Okay what was up with this at 5:30am? First of all, who would have their air conditioner on at this time of year (they’re in New York)? And second of all, why would that affect it?

I had to sing “I’ve Been Workin on the Railroad” at work last week. Somebody asked Martina where Zoran was and she said he’s in the kitchen and then I said he’s in the kitchen with Dinah, and Martina didn’t get the reference, since she had never heard that song before, so I had to sing it for her. She told me I should sing more haha.

A few days ago I lost my pen while I was in the elephant. I was sad. It wasn’t my favorite pen, it was just my pen that I use for work and that I keep in my purse. An hour later I realised it was in my shirt (we have to tuck our shirts in and it fell in). I wish I could say that was the first time this has happened to me.

So Danna worked at Rainforest before I did and she is in love with Spencer. A few days ago I had a dream that Spencer and I were dating and I said we should tell Danna to make her mad. I told Spencer about that today and he thought it was funny.

Saturday night after Chinese food, my Dad, Marni, and I went out to Wilmette to see “The Squid and the Whale.” As we drove through Kenilworth, my Dad said what he always says…everyone in Kenilworth is anti semitic (pretty funny considering the Pritzkers live there. The Pritzkers as in the Priztkers that own the Hyatt hotel chain). As my Dad was saying this, we drove passed a giant menorah in the ground.

I have a new feature on the bottom of my Xanga and on my MySpace. It is a menorah that adds a candle on its own everynight.

The other day I finally got around to ordering new light bulbs for our electric menorah. We will have matching lightbulbs this year!!! …As long as they get here before Thursday night lol.

I finally was not sick this year so I had latkes. I don’t know what was wrong with me before, they are good now lol. I think I just didn’t like what I was eating them with. I now eat them with blackberry jelly. I wanted more last night. For that batch I grated 5lbs of potatoes and I think my arm is going to fall off.

Uncle Scott got us a new tv, because the other one was so bad and we have needed a new one for years but couldn’t afford it. And he got us a flat panbel, which my Mom has wanted for so long. It has a V-Chip. I told my Mom to V-Chip 7th Heaven lol. Luckily this is the last season thank God.
Scott: I already V-Chipped American Idol.
Jami: So it’s just the opposite of your tv.

Yesterday I had nothing to do so I went through all of my Facebook friends (over 400) and applied the new feature. Wow that is sad.

So right before I went away to school, Zach Raymer bet me $5 that I would get drunk this semester. I had completely forgotten about the bet until he brought it up last week. He finally paid me today lol. He is upset. And then what REALLY made him upset was this.
Zach: I made the bet because everyone turns their freshman year.
Jami: I’m not a freshman. I’m 20. I transfered there from CLC.

Haha well I am $5 richer now lol.


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