I forgot to mention a couple things in the last entry, and I have pictures, and already got a comment, so I decided to just make a new one.

Okay on The OC this week they said Summer got a 2300 on her SAT. I didn’t bother to take the SAT, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t go up that high??

They had a holidays around the world display in the lobby downstairs the other day. I went to look at the Chanukah one, and lemme tell ya, whoever did that one did their research. I was impressed. It was the smallest display, but eh. At least they did their research. Sitting in front of it was a homemade dreidl. It was a box made from paper with a pencil sticking through it. We used to make these in Shabbat school and they do not spin. I was always mad when they told us they would spin. Because they don’t. And neither do the big plastic ones. Also sitting in front of the display were aome chocolate mint Hershey’s kisses. I only took two. There weren’t that many (less than 10), so I was going to take them all and if I got caught I was going to say that since they are not gelt, it is an inaccurate representation of my holiday and I needed to confiscate them because of that. I didn’t get caught. They also didn’t taste very good. But then again Hershey’s has poor quality chocolate, plus the fact that I just had Frango mints when I was home for Thanksgiving and you can’t even compare any other type of mint chocolate to those. And I am thankful that they will still be selling them once Macy’s takes over Marshall Fields in March.

Two more pictures from Mafia last week. I am not very photogenic, so I look terrible (I have to stare at myself in the mirror for a while to make up for it, after seeing bad pictures of myself hehe), but I have reasons for posting them both. I also thought about making a separate entry for each of these, since I would get more hits that way, but I opted not to. I think I have made more than enough entries this week (I made 13 just on December 6).

I would like to state for the record that the shirt I was wearing underneath my sweatshirt was the same colour as the dark grey on my socks. Not only did I not do this on purpose, but my socks pretty much never match anything else I am wearing. So once I realised this, I was impressed with myself lol.

This is such a bad picture of me I can’t even believe it, but I really like the look on Egypt’s face when we accused him lol.


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