I just added three new quotes to my Facebook profile. I have quite a collection now lol.

I am going to talk about New Years resolutions right now. I had two for 2005 (that I can think of anyway):

*Read the Bible. The whole Bible.
*Don’t make out with someone who is just a friend. [check]
*Get into Eastern [check]

Okay the Bible did not work out so well. I slacked majorly. As of last night, I have only read through Psalm 140. Oops!

Okay so my resolutions for 2006 are as follows:

1. Finish reading the Bible!! I will do it this time too!
2. Get into Eta Sigma Gamma. My GPA this semester will not be so good. I have no idea what it will be, I just know it’s not going to be anywhere near what I had anticipated. Unfortunately, all you need to be eligible for Eta Sigma Gamma is to have a 2.5GPA. So I will take next semester to raise it and get into it in the Fall!
3. Stop making fun of and saying mean things about Ashlee Simpson. I have made a terrible habit of this and am really starting to feel bad. Actually I was really starting to feel bad in January, but it’s just so easy. Especially after the Orange Bowl incident.
4. Again, don’t make out with anyone who is just a friend.
5. Try not to be so angry and bitter all the time.


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