Wow I am a genius. The plan was to get up early today to do my Writing work that was due on Friday but I didn’t do, so I didn’t go to class. I was going to do it yesterday, as well as a ton of things I didn’t get to do because SOMEONE decided to get super drunk the other night and sleep away her hangover yesterday and I coouldn’t have the light on or make any noise (more on this later). So anyway, not only did I not wake up early to do it, I realised I have two other assignments due in that class today (one is due by 4pm), plus an assignment for my 10am, and a speech for my 2pm that I still haven’t even begun to think about. On top of that my ovaries are obviously not happy with that entry I made last night lol cuz I have the worst cramps I have had since being on The Pill (2.5 years now) and eating is making me feel sick, and not eating will really make me feel sick. So the plan is to miss my 8am, 10am, and noon to work on these assignments (talk about a destructive mess) and then I have to go to my 8am and my noon on my birthday, so no three day weekend. Fantastic. Way to go, Jami!! Well it could be worse. I could have COMPLETELY forgotten about these assignments and I could be having cramps like I did before I was on The Pill. Gah!


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