Time started? 2:34pm

Full Name? Jami Ann Robins

Single or Taken? Single

Sex? Fe-mail

Birthday? 2/24/85

Sign? out of order

Siblings? 1 sister -marni. i think she’s 17

Eye color? beautiful brown

Height? 5’3″

Innie or Outie? Innie. if you have an outtie your doctor messed up. my doctor messed up too because the inside of my belly button looks like a star

What are you wearing right now? jeans, toe socks, mundelein invitational 2003 shirt, and rainforest cafe sweatshirt. also, my glasses

Where do you live? charleston, il. and sometimes mundelein, il

Righty or lefty? Righty

Can you make a dollar in change right now? probably

Who are your closest friends: eh

Do you have a BF or GF? Nope

Where is your favorite place to shop? i am the only girl in the world who hates shopping

Kind of pants? jeans?

Color? purple and then blue is second

Number? 31 for obvious reasons

Boys Name? right now i like noah or sebastian

Girls Name? right now i like eve or ruby

Animal? chimpanzee

Drink? virgin strawberry daiquiri

Sport(s)? showchoir

Fast-Food Place? el famous burrito

Month? i don’t discriminate

Movie? whatever is listed in my facebook

Juice? jumex strawberry nectar

Breakfast? is that the meal that everyone eats while i’m asleep?

Favorite cartoon character? daria and stewie

***Have you ever***
Given anyone a bath? no but i oversaw a few baths during babysitting

Smoked? i have never smoked anything

Bungee Jumped? No

Gone skinny dipping? i’ve taken baths…

Eaten a dog? a hot dog

Put your tongue on a frozen pole? No but once i got it stuck to an ice cube. i am thinking about the boy form a christmas story now haha

Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes, it was because i was happy

Broken a bone? bud foglio helped me fracture my nose freshman year of hs, but it wasn’t broken. i have a bump in it from that though. it’s funny because i have the same nose as my dad, except he has a bump in it from being broken and now i have a bump in mine too lol

Played truth or dare? yes

Been in a physical fight? a pretend one

Been in a police car? yes but i was in the front seat

Come close to dying? i seriously thought i was going to die at my 10th birthday party because marni is dumb

Been in a hot tub? Yes

Swam in the ocean? i wanna say i have swam in the atlantic ocean, but i can’t remember. i know i didn’t swim in the ocean in cancun, because i am afraid of getting stung by a jellyfish. and then you would have to pee on it, which is really gross

Fallen asleep in school? yes! econ + mr sooley = zzzzzz

Ran away? No

Broken someone’s heart? no

Cried when someone died? Yes

Cried in school? Yes.

Fell off your chair? no

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? the phone is next to the computer so i have waited for someone to call and the phone just happened to be there lol

Saved AIM conversations? when i was younger i saved a couple with the ex boyfriend

Saved e-mails? aol saves everything you don’t delete

Fallen for one of your best friends? No

Made out with JUST a friend? please, don’t remind me

Used someone? no

Been cheated on? not technically

What is…
Your good luck charm? no tengo

Best song you ever heard? ants marching. i really like the message. too bad the one time i didn’t follow it he died

What’s your room like? messy

Last thing you said online? cya

What is beside you? phone on one side, fridge on the other

Last thing you ate? chicken strips, broccoli cheese soup, and not ripe cantaloupe. and i spelled that right on the first try

What kind of shampoo do you use? herbal essences mango, blackberry, and avocado

Best thing that has happened to you this year? getting to go AWAY to school

Worst thing that has happened to you this year? hmm how bout someone i had been friends with for 10 years randomly deciding to cut off all contact from me

Do you believe in Karma? i believe in God and you will be punished when you do something wrong

Have you had…
Chicken pox? Yes

Sore Throat? Yes

Stitches? it was part of surgery

Broken nose? i technically already answered this question

Do you…
Believe in love at first sight? i believe that when you see the person for the first time you know you can fall in love with them. i don’t think you can know exactly how you feel about someone until you kiss them

Like picnics? meh

Like school? i love eastern. i don’t like going to classes lol

What schools have you gone to? children’s house of the north shore montessori preschool, mechanics grove elementary school, creative children’s academy for three days and almost went there 5th-8th grade, carl sandburg middle school, mundelein high school, college of lake county, eastern illinois university

Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars? noooooooooo

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you? a boat

Who was the last person that called you? my dad, i think

Who was the last person you slow danced with? HAHAHAHA patrick. that was sophomore year of hs

What makes you laugh the most? seth cohen

What makes you smile? God, toe socks, and really good tacos. and certain people

Last person…
You yelled at? prolly marni

Who broke your heart? i’ve never had a broken heart. been really heart, but no broken heart

Who told you they loved you? my dad?

Who is your loudest friend? well since i talked to lawrence the other day…

Do you/Are you:
Do you like filling these out? sure

Do you like yourself? i am awesome

Do you get along with your family? if it’s just one person at a time lol

Stolen anything over $50? No.

Obsessive? yes. yes. yes. yes.

Compulsive? not so much

Anorexic? No

Final questions
What are you listening to right now? the saga begins by weird al

What did you do yesterday? went to half of my classes, wrote three papers, went to bible study

Hated someone in your family? i don’t hate anybody

Got any awards? a couple at camp. oh and dr girard gave me one of his awards that he uses to make fun of people

What car do you wish to have? a blue toyota corolla named adam

Where do you want to get married? i dunno. the most important thing about a wedding is that you’re marrying the right person. people tend to forget that

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? my hair

Good Singer? i would say slightly above average

How many remote controls are in your house? who knows?

Are you double jointed? No.

What do you dream about? my dreams are…interesting

Last time you showered? i can’t remember

Last time you took a bath? umm i think it was when i sprained my foot which would have been two years ago

The last movie you saw at the cinemas? capote

Do you like scary or happy movies? happy. scary movies are dumb

Black or white? black

Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? root beer. especially goose island. i hate when people say dr pepper is the same as root beer, because it is not even close

Vanilla or chocolate? in the past year or so i have preferred vanilla

Skiing or Boarding? would never do either

Summer or Winter? summer!!!!!

Silver or Gold? i’m not much of a jewelry person, silver or white gold. yellow gold is ugly. my engagement ring will be white gold

Diamond or pearl? like i said, not much of a jewelry person

Sunset or Sunrise? is this the little girl i carried?

Sprite or 7up? sprite, unless you are making a beetlejuice. i learned my lesson…7up works much better

Cats or dogs? i’ve never had a dog, but i’m sure if i did i would say dog

Coffee or tea? i’m not a coffee or a tea person

Phone or in person? in person. i’m not much of a phone person

Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child? oldest

Indoor or outdoor? depends on where i am and what i am doing and what the weather is like

End Time? 3:10pm. i was briefly interrupted


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