So yeah I just got this message on MySpace from iluvdprs23:

you are a very pretty girl. im not the average guy. Not to be conceded, but i am a little attractive, and have had many opportunities to do stuff with girls, but i havent ever, unless i was in a serious relationship with them, and that has only been three times. i truly love a true relationship, i know what it means to have person complete you. and i need it and love it. i know how to treat a women, unlike most pricks. (like a princess). ive kicked kids ass’ for cheating on their girlfriends. but see the problem is, all of the girls my age or a little older, are all (not to be mean) pretty much tramps, and screw every guy they think is hot, especially when their drunk. i dont know a single girl my age that still has their vriginity,(wich i still do) or that have only had sex when in true relationships. i dont think that im that old to still try and find a girl a couple. I honestly know what love is, and know how passionate, and deep it is when your making love to a girl you love. and i want mine to be the right one. but i also want the right one, to be someone that wouldnt mind that i enjoyed wearing diapers, every once in while, mainly ill wear at bed to night. it is kind of a fetish thing. but doesnt havent to be sexual at all. and i dont really even use them. i just like the feeling. at very least i want someone to not care about it, but i would like for them to maybe think its kind of cute. or maybe they would like to have a little fun with it, and baby me. Its really not sexual at all, it could be but i just like the whole feeling of being comforted, and pampered. and for whatever reason, in my head diapers feel good to wear. it brings me back to when i was young, when you didnt have a care in the world. let me know what you think about the whole thing.. dont be shy… trust me im not kind of weirdo or something. id love to chat with you and just get to know you. i dont want to make it seem like im asking you to go out with me next weeekend, cause ime not. if you dont think im a complete freak, id love to just chat with you online, for a while, and get to know each other. even with such a weird so called fetish, i am a succeful person, i just graduated in 05, from fremd high. and im working at a company my dads been working at for 25 years, and my grandpa worked at for 35, making as much money as people just out of college. they will pay for my school, when i decide to go, so i can get my associates, and get out of the lab and ito the office, making 70 plus. and possibilty for more. im a serious guy, who know whats going on in his life and were he is going. i just want to find the person to share it with me. im set for just turning 19 on the day after tanksgiving. i know ive siad alot, and it seems like im desperate, but trust me its not like that. it just means a lot, and i wnat any girl that i talk to, to know right off the bat what im about. get back to me. email me at iluvdprs23@ or AIM- izzy3374. Yahoo Messenger Iluvdprs23. do you have aim or yahoo?

People are…interesting.

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