Apparently sleep and Jami can no longer co-exist. There is nothing I love more than laying in bed wondering when I will be able to fall asleep.

I am not going to have any weekdays off next semester. Today is my last weekday off. Okay, I don’t have any finals on Wednesday, but still. I was going to take today to catch up on sleep. I wasn’t going to set my alarm, and just sleep however long I possibly could. Now if I sleep as long as I possible can, I will probably miss The OC and we can’t have any of that. Then tomorrow night I will not even be home until at least 2:30am, because I have a ticket to the 12:01am showing of “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” and then I have to shower, so we are looking at possibly not even being able to even TRY to sleep until around 4:00am, and then I have Health at 10:00am.

A lot of times if I am having a problem with something, I will ignore it and hope it goes away. I am wondering if this is why I didn’t do my school work. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to come up with $300 by December 12. So I tried not to think about it. A few days ago I decided to not think about it, except to pray for it. My Mom found out today that you can do a payment plan, so she will be doing that for the $250 deposit for next semester and now I only have to worry about $50, which I can swing. Thank You, God!

Tonight only two dining centers are serving dinner. It is Christmas dinner. I have a choice between ham and ham. Or I could walk to the union in the 3-5 inches of snow we are expected to get today. Also, there will be a special Kwanzaa dinner on Sunday night, which is basically just stereotypical black person food, which is stupid and bad that they are doing that. So we have Christmas dinner and we have Kwanzaa dinner and the rest of the nights are just regular dinners. I’m sorry, aren’t we missing a major holiday there? Okay not that I would eat any Jewish food here if they served it (I won’t even eat the poor excuse for bagels they serve here), but still. Can we at least acknowledge it?

I am probably going to be on academic probation next semester. We don’t have a final in Psych Forum and Kim told me the grades were posted and that everyone got a 100% on their papers. So I checked my grade, and for some reason, each of my papers have a zero next to them and my final grade is an F, when it should be a B. I e-mailed them that same day, like Dr. Williams said I could. I am just a tad bit upset.

As far as other grades go, I got a C in Social Work. I would have had a B in theatre, except I missed two classes this week, due to being sick, and without a doctor’s note, I will have points deducted, and it will probably be enough to bring my grade down to a C. Health could go either way; B or C. I am obviously hoping for a B, but our final consists solely of multiple multiple choice questions and two bonus essays. I am not so good with the multiple multiple choice (or even multiple choice), since I suck at making decisions. As much as I hate writing essays, you can at least BS and get a point or two for having at least something there, instead of no credit at all. And Theories of Personality…eh…well if I pass the final, I will have a D and if I don’t, then I fail. Just to show how interested in undergrad psych I am. Fooey!!!

I was going to try not to write another entry for a couple days, but I can’t sleep, so yeah.

And here is this:

Go to your calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2005. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that’s your Year in Review.

So I went to Daniella’s party.

(Okay this wasn’t THE first, but it was one of the first entries of February. It was more significant than the ones before it)
rithimgeetarist (12:54:01 PM): I actually always end falling for Jewish chicks

Citibank approved me for a platinum credit card…idiots.

I’m sorry, I know I have seen a bunch of articles about this, but if Mitch Hedberg REALLY died, then how come his official web site mentions nothing of his death, even though it says it was last updated March 31, 2005?

I am doing some research before writing my ethics paper about premarital sex.

Melanie wanted Rachel to end up with Joey, so nobody should listen to her.

John Tartaglia seriously needs to record a CD.

So this guy came into Rainforest on Saturday and he looked at my name tag and said “Jami, they left the E out of your name.”

Haha wow I am very talented.

Why the heck is Ashlee Simpson the musical guest on SNL next week?!?!?!?!

I am watching I love 1985 3D and they were talking about My Buddy and Kid Sister and then someone said they came out with Strange Uncle and they totally dressed one up like a strange uncle.

This is nice. Until it gets to be really thick and I have to wade through it with my gym shoes.


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