Lol I just took a shower and I feel like Jami again. It’s amazing what a good shower can do. This is also my first shower since Saturday, because I have been feeling so crappy and didn’t really go anywhere. I know that’s gross, but oh well. So glad to be back!!

Oh but I laughed at a Clay Aiken joke on Conan and I feel bad. I missed the first half of it, but the second half of it was some guy is claiming that he had sex with Clay Aiken after meeting him on the internet. He said he knew Clay Aiken was gay when he met him online, because his screen name was “Clay Aiken.” Just for the record, he’s not gay. He wanted Daniella.

But that reminds me of another joke Conan told last week.

Kelly Clarkson is refusing to let the contestants on American Idol use her music. In a related story, Justin Guarini is refusing to let the other janitors use his broom.

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It’s good to be back!!!!


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