A Biography of your Life:
What is todays date?: December 6, 2005
What is the time right now?: 12:19am

~First things first~

Full name:: Jami Ann Robins
Birth Date:: 2/24/85
Age:: 20.5
Sex:: Female
Religion:: Messianic Jewish
Education Level:: In college
Race:: Caucasian
Heritage:: Jewish, Russian, Romanian, Austrian, Lithuanian, Polish
Where do you live?: Taylor Hall North
Where are you right now?: in my room
Where do you work?: Rainforest Cafe
Are you Single?: Forsooth


For the Single Guys/Gals:
Are you happy being Single?: I love it!
Do you have your eye on someone?: My eyes are conveniently located in my head. So that I can see
Are you playing the field?: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Taken Guys & Gals
How long have you been in a relationship?:
Are you happy?:
Are you attached or playing the field?:
How many Girl/boy friends have you had?: One. Although I did have a boyfriend in kindergarten/first grade if you want to count him too
Which do you prefer.. Single or taken:: Single, but I’m sure if I was with the right person my answer would change
Do you want to get married?: Definitely
—when?: The day after I get my Master’s Degree. Okay not the day after, but very shortly afterward
What about kids… Do you want any??: Yes.
— How many?: Two. And I think I want some foster kids too


Name of Elementry School:: Mechanics Grove Elementary School
— Mascott::: Umm….Bears?
— Fav. teacher::: Mrs. Shpritz because we got to make Chanukah decorations and I didn’t feel left out. Also Mr. T, Miss Wachenheim (yeah I had her at MG too), and Mrs. Fischer (also had her at MG as well)
— Fav. Class::: Music and art
— Fav Activities::: Lunch and recess
— Who were your friends?: Ashley Scarbrough, Katie Piper, Lisa Freund, Brennan Michaelis, Lauren Perlini, I had a lot more, but I am just going to stop now
Name of middle school:: Carl Sandburg Middle School
— mascott::: Tigers
— Fav. Teacher::: MR. CHIODO!!!
— Fav. Class::: Band, Spanish, and choir
— Did you play any sports?: HAHAHAHAHAHA
— What activities did you participate in?: Band, choir, and drama club
— Who were you close friends?: Depends on what year it was
Name of High School:: Mundelein High School
— Mascott:: Mustangs
— Colors::: Scarlett and Grey
— Fav. teacher::: Dr. Girard and if they had let me into band, it would have been Mr. Chiodo again
— Fav. Class::: AP Psychology and choir
— Sports Played::: Hmm I’d say showchoir, but Lights doesn’t dance enough to be considered a sport
— Any activities/clubs::: Theatre and Lights
— Were you a Jock/prep/outkast/loner/Goth/etc::: Outcast/loner
— Fav thing about this school::: Graduating
— What did you despise about this school?: Everything else
-Only if you are in college-
What college/University are you attending?: Eastern Illinois University (this is the second college I have attended)
— Mascott::: Panthers
— Colors::: Uhhhh….blue and grey?
— Major:::Community Health
— Minors::: Psychology and Procrastination
— Are you on a Sports team?: Yeah right
— Do you live on campus:: Yup
— You like it?: I love it. Except for the classes lol


Do you live in a broken family?: Yes
How many siblings do you have?: One
— Step Siblings?: N/A
— Half Siblings?: N/A
— Step Parents?: N/A
Are you guys scattered about or close?: I live four hours from them when I’m not at school
Do you have daily traditions?: Yeah, yelling and whining at each other
— What about holiday traditions?: We pretend to celebrate Chanukah and Passover
What is your mom’s name?: Barbara
— Her Maiden Name?: Well if I tell you that you will be able to get some of my passwords
What is your Dad’s name?: Rick


What is your earliest memory?: Peeing on the floor of the living room, because I didn’t want to wait to walk up stairs
What is your favorite memory?: Hmm…
Have you gone to any concerts?: Yes
— Where was it?: They were all in Chicago, except for one in Milwaukee
Where was your first vacation?:Florida.
Where have you gone on vacations?: Florida a million times, Wisconsin Dells several times, Ohio (though I wouldn’t call that a vacation haha), North Carolina, and Cancun. I have not been on vacation in over six years
What was your favorite vacation?: Cancun!!

