And when you can’t sleep, you look for pictures of yourself on the internet. Just for the record, I blame Mr. Neubauer for that shirt being huge on me and making me look like I weigh more than I do. Some of these pictures of me are actually not THAT terrible. There is a reason I don’t have very many pictures of myself. These are from the Stress Buster Bash.

Me beating Jessica at Mancala

Scatergories (L-R): Matt Morgan, Jenny, Susan, Ben, Nate, Ted, Stephen is being blocked, Rowdy, Me, Sonia

Apples to Apples (L-R): Sonia, jenny, Jessica, Matt Morgan, Wyatt, Becky, Susan, Me looking pale as a ghost, but not bad lol

This picture was my idea

We were supposed to be setting goals for the end of the semester. It’s no suprise that I didn’t take that seriously.

I don’t even know what this was about (L-R): Jenny, Matt Morgan, Wyatt, Jessica, Susan, Me, Kati


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