American TrashIdol started tonight. They kicked it off with the Chicago auditions. I was really surprised that there weren’t any showchoir kids there. Heart Simon Cowell.

I met with Dr. Dietz this morning. I found out that I might not be able to do my internship this summer, because Dr. Phillips lied to me. There is one class I need as a prereq that I haven’t taken yet. Dr. Dietz said she’s going to see if she can pull some strings, because she’s had me in class and thinks I can handle it. If I can’t do it this summer, then I have to do it next summer, and that means no Australia. But if I CAN do it this summer and I want to study abroad, I either have to drop my psych minor, not graduate until 2008, or take like 21 hours per semester. Dangit. Financial aid only pays for 15 hours per semester, so the best thing to do will be just graduate in May 2008. I’d love to drop the psych minor. It will look better for grad school if I have it. I don’t know. I’m probably just going to do the May 2008 thing. Most grad scvhools don’t have programs that start mid year anyway. Poop.

I was told to start looking at grad schools. I decided a year and a half ago that I wanted to live and work in California. And I am pretty sure you need to go to grad school in the state you want to live in, due to licensing procedures blah blah blah. Well, unfortunately, collegeboard is only for undergrad, so it wasn’t so easy to find a good search program, so Petersons had to suffice. I looked at probably 15 schools and struck out. Most schools don’t have counseling psychology without Marriage and Family Therapy. So I guess California is out. And I am temporarily giving up on looking, because I just don’t know now. I’ve always had a general plan for the future. It may have changed a lot and a lot of it may not have worked out, but I always had a plan. And for the first time in my life now I just have no idea. And I hate this uncertainty. I just feel like I’m going nowhere now and there’s no point to anything I’m doing school related. This really sucks.

May I return to the beginning
The light is dimming
And the dream is too
The world and I
We are still waiting
Still hesitating
Any dream will do


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