~Your Future~

Do you want to live in a city?: Yes
How about somewhere rural?: Yeah definitely not
How about somewhere inbetween?: I can deal with living in a suburb, I guess
Do you have someplace in mind?: Yes
— What is it?: Inland SoCal
What occupation would you like to have?: Mental Health Counselor
— Do you think you will ever obtain this objective?: What choice do I have?

~Political Aspects~

Do you vote?: Yes, but my vote obviously doesn’t count, since they rig American Idol *shakes fist at Fox*

~Your Views~

Abortion::: Pro-life
War::: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again…
Drugs::: Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
Russia::: Hey I am like half Russian
Terorism::: Sucks
Premarital Sex::: Against
Religions::: Believe what you wish, just don’t push it on me if I choose to believe something else.
Chasidic Jews::: Haha I can’t even believe this is on here. It was spelled wrong though, so I corrected it. Well I could never live my life that strictly. They are basically Amish to me. So I say more power to them for being able to do that. BUT they don’t believe in Yeshua, so I do not agree with that
George W. Bush::: I like Will Ferrell
Bill Clinton::: Eh
Democracy::: I am glad I live in a democracy, but I don’t think it always works
Porn::: Against
The Media::: Don’t they have anything better to do than break up marriages?
Todays Standards implimented among the kids of today::: Ugh don’t even get me started. How come nobody has morals anymore?
Immigration: It makes me mad when people from America say they are against immigration. If it weren’t for immigration, this country would not exist

~What is your Favorite…~

Tv Show::: The OC
Tv Channel::: Meh
Band::: Meh
Song::: Ants Marching
Cell Phone Brand::: Yeah I miss having a Nokia, even if it wasn’t a flip phone
Soft Drink::: Root beer
bevarage::: Virgin strawberry daiquiris
Alcoholic Bevarage::: N/A
Coputer Brand::: Apple
Video game::: I was deprived of video games
Game Console::: See above
Cereal::: I’m not a big cereal person, but on the rare occasion I eat it, it is either Grape Nuts or Corn Flakes
Sub::: Turkey
Hot Sandwich::: Do tacos count?
Dessert::: Hmm…creme brule or frozen custard
City::: Chicago. Okay I haven’t really been to any others, but I love Chicago. My kind of town
State::: I can’t answer this until I can go to New York and California
Country::: I can’t answer this one until I can go to Australia
Animal::: Chimpanzee
Shampoo::: Herbal Essences
Conditioner::: Herbal essences
Clothing Brand::: Meh
Subject::: Right now Health
teacher::: Mr. Chiodo and Dr. Girard
Eye Color::: Hmmm I don’t like grey or brown (except for my brown eyes hehe) and I don’t usually like blue eyes with blonde hair, but blue eyes with dark hair is fne by me
Hair Color::: brown?
Movie::: Whatever my Facebook profile says
Condiment::: Mustard

~Preferences – This or That~

IPOD/Cd Player::: CD player
Staples/Tape::: Tape
Walmart/Kmart::: Wal-Mart
Target/Kohls::: You can get more at target than at Kohls, so this really isn’t a fair question
Macy’s/JcPenneys::: JC Penney
Cash/ Credit::: Debit
Blue/red::: Blue
Black/ white::: Black.
Hooded/non hooded::: Hooded, but not hoodlum
Jeans/Sweats:: Jeans
Aim/Phone::: Aim
Renting/Movie Theatre::: Renting, because then I can go to the bathroom if need be lol
Short/Long hair::: Short for guys
Night/Day::: Hmmm
Rain/Sun::: Haha at first I thought that said Raisin/Sun. Sun, definitely sun
Cloudy/Bright::: Isn’t there a happy medium?
Hot/Cold::: Hot
Water/Soda::: I’m not a big fan of water. I am not much of a pop drinker, but I like it better than water. i drink more water than pop though
To Love/To fool around::: To Love
Comedy/Drama::: Dramedy
Day and Time done?: Same day, and it’s 12:56am and I got a little distracted


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