Well I have a feeling I am not going to have a job over winter break, which means no money and nothing to do. Fantastic. I called today to let them know I am coming back for winter break. Kevin was the only manager on and he was in a meeting so they put me through to his voicemail and I left a message WITH MY NUMBER for him to call me back. I called at 3:30pm and did not hear back from him. I’ll try again tomorrow…

Someone has sent, to my school e-mail, a survey about STI’s. Twice. It was for some journalism class and I would have taken it, except that one of the questions was “How often do you engaged in sexual activity?” and “Never” was not an option. Why do people assume that EVERYONE has sex with people they are not married to? Grrr.

I had dinner with Geanina. I told her I had a big crush on Doru freshman year of high school. She thought that was cute haha.

Tonight was FNT, but it was different than last time, so I didn’t get to read my thing. But I will next semester.

Then I went over to Ali/Vicky/Heidi’s for some Mafia. I had not played in a coon’s age, so I was very excited. I don’t like it when Ryan is not the narrator, because I don’t know how he plays. Three times I was the detective. And, of course, by the third time everyone thought I was lying. So they killed me. Actually Heidi believed me, but she was the Mafia, so SHE convinced everyone to kill me. But the last game we played grrr I was so mad. It was down to me, Ted, Ali, and Egypt. I’ve never made it that far in the game, because people always kill me. But I don’t like the pressure. I knew it wasn’t Ted and everyone knew it wasn’t me because Mallory had been the detective that game and told everyone it wasn’t me. Ted told me the decision was mine. I knew it was Ali, because she wasn’t giggling at all and the only time she doesn’t giggle is when she’s the mafia, but I let Ted convince me it wasn’t her and I voted for Egypt and ALI FREAKING WON grrr. I let all the townspeople down and I feel so bad now.

Oh but we also played Cranium Hoopla. One of the things you have to do is describe what is on your card (who, what, or where) by using three words that all start with the same letter. So Ryan drew that one and he said “Judaism, Jami, jubilee.” And it was bar mitzvah. And nobody ever would have gotten that if I was not there. I rock. Oh and Ted had to draw dog catcher and he starts drawing a dog and Vicky yells out “PORTILLO’S!!!!” Ha she and I were the only one there (at the time) that even knew what that is. And I’m sure it’s not going to be in a game lol.

Mallory gave me a ride home and Egypt and Anthony were in the car too and they were talking about band directors and they each thought their band director was the best, even though they didn’t know who the other one was, so of course I had to say Mr Chiodo is the best and it turns out Egypt had Mr. Chiodo for drumline so then we talked about how absolutely amazing he is and yay I love that man. Wish I still kept in touch with him.

You Are Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

You’re the coolest cat around, but too laid back to let it get to your head


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