Dear ovaries: DON’T MAKE ME COME IN THERE!!!!!

(To the tune of “Baby One More Time”)
My ovaries are killin me (and I)
I must wonder—will I conceive? (I conceive)
Too bad the heating pad is hard to find
I’m craving a lime
This sucks, it happens all the time

I wrote that a few years ago. What’s ironic is one of the flavours of popsicles is lime lol. And I wanted key lime pie at the time I wrote that, I was just trying to make it fit lol. I could have said “I’m craving key lime,” but I didn’t.

So yesterday around 4pm (since I didn’t go to math) I decided I wanted to watch a comedy show, since I was feeling so down, and then I remembered they now show “8 Simple Rules” on tv during the day now. I haven’t seen too many episodes of it, but John Ritter makes me laugh. And they just started showing it a month ago, so you would think that it wouldn’t be so far into the show. So I put up an away message that says “Heart John Ritter” and turn it on. Lo and behold it was the second episode after he died. How’s that for timing? Lol. Oh, but it made me sad.

Last night at Wal-Mart I had to get Kleenex (okay, Puffs, but still) and I was saying that the only reason they have purdy kleenex boxes are for women and not men, because men don’t care. Here is the conversation that stemmed from that (and feel free to make fun of me for this, but if you knew me a few years ago you won’t be surprised)…
Christy: Okay, you’re going to make fun of me for this, but I like to buy the kleenex boxes with an American Flag on it.
Jami: Why would I make fun of you? I’m not surprised. You’re going to make fun of me for this. They used to have boxes with a dragonfly with a circle behind it and my Mom bought purple, since it’s my favorite colour and I yelled at her and told her she HAD to buy green because it looks like the decoration hanging on the wall of Ross’s apartment in FRIENDS.

If you look near the top right you can see it lol.

IntoThisMoment (3:38:20 PM): because my entire day got taken up by grandma yesterday so I’m catching up today
Jami86e (3:38:33 PM): ok
IntoThisMoment (3:38:34 PM): I met her boyfriend
IntoThisMoment (3:38:44 PM): he is WONDERFUL!
Jami86e (3:38:51 PM): she has a boyfriend?!
IntoThisMoment (3:39:10 PM): and Grandma glows when she is talking to him…however she will never admit that he is her boyfriend
Jami86e (3:39:19 PM): is he jewish?
IntoThisMoment (3:39:24 PM): they eat all their meals together..yes he is

I sound like my Dad lol.


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