I hope I can be like this when I am a mom..(which I don’t want to be for a very long time)

Jami86e (5:54:03 PM): can you have chicken soup ready for me when i get home on friday?
Jami86e (5:54:14 PM): and by friday i mean thursday
IntoThisMoment (5:54:28 PM): I just got home from buying chick soup stuff
Jami86e (5:54:34 PM): nice
Jami86e (5:54:36 PM): was it for me?
IntoThisMoment (5:54:39 PM): yes
Jami86e (5:54:43 PM): how did you know?
IntoThisMoment (5:55:04 PM): the same way I knew you would move the box over to by t he closet instead of breaking it down
Jami86e (5:55:14 PM): i did break it down!
IntoThisMoment (5:55:21 PM): that night?
Jami86e (5:55:23 PM): yes!
Jami86e (5:55:26 PM): ha!
IntoThisMoment (5:55:27 PM): OMG!
Jami86e (5:55:34 PM): ha! ha!@
IntoThisMoment (5:55:38 PM): congratulations!
Jami86e (5:55:46 PM): i had already planned on doing that
Jami86e (5:55:54 PM): well how did you know i was going to want chicken soup?
IntoThisMoment (5:56:03 PM): well, so how did I know, because you’re not the only telepathic one in the family
IntoThisMoment (5:56:48 PM): this has happened before too, I’d be at the store and you’d think that you wanted something and I’d bring it home


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