for so long. It has a V-Chip. I told my Mom to V-Chip 7th Heaven lol. Luckily this is the last season thank God.
Scott: I already V-Chipped American Idol.
Jami: So it’s just the opposite of your tv.

Yesterday I had nothing to do so I went through all of my Facebook friends (over 400) and applied the new feature. Wow that is sad.

So right before I went away to school, Zach Raymer bet me $5 that I would get drunk this semester. I had completely forgotten about the bet until he brought it up last week. He finally paid me today lol. He is upset. And then what REALLY made him upset was this.
Zach: I made the bet because everyone turns their freshman year.
Jami: I’m not a freshman. I’m 20. I transfered there from CLC.

Haha well I am $5 richer now lol.

What to say to your sister when she asks what the letters on the dreidl are (after she took your dreidl out of your room!!!):

Marni: What does this mean?
Jami: Nun of your business. AKA what I am going to be when I grow up.

Marni: What does this mean?
Jami: The dreidl’s name is Jimmy…Jimmy Gimmel.

Marni: What does this mean?
Jami: Hey don’t take things out of my room!!

Marni: What does this mean?
Jami: It’s where I’m going to kick you. (Shin)

Happy CHanukah to all my Jewish friend.

Current mood: amused

So Spencer was in the elephant yesterday morning, so when he saw my reservation on the reservation sheet, he decided to make a special passport just for me. When I got there last night, it was handed to me by a girl that I don’t know yet.

I would have laughed if it had been a different Jami that made that reservation haha. And I didn’t even notice the 2K until I got home and Marni asked what it meant (2K = two kids menus).

Haha what a nerd.

Gah something else I forgot that needs to be shared.

David Oxford: …I went to Hebrew School and I even had a Bat Mitzvah.
Jami: No you didn’t.
David: Yes I did.
Jami: A Bat Mitzvah is for girls.
David: No it’s not.
Jami: A BAR Mitzvah is for boys.
David: Whatever, I don’t pronounce my “R”s.

Wow there were a lot of things I forgot to mention in that entry and instead of making it longer, I decided to just make a second one.

My grades came in:
Psych Forum – A
Principles of Human Health – B
Intro to Theatre – B
Intro to Social Work – C
Theories of Personality – D

Current GPA – 2.38

Well that is what I get for not studying or trying at all, but at least I am in good standing. This is also the highest GPA I have ever had.

Yesterday some guy waved at me when I was in the elephant. I didn’t recognise him, so I thought perhaps he was waving at someone else, so I didn’t wave back. Then I realised it was Chris from my American Decades class that asked me out (start from “So I was running 15 minutes late…”). And now he knows where I work. That was just weird to me, because he was so far away that I couldn’t see who he was and he can see from that far that it is me, and I had not even seen or talked to him since May.

I don’t like this new feature on Facebook where you can say how you know the person, because it is too distracting. I was late to work one day this week, because I was playing with it. I have only been able to get through a few people (and I’m not doing it alphabetically). Monday I have nothing to do, so that day, unfortunately, will be devoted to going through all 408 of my Facebook friends and putting how I know them. Oy.

Okay, so I know one of the news reporters from ABC in Toledo, Ohio. And yes he is Jewish. This is from August 2001 (I am a skank):

And those are my favorite sandals in the whole entire world and I would cry if anything ever happened to them.


Okay time for an entry. The last three times I put off writing one, someone died. I was thinking that and then a nine year old from Mundelein died yesterday so yeah time for an entry.

Today is was 40º. Yay.

I finally have a watch!! It has a purple band and when you press a button the face lights up purple so you can see it in the dark!!

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I dropped $36 when I went to see Narnia a few weeks ago. So sad.

So from Last Saturday through this coming Monday, I was only on the schedule for one shift Saturday, one Sunday, and one Monday. I picked up one on Monday, one on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, and a long one tomorrow. Awesome.

Work has been so slow this week. Tuesday was so slow Zoran (he is back managing Gurnee now) let me go in back and eat Lava Nachos for a half hour while still on the clock. Wednesday I picked up the shift for someone who was supposed to open the elephant, so the first hour of work was standing around doing nothing, since the elephant opens at 10:00am and the restaurant opens at 11:00am.

They need to do a better job informing the college kids about the happenings of the restaurant. We have been open an hour later everyday, because of the holidays, but they didn’t tell us. They are having this New Year’s Eve thing that we are supposed to take reservations for, but they didn’t tell us what it is. And for some reason none of the college kids got the money deducted from last week’s paycheck for the discount, so we all owe them $9.00. In cash.

I have been in the elephant everyday I worked this week, even if it was just for a couple hours. Yesterday was the only day I had to work with Chris. And she scheduled me for the elephant. This is weird. Also, she was in a good mood. And she called me “pumpkin.” I am seriously scared.

Wednesday night there was a guy standing at the elephant and the phone kept ringing so I had to keep telling him to hold on and finally he got fed up with waiting so he just walked away. And I felt really bad. As I was thinking of what I could shout to get him to come back, I saw him signing. It is much easier to get a deaf person’s attention from far away, than it is to get a hearing person’s attention. So I signed “sorry.” He saw that I could sign so he came back and it made him feel better that I could sign. I always get scared, because I use ASL so seldom, so I am rusty, but I was able to ask him how many people total, how many kids, and to tell him to follow the green to the fish. Yay.

John Crowley came in last night (he doesn’t work there anymore) and he said Happy Chanukah to me. And that made me happy.

I really like when foreigners come into Rainforest and want to know why we need to see their passports lol.

Christy and I went to eat at Rainforest tonight. I made sure we sat in Kristel’s section. She messed up twice, but I didn’t care. It was funny because Dan was the runner and when he brought our food he knew the Lava Nachos were for me, because I love them so much. And when Zoran came over to our table he made a comment about my loving the Lava Nachos hehe.

Jeff was not working tonight, but he walked passed the rain wall (where we were sitting) and poked his head through the vines and said Merry Christmas to me…what??? I thought he was joking and I almost flicked him off, but then I remembered I don’t do that. He told me they didn’t schedule him to work tomorrow. I don’t understand. You have very few Jews working for you, yet you don’t schedule any of them to work on Christmas??? Weirdos.

Martina taught me how to say “Hello” in Slovakian. It’s “ahoy.”

Jami: He owes me $5.
Spencer: YOU owe ME $5.
Jami: I already paid you for that, Spencer. I thought we agreed to never bring that up again.
Spencer: Oh God. Change the subject, change the subject.

So yeah I just got this message on MySpace from iluvdprs23:

you are a very pretty girl. im not the average guy. Not to be conceded, but i am a little attractive, and have had many opportunities to do stuff with girls, but i havent ever, unless i was in a serious relationship with them, and that has only been three times. i truly love a true relationship, i know what it means to have person complete you. and i need it and love it. i know how to treat a women, unlike most pricks. (like a princess). ive kicked kids ass’ for cheating on their girlfriends. but see the problem is, all of the girls my age or a little older, are all (not to be mean) pretty much tramps, and screw every guy they think is hot, especially when their drunk. i dont know a single girl my age that still has their vriginity,(wich i still do) or that have only had sex when in true relationships. i dont think that im that old to still try and find a girl a couple. I honestly know what love is, and know how passionate, and deep it is when your making love to a girl you love. and i want mine to be the right one. but i also want the right one, to be someone that wouldnt mind that i enjoyed wearing diapers, every once in while, mainly ill wear at bed to night. it is kind of a fetish thing. but doesnt havent to be sexual at all. and i dont really even use them. i just like the feeling. at very least i want someone to not care about it, but i would like for them to maybe think its kind of cute. or maybe they would like to have a little fun with it, and baby me. Its really not sexual at all, it could be but i just like the whole feeling of being comforted, and pampered. and for whatever reason, in my head diapers feel good to wear. it brings me back to when i was young, when you didnt have a care in the world. let me know what you think about the whole thing.. dont be shy… trust me im not kind of weirdo or something. id love to chat with you and just get to know you. i dont want to make it seem like im asking you to go out with me next weeekend, cause ime not. if you dont think im a complete freak, id love to just chat with you online, for a while, and get to know each other. even with such a weird so called fetish, i am a succeful person, i just graduated in 05, from fremd high. and im working at a company my dads been working at for 25 years, and my grandpa worked at for 35, making as much money as people just out of college. they will pay for my school, when i decide to go, so i can get my associates, and get out of the lab and ito the office, making 70 plus. and possibilty for more. im a serious guy, who know whats going on in his life and were he is going. i just want to find the person to share it with me. im set for just turning 19 on the day after tanksgiving. i know ive siad alot, and it seems like im desperate, but trust me its not like that. it just means a lot, and i wnat any girl that i talk to, to know right off the bat what im about. get back to me. email me at iluvdprs23@ or AIM- izzy3374. Yahoo Messenger Iluvdprs23. do you have aim or yahoo?

People are…interesting